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All You Should Know About GSM Village Abuja

GSM village Abuja which can be adjudged as the most popular technology hub in Abuja is a place to get and repair all kinds of internet-enabled devices such as phones, computers, tablets etc, and all related accessories. 

Abuja GSM village marketplace which is in Wuse Zone 1 is always bubbling with activities regarding gadgets of all kinds. Aside from getting all kinds of phone from here as the name implies “GSM village”, you can also purchase electronic devices, tablets as well as laptops.

The market is both phone and other gadget market which is mostly dominated by retailers too. The main aim of these retailers is to sell and repairs these gadgets at a very reasonable price in a bid to attract more customers.

Infact, it has been declared the melting pot for all electronic and devices needs in Abuja. The users of this market are mostly the residents of Abuja and nearby states. The market can be visited daily and this is done either by referral or personal visit all in a bid to get the needed solution to the problem confronting user’s devices.

GSM village Abuja is a place where you can get your phones, electronic, laptop and tablets well fixed. The repairers and shop owners here are quite creative and show high level ingenuity. They display their in-depth knowledge of being able to satisfy a customer through their repair work.

In the GSM village FCT, you can turn around your abandoned or old devices. It is also a hub that you can sell, buy, repair or swap a laptop, phone, and other devices. This is always irrespective of any model or brand of your devices, the three outstanding services that you would enjoy in the GSM village Abuja are mobile phone sales, video creation, and computer repair service.

You can sell your old phone here and you can as well buy an old phone here as well. But you need to be careful not to buy a stolen phone to avoid issues with law enforcement agents. Know beforehand too the vendor you are dealing with, especially when you need to drop your gadget for repairs. There are a lot of dupes around the market.

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GSM Village Abuja Address

To access the GSM village Abuja, you have to get to Zone 1 Olusegun Obansanjo Way Wuse 9002821, Abuja, Nigeria. You can call them on a glo line: 09052093081 or Whatsapp them on +2349052093081.

They can be contacted through an email at Abuja GSM village market is opened daily for business starting from Monday to Saturday, time 8:30am – 5:30pm and closed Sunday.

NB: GSM village Abuja address was formally under the bridge close to the Central Mosque, FCT Abuja before relocated to Zone 1, Wuse, Abuja, Nigeria.

To gain more access or know more about Abuja GSM village, Handset and Accessories Dealers Association see the following links below:

Abuja GSM village


Most of the dealers and technicians in GSM village Abuja have had the privilege to receive trainings from top mobile companies like Samsung, iTel, Techno, Infinix and other device companies. That has helped them greatly in the provision of quality and affordable services to their customers.


As laptops, smartphones and tablets continue to flood the Nigerian markets. It is certain there should be a place that needs to be designated for them to be easily accessed and one of such places in Abuja is the GSM village Abuja.

Some of the products that are being shifted from developed countries are sometimes of low quality and this result in poor durability and operational faults.

So when once one is in search of the solution that will stand the test of time it will be better to try out the GSM village Abuja for all those resident in Abuja and its environs.


Below are frequently asked questions about GSM village Abuja:

Why GSM Village Abuja?

This is a place where you can get your phone and all other devices treated perfectly. Lots of mobile phones and other electronics available and sales are at normal rates. This is a good place to buy gadgets that makes all your gadget needs in one location.

How Bad is Abuja GSM Village?

Careful thought! You have to be very careful as a lot of fraudsters are found there. Preferably, go with someone you trust to an extent, so you don’t get swindled. Also make sure you carry out a research on the device you wish to fix, trade or purchase before going there.

What are their activities like?

Gsm village Abuja is a small phone and gadget market (including computers and other devices) mostly subjugated by retailers whose primary aim is to sell, swap, and repair mobile devices at a very affordable price in other to attract more customers.

When was GSM Village Abuja Established?

GSM village which was located in the heart of Abuja the Federal Capital Territory, is established 2010 with 350 shops. It is registered high human traffic trip in daily for gadgets need or solution.

Is it only Phone Services that is available on Abuja GMS Villag?

The GSM village Abuja is divided into two sections; they are hardware and software technicians. Hardware technician’s delivers hardware related issues while the software technicians handle the software aspect.

Also note that both software and hardware technicians can sell accessories related or no access to their field.

Must I go to school before becoming one of those in GSM village FCT?

Education play no roles in the market as many are those who abandon their educational qualification or have nor and focus in the repair of phones and other electronic gadgets.

What is the estimated earnings of the market?

Abuja GSM village estimate earn is targeted between 5 million to 10 million naira daily.

At what time and days those the market Operate?

GSM village Abuja is open for business starting from Monday to Saturday, time 8:30 am – 5:30 pm, and closed Sunday.

Where is GSM village Abuja Located?

Searching for GSM village Abuja address, the market is located in heart of Abuja the Federal Capital Territory and was formally under the bridge close to the Central Mosque Abuja before relocating to Zone 1, Wuse, FCT-Abuja, Nigeria.

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