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How To Detect Original & Fake Samsung Smartphones, Batteries & Chargers

Buying a fake phone can be very frustrating especially when you have paid for it already and the chances of getting your money back don’t look like it is going to happen sooner or even not possible at all.

Popular brand Samsung is a company that manufactures high-quality smartphones among others, but the prices are not exactly customer-friendly due to the name reputation of its products.

So purchasing a fake Samsung smartphone for the price of an original one would count as a big loss. Well, you’re in luck, this article talks extensively about how you can identify an original Samsung smartphone, charger, and batteries from the fake.

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The article is mainly for those who are thinking if they should buy a second-hand Samsung phone or not, but it’s also useful to those who want to get new Samsung smartphones from untrusted stores for cheaper prices.

Follow me and let’s take you a step forward to getting that Samsung original smartphone or take you steps backward so you don’t make a big mistake in buying a fake Samsung smartphone out there.

Ways to Identify If Your Samsung Smartphone is a Fake or Original.

how detect original and fake samsung smartphones

Illegally cloned Samsung smartphones can have the exact same appearance as original ones, and this makes it almost impossible to detect that the Samsung phone is a fake. Check for the following features and specifications to know if the Samsung smartphone you’re looking at is an original or fake.

1. Use the Samsung secret code to validate the originality of the device.

One thing Samsung has put in place is codes. These codes can be used to check the originality of the Samsung phone hardware and software. The codes mentioned below should work on every original Samsung smartphones.

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If the Samsung phone is in your hand and cannot use these secret codes, then you’re probably holding or purchasing a fake Samsung phone. The codes below help you to check your Samsung smartphone originality:

  • *#1234# (this code shows the recent firmware of the phone);
  • *#*#197328640#*#* (this code displays the service mode);
  • *#*#1472365#*#* (to display service mode);
  • *#*#4636#*#* (to display diagnostics and general settings mode);
  • *#0*# (to display general test mode);
  • *#0228# (to display ADC reading);
  • *#0289# (to display Melody Test Mode);
  • *#03# (NAND Flash S/N);
  • *#32489# (to display ciphering info);
  • *#232331# (to display Bluetooth Test Mode);
  • *#125880369# (to display device SW version PDA, CSC, MODEM).

Where to buy original Samsung Smartphones

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2. Look for physical signs.

Samsung is continuously getting better at producing a better smartphone than the previous generation. Looking at the physical appearance of the phone is not the only thing you need to do, but verifying the physical traits of the phone is an important step, and the first step towards knowing for sure if the Samsung phone is original or fake is lookout for the following physical traits:

  • Samsung smartphones always offer quality screen brightness and animation. The original Samsung phone will have cool and lively colors while a fake one will have dull colors.
  • Take note of the gap between the screen and the edge of the phone. Samsung smartphones usually don’t wide gaps between the screen and the edges of the phone. When you notice that the Samsung phone you’re about to purchase has a wide gap between its screen and its edges drop it. It is a fake.
  • Another physical trait you should watch out for is the material for the screen. When you get the phone, swipe your hand over the screen, if it feels like plastic and not glass, it is not a Samsung phone.
  • The last physical trait you should also watch out for is the smartphone sensor. Check for the sensor, if it is not there, it is probably not an original Samsung product.

3. Check the specifications online.

Before going to buy your Samsung smartphone, it is important to know the online specifications and features of the phone so that you can match it with the one you will be given in the store.

To find the specifications of the phone, go to Settings on the Samsung phone; use the search bar to search for any specification you want like RAM, ROM, battery, screen size. Please note that sometimes the software information of the phone might have been tweaked with an engineering software to trick you.

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For example, the RAM and ROM of the phone might be displayed as 4 GB and 64 GB respectively, whereas the actual RAM and ROM are 1 GB and 32 GB. Go to settings, click Advanced, click developer options, and then click memory. When you do this, you will see the actual RAM and ROM of the phone you’re holding.

4. Check the IMEI number.

The International Mobile Equipment Identity number is a special set of numbers that are given to every phone. Two phones can’t have the same IMEI number. A fake phone can’t have a legal IMEI.

To check if the IMEI is available, go to Settings, scroll down to “about phone”, then you’ll see the IMEI number there among other info. You can also dial *#06# on the phone’s keypad to show the IMEI.

How To Know If Your Samsung Charger and Battery is not fake.

fake and original samsung smartphones identifying process

A battery is very important to a smartphone I mean until something else can replace batteries, we have to consider them as one of the most important accessories a phone should have. 

A charger too is an important accessory a smartphone should have. It’s not as important as the battery, but it is just below a battery on the scale of importance.

Recognizing an original Samsung battery or charger from a fake can be a little tricky because fraudulent people have taken lengthy steps to make sure that the batteries and charger look just like their original. 

The most important steps to take so that you don’t get duped are to:

1. Check the battery or charger box.

The box of the original Samsung charger or battery must come with a seal from the company. Take note that the seal is not supposed to be imprinted on the package directly, but instead, it should be imprinted on a sticker and then the sticker is glued to the package.

You should also find the same seal glued to the battery and charger. Please take note of the misspellings of the brand name. If the name Samsung is not spelled well or the logo of the brand is not on the package, then it is probably a fake.

Another tip I would love to share is that the font on the battery should be printed well with bold black letters.

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2. Inspect carefully the body of the battery and the cardboard gap.

A fake Samsung battery will definitely have rough edges and irregularly shaped cardboard gap. I mean the people who are trying to clone the battery cannot pay attention to every tiny detail of the original battery, so they ignore those tiny details since they almost cannot be noticed.

The cardboard gap of an original Samsung Smartphone’s battery should be very small and neatly trimmed to depict perfection.

3. Check the logo of the charger.

The most common mistake cloners make when cloning a Samsung charger is the logo. The Samsung logo is very technical and has specific details. The letter “A” in the word Samsung that is imprinted on the body of the charger should have the same font thickness.

In fact, the entire font thick should rhyme. No letter should have a different font thickness. I would love to give you a tip; if you find “made in China” written at the back of the charger, drop it fast. It is definitely a fake Samsung charger.

Please note that if the battery or charger doesn’t come in any form of packaging, it is probably a fake for original Samsung batteries and chargers comes with the packaging.

Shopping original Samsung Phones

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The article aims to enlighten you on the things and details to watch out for when you want to get yourself a Samsung smartphone, charger, or battery. In this article, vital information concerning how to identify if the Samsung smartphone you want to get is an original Samsung or the fake Samsung, and if the charger and batteries are authentic also.

If the Samsung smartphone and its accessories pass all the tests provided in this article, it is an original Samsung product else is a fake one. We look forward to hearing your response and will be glad to answer you as soon as possible.

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