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Detect Original & Fake Huawei Phones, Batteries, and Chargers

Are you looking for steps on how to detect original and fake Huawei phones, batteries, and chargers, the truth is that counterfeit mobile phones manufacturers copy all kinds of branded phones and Huawei isn’t an exception.

The fact is that a phone’s packaging, outer shell and screen, its printed logo, and even its accessories can be replicated. This becomes a huge challenge for you to recognize the original from the fake.

The thing is that if you’re not buying a phone from renowned dealers, then it is pertinent to find ways of recognizing the original with its accessories.

So this piece is here to offer you the simple ways you can differentiate an original Huawei from a fake one same with its batteries and chargers.

Where to Buy Original Huawei Phones

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Detect Original and Fake Huawei Phones, Batteries, and Chargers

How To Detect An Original Huawei Phones

The following are the simple ways you can detect an original Huawei smartphones:

 Method 1

You can quickly check the IMEI number of the phone

  • Step 1:  You should dial *#06# on your Huawei phone to get your IMEI number, if it doesn’t work that way then you can go to your phone settings then click on the about device then status, or you check the back label if the battery can be removed or dismantled or you go to the package of the Huawei phone to obtain it.
  • Step 2: As you obtain the serial or IMEI number, head to to input the number on the dialog box then click the check button
  • Step 3: With this information, the system will offer information about your Huawei smartphone like the warranty status, carrier information, IMEI info backlist, serial number, device specification, and purchase date and origin country but if no information like this pops up then you are with a fake Huawei phone.

Method 2

Below is another great method you need to find out the originality status of your Huawei phone. It will show whether your Huawei phone is fake or not. All you need do is to follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Dial ##786# on your phone
  • Step 2:  hit the view option on your phone
  • Step 3: the view option will take you to the reconditioned status
  • Step 4: if the status shows yes that means your phone is fake but if No, then it is the original

Method 3:

Check with the nearest authorized service center/ retailer. It is always good to buy from authorized sellers but if you didn’t you can still check with them if your purchased Huawei smartphone is fake or not. You just have to log in to these below sites to contact them.

You need to check with the office site to be sure your product isn’t fake: center or you ask question about your product on the forum  at www.consumer,

Check the Price

This is like the last resort; you can never go wrong with this. When a price is too good to be true, it might just be. Don’t fall for a cheap price for any Huawei product; it might just be a counterfeit. So confirm its price before buying.

Shopping Original Huawei Accessories

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 How to Detect Original and Fake Huawei Phones Battery

To avoid the stress of buying a fake Huawei battery, you should following the below steps to identify original Huawei battery:

Battery Font

This is one feature you need to access on any Huawei battery. An original Huawei battery has on it well-printed OEM Huawei on it. The fake ones has indistinct printing that are either thin or faint on it.

Assess the NFC connector

Each of Huawei battery comes with a NFC connector that is properly wrapped and is very smooth too. Fake Huawei have protruding glue and some rough patches so don’t fall for them because of the price.

Check out the packaging

 The original packing box of the Huawei battery is well labeled and protected. Check it out everything is prim and handled with utmost care. But the fake one has some packaging errors, it can be copied properly. So don’t be deceived, don’t fall for rough packaging because of the low price.


This is another area that you can easily detect a fake Huawei battery. The fake ones will always appear very rough; just check the cardboard to know this. It can be wider than the original Huawei battery too. So confirm this before parting with your money.

Printed Information on Surface

This is a good aspect of identifying a fake Huawei battery that you should consider. The original always come with information printed on its surface. So if you are handed a plain battery as Huawei battery, then you should know it is fake.

How to Detect Fake or Original Huawei Charger

One of the methods is matching the barcode information to the printed information on adapter. This is one of the simplest methods of knowing if your Huawei charger is original. All you need do is to get your Huawei charger and match it with the barcode information that is printed on the adapter.

If the information matches then you have with you the original Huawei charger

Check the Package

You need to be sure that the security seal on the box is authentic. You can as well scan the QR code to be sure it would be behaved just like it should be. If it comes with blurry images then you should double check to avoid getting a counterfeit.


Huawei brand as a whole from statistics is accorded the place of the second largest most popular phone brand. So many people are using this brand of phone so there’s bound to be some companies imitating their products.

So you need to always be careful when buying any Huawei products whether it phones or accessories none is exempted from counterfeit. If you’re not buying from the dealers, you need to know how to recognize the original ones.

This piece has educated you on how to easily spot the original Huawei phone, battery, or charger. So don’t go surcharging yourself by throwing away your money on cloned Huawei phones or their accessories.

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