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Complete Guide On KPLC Prepaid Meter Activation

Are you in search of a KPLC prepaid meter activation guide? Getting a KPLC prepaid meter is one thing but making use of it is the most important thing. KPLC is Kenya’s own prepaid meter.

To make KPLC prepaid meter work just the way it should be, then the prepaid meter must be activated. This is why this piece is here, you would be educated on the simple and easiest ways of activating your KPLC prepaid meter.

The below information will guide you on how to get it right.

How to activate KPLC prepaid meter

Activation of your KPLC prepaid meter is very easy and doing this is as seamless as ever, what a user needs is just the token to key to activate it. So to get the KPLC tokens, one needs to buy them either from the electricity house or other third-party vendors. 

To buy the KPLC tokens, you would need either the 11 digit meter ID card or the serial number on your KPLC prepaid meter.

So you pay for the amount of tokens you desire to purchase, when once payment is made, you will be issued with a receipt with the 20 digit token on it.

If you don’t know either of this, to get your KPLC prepaid meter number, type 100 on your meter and hit enter to retrieve it.

You can easily activate your KPLC prepaid meter from the confines of your home by purchasing your token either from Airtelmoney or M-PESA.

KPLC Prepaid Meter Activation

KPLC Prepaid Meter Activation via Mobile Money

To activate your KPLC prepaid meter through mobile money take the below steps. Here, we’re using Airtel money. Do the following:

  • Go to Airtel Money
  • Choose make payments then click pay bill
  • Next select KPLC prepaid
  • Then enter the amount
  • You can confirm your details
  • Key in your Airtel money pin
  • Go to the reference option and key in the KPLC prepaid meter 11 digit number
  • You would get the SMS from Airtel money confirming your transaction
  • Lastly, your 20 digit token from KPLC will come in as SMS on your phone
  • Activate your KPLC meter by keying in the 20 digit token into your meter and you are done.

Activate KPLC Prepaid Meter Using M-PESA

The following steps are use in the activation of KPLC prepaid meter:

  • Go to M-PESA  pay bill
  • Key in the KPLC prepaid meter business number which is either 888880 or 88888
  • Type in your 11 digit prepaid meter number
  • Key in the amount which will between 250 and 35,000
  • Type in your M-pesa pin
  • Confirm the details you just type in before submitting, then submit
  • SMS from M-PESA will arrive on your phone. This is to show transaction confirmation
  • You would then get the 20 digit token as SMS from KPLC prepaid
  • Activate your KPLC prepaid meter by keying in the 20 digit token


KPLC prepaid meter came to be since 2009, so Kenya power has been retailing power for over 10 years now. So getting their KPLC prepaid meter wouldn’t be a bad idea because their power service is top-notch.

You just need to get the KPLC prepaid meter and get it activated and you can start using it right away.

If you needed to activate your KPLC prepaid mete, here you have it. The simplest ways not just to pay for your tokens, but to get it right activating it at once.

Kenya power electric prepaid meter once can easily control their consumption of power. Read more on how to make your electric prepaid meter read slowly doing usage.

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