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Detect Original and Fake iTel Phones, Batteries and Chargers

Are you here looking forward to knowing how to check the original iTel phone, using code to check and identify your iTel smartphone is spot fake. Stop here let’s discuss this.

This is the era where a lot of people want to make quick money, and one of the known ways they do this is by trying to fake products or creating fakes of the original products.

Unfortunately, the technology market is inclusive. Most of the branded phones out there in the markets are the fake ones and funny enough, there come cheaper than the original ones.

One thing that seems to be consistent with such phones and its accessories is lack of durability (they do not last) and they start developing faults before you know it.

So the best bet is getting the original of them ranging from the phones, batteries and even down to their charges.

In this piece, you would be educated on how to know the original and fake of iTel phones, its batteries and charges.

Where to Buy Original iTel Smartphones

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How to detect original iTel Phone from Fake

To know if your iTel smartphone is genuine, see guide below:

detect original and fake itel phone

Find out if you can access the Electronic Warranty Card

First thing is making sure; you can access the electronic card for your iTel phone. The electronic warranty card is a way of registering the warranty information for your Itel phone.

So if you can access this electronic card for iTel via carlcare app ( the official after-sales service provided) then you should know your iTel phone isn’t a fake one but original.

So how do you achieve this, you can following these steps to find out:

  • First, you need to download the carlcare app
  • Now, choose the country that you are residing with the phone
  • Click on ME, go ahead to select the warranty card. At this point if you can see the detail about your phone like its model or expiration date, then your phone isn’t a counterfeit or fake

Check for the Authenticity of your iTel smartphone

Another ideal way is checking for the authenticity of the iTel phone via your carlcare app too. So you can do this by using the following steps:

  • Head to the ME tab that is found in your carlcare app
  • To know the authenticity just hit on authenticity
  • Then you see if it is authentic or not

Use the Official Site Verification Tool

This is like the easiest way to detect if your iTel phone is original or fake. All you need do is to key in your iTel smartphone IMEI number and its VC number into the provided tool bar. 

So you login to the iTel verification tool website, then you can insert your IMEI and VC number and wait for it to process and the result will be displayed.

How to Detect a Fake or Original iTel Batteries

Apart from the iTel phone itself, the accessories the phone come with could have been mass-produced and what this means, is that they might be of substandard quality.

You might mistakenly take them for the original ones by mere looking at them since they look same. But there is a more ideal way you can find out if it is original before purchasing one.

This will help keep your phone safe from issues of using your phone with a fake battery. See the iTel genuine battery check:

Access the battery box

The packing box of an original iTel battery is of good quality, the letters and colors on the box will be very natural not been manifulated.

Check both the date of manufacturing and the date of your Itel battery box

There shouldn’t be any discrepancies here. This means that the date should be same. The date of the manufacturing of the battery as printed on the body of the battery should be same with the date as printed on the box.

Check the battery font

Genuine iTel battery fonts will be well printed with bold black letters. This would not be same for a fake iTel battery. The fake iTel font will be more indistinct with a light thin print.

Access the foot angle of your Itel battery

You would notice if your iTel battery is fake or original, checking the foot angle, the foot angle of your iTel battery that is original will features ideal craft-ship with a tiny edge but the foot angle of the fake one will be a lot larger with very rough workmanship.

Check out the battery body and the cardboard gap

You can identify iTel original battery from fake by taking a look at this as well.  You look at the surface of the battery, the original one comes with a packing surface that is a lot smooth and trim. The surface of the fake one is really irregular, rough and with a protruding cardboard edge.

Shopping Original iTel Products Online

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How to Detect a Fake or Original iTel Phone Charger

iTel original charger can be identify using the following principles:


The price of an iTel phone charger should give you a clue, whether it is fake or original. You know the sayings “that a thing is too good to be good is really is” this should be applicable to the price of an iTel phone charger you are willing to buy. So don’t risk your phone with a cheap substandard charger.

Check the warranty

Good brands of phones like iTel come with a warranty that covers even their accessories. So check if your charger has got none. It might really be a fake iTel phone charger, so be careful.

Check out the appearance

The truth still remains that the appearance of both fake and original charger might almost look same, but can’t be same. There will always be some differences.

So you look out for differences like: crooked label on it, misspelled wordings, inaccurate printing and even a good level of defective workmanship. So look out for all of these before purchasing.


Here you have them, the different ways by which you can easily identify a fake and an original iTel phones, its batteries and chargers.

The truth is never to go for any of them that is overly cheap, you just be wasting your hard-earned money. But it will better to always get your products for the dealers to avoid fakes.

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