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Mojec Prepaid Meter Activation Guide

Looking for a Mojec prepaid meter activation guide? Stay right here as we discuss how to get your Mojec prepaid meter activated with these few steps.

Mojec is a metering company that has come to stay; it has been in existence now for over 20 years.  They are licensed to distribute prepaid meters.

Their meters are mostly used by the electricity disco centers. Mojec prepaid meter no longer accepts smart cards but STS prepayment instead.

So if you are about to get a Mojec prepaid meter or you are already gotten one. Below is the simple process of activating it.

How to activate your Mojec prepaid meter

The truth is that you can’t activate a thing you never installed, so to activate your Mojec prepaid meter you need to first install the prepaid meter to any preferred location.

First, make sure that your user interface unit (UIU) has been paired with your Mojec meter successfully. To achieve this, do the following:

  • In your Mojec prepaid meter, key in the meter number and hit enter. Allow your meter to show successful before proceeding
  • Confirm that you have loaded your Mojec meter with the activation token ( this mostly concerns meters that would need an activation code)
  • A text will then be sent to your phone at least 72 hours after installation if you were successful, this where you can now activate your meter.

Activating your Mojec prepaid meter First Time

Mojec Prepaid Meter Activation

Mojec prepaid meter activation can be done following the steps below. But before proceeding, you would get the activation token on your phone first:

  • So you enter the first 20 number of the token digits and hit the enter key. You need to wait for a little to see the success word displayed on your LCD screen
  • Then you input the next 20 numbers and press enter again. You would have to wait and see success displayed before you proceed
  • You can now go ahead to buy your power units or energy.

How to know your Mojec prepaid meter need activation

To ascertain that your Mojec prepaid meter has already been activated or need activation, you can do the following: there are meters that don’t need you activating them. It’s only those that need you’ll see the activation token displayed.

Step 1

Wait a while to get a text on your phone after your Mojec meter has been installed but if you do not still get any text after a while. You would need to do the following in step 2

Step 2

You can manually do this if an automatic text didn’t get to your phone or email for Mojec prepaid meter activation.

To manually activate your Mojec prepaid meter for the first time, see steps below:

  • Visit http://ie-payments.com/apps/
  • Next, is for you to type in your Mojec meter number and press the submit button
  • With this, you would be able to see your activation token displayed immediately but if your meter needs no activation then you would only be seeing an error message.

Error Recharging Mojec Prepaid Meter After Activation

If you’ve been recharging before and you got that error while trying to recharge recently after the activation of your Mojec prepaid meter, it is due to a tariff change.

So you will need the Mojec tariff migration token before recharging your Mojec prepaid meter. Just visit http://ie-payments.com/apps/tariff-migration-token/ input your Mojec meter number and generate two sets of 20 digit numbers. Input the two sets of numbers one after the other then you can recharge.


Mojec prepaid meter activation wouldn’t takes you minutes to get done. You just need to follow the simple guide as outlined above.

You would get it right if you follow them systematically. You wouldn’t want to still remain in darkness about purchasing your Mojec prepaid meter.

So activate it today and enjoy your light as you had anticipated.

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