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A Guide On How To Detect Original iPhone And Fake iPhone

Are you an iPhones fan? Is your iPhone Original or Fake? If you’re an iPhone fan or looking forward to getting one for yourself, pay very good attention for I will show you the secret in identifying and detecting fake iPhones from the original when shopping for one out there.

This guide covers the following:

  • How to Spot a Fake iPhone,
  • How to tell the difference between a real iPhone and a fake one,
  • How can you tell an original vs fake iPhone using serial number
  • To determine fake vs real iphone
  • Things you need to check before buying an iPhone
  • The major differences between real and fake iphones

Let’s get started!

Presently, fake iPhones are being cloned and they are well designed. They look exactly the same as real iPhones physically. The fake iPhone market has become very lucrative for people who manufacture fake phones.

The first set of fake iPhone that were produced had defects in them, but as time went on, these manufacturers have become more skilled. They are now able to clone these iPhones and they look very similar to a real one.

These fake phones have a good imitation of the original one in terms of size, camera placement, button placement, the apple logo and other things.

Unfortunately, these fake iPhones are now being sold in reputable online stores. This actually makes more people fall victim of the fake iPhone. It doesn’t matter where these phones are being sold but the important thing is that many people are being cheated.

At the same time, the attempt of police to see that these fake iPhones are eliminated from the market seem futile. So the best thing one can do is to educate people on how they can easily differentiate between fake iPhones and the real one.

So in the future, if you want to buy an iPhone from the used market, or a classified dealer who is not an apple dealer, you can use this guide to know what you are buying.

In this guide, I will show you ways you can use to detect a fake and an original iPhone. Note, this is an advanced guide to spot a fake iPhone and a real iPhone. You’re advised to pay close attention.

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How to Detect Fake and Original iPhones

How to detect original iPhone and fake iPhone

The following outline below shows you how to tell if an iPhone is original or spot fake:

The Apple Logo

The first thing you will most likely see in an iPhone is the logo at the back. Look at the back of the phone and examine the logo carefully. Most fake iPhone manufacturer try to replicate the look of the logo but they will have a defect. Most of the fake iPhones have a recessed logo or a mirror finish.

The Pentalobe Screw

When you want to identify a fake iPhone, the next thing to check is the screw. Apple uses a pentalobe screw which means the screw has 5 lobes. While apple uses a pentalobe screw, fake iPhone producers will use normal cross screw.

Power Button

You should be able to hear and feel a distinct click when you press the power button. Most of the fakes iPhones do not click at all or have a faint click.

Memory Capacity/External SD Card

Original iPhones has a fixed storage capacity and cannot be expanded while the fake iPhones require a memory card to expand its memory capacity. Specifically, the apple iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus has no external SD card slot. So whenever you see an apple iPhone with an external SD card slot, you should know that it fake.

Lock Screen Feature

Pay close attention to at the lock screen. An original iPhones have an animated “slide to unlock” feature. This is constantly highlights from left to right while the fakes ones are just solid white.

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Charging Port

Check the charging spot of the iPhone, if you find a plastic border around it, the phone is a fake one. An original iPhone doesn’t have a plastic border in the charging port.

Charge Percentage Display

The charge percentage display (battery percentage) should be white if that’s a real iPhone, fake iPhones charge percentage display comes in colored like blue or other colors

Space Bar Button

Looking at the keyboard, the space bar button should have word “Space” written in it, if this is seen, that iPhone is original else fake. Also should observe that the “comma button” is missing in first time display mode except when call-on.


Another way to detect fake iPhone from the original is the height of the camera. Most times, the height of the camera in the fake one is higher than normal. The quality of the image produced is also a pointer, the image quality will be low in the fake one and the image might also be blurry.

Check the operating system.

When you check the operating system and sees any application other than iOS, this is said to be 100% fake. For Apple uses proprietary iOS as its official operating system.

Welcome Logo

When switching on the phone, the displayed text or icon is a pointer. A fake iPhone will have some text written on the screen when it is booting. A good iPhone will display the apple logo.

Check for Siri

The Siri application does not work on fake iPhones, it can only be launched on an original iPhone. Take note.

IMEI Number

The IMEI number of the iPhone can be viewed when you tap on the about option in the general settings of the iPhone or it will be written on the cover of the phone. The number can be verified on the official apple site. This will confirm the originality of the iPhone.

To verify if your iPhone is original or fake using the IMEI number, after getting the IMEI number through the Setting – General – About or dialing the code “*#06#” copy it and enter it here to verify if its original or fake.

Note: If you receive a message saying “We’re sorry but this serial number is not valid, that simply mean it’s a fake iPhone since the information of the IMEI is not is their database.

iTunes and Apple Store

You can easily check for the originality of your iPhone by connecting it to iTunes. If the phone does connect with the iTunes. That means the phone is fake. There is another way of checking the authenticity of the phone, click on the apple store icon on the menu and try to open it. If the store does not open, this means that the phone is fake.


The original iPhone packaging box does not have a pic on it. Usually the box is of low quality and has a cheap plastic. If we look at the back of a real iPhone box, we will find the details of the phone there.

The description of the phone, the country where it was produced, serial number, a bar code to confirm the authenticity of the phone.

Check Apple Warranty

Generally, apple provide their users with a limited time warranty which is often a year. All phones that are sold on the apple store or from the authorized sellers will have this warranty. For you to know if your phone has a warranty, you need to know the serial number of the phone.

To find the serial number of your iPhone, go to the settings on the iPhone. Go to the general and click on the about. You will find an alphanumeric serial number there, you can also find this number on the box of the phone.

Take note of this number and go to the Apple Service and Support. Enter the serial number of your iPhone and click continue. If your iPhone is original, it will show some details of the iPhone like the iPhone model, warranty period, telephone support status and some other information.

Unfortunately, if your iPhone is stolen or it is fake. This information won’t be displayed on the phone or your warranty period will have expired.

How To Check Your iPhone Warranty

In checking your iPhone Warrant and other information, first, note and copy your iPhone IMEI number then Click Here, paste the IMEI number in the box and click continue. This service is been provide by the 3rd party site that deals with iPhones products. When checked, if you get a message saying error, it means the iPhone isn’t original.

Check iPhone Box Label

Whether you are buying a new iPhone or an old one, don’t forget to check the information that are printed on the back of the box. The back of the iPhone box will contain information about the phone such as the model number, serial number, IMEI etc.

Make sure that the information written at the back of the box matches what is written on the iPhone. Go to general settings, click the about.

The information about the phone will be displayed, compare it with what is written on the box and see if it matches. If it doesn’t match, this means the phone is a fake one.

Also at the back of every original iPhone box, written on it is “Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China”.


Clone and counterfeit iPhones is everywhere, in this guide are some of the steps you can use to detect a fake iPhone and an original one. If you follow these steps you will be able to confirm it and this will prevent you from getting scammed.

I hope this guide was helpful? Ask your questions about iPhone’s for we’ll reply you as soon as possible.

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