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Detect Original And Fake Oppo Smartphones, Batteries & Chargers

Are you looking for possible ways on how to detect original and fake oppo smartphones, batteries, and chargers? Let’s get started now!

Oppo is one of the world’s leading and largest smartphone innovators and manufacturers registered in china and launched was in 2004 with one of the best designs, camera quality, and battery durability.

Oppo smartphones is in some situations preferred over Tecno, Infinix, Itel etc because of its unique features.

Due to Oppo’s rapid expansion over time in the device-making industry, buyers are bound to face marketing challenges – one of them which is the detection of fake Oppo Smartphones, Batteries, and Chargers.

After several researches into the recent market on Oppo, I have come up with this overwhelming article to help buyers who have made Oppo their choice of Smartphone.

Also, those who are seeking to get a replacement of Oppo batteries and chargers to detect between original and fake Oppo smartphones, batteries, and chargers.

I assure you that after reading this piece and putting it into practice, you won’t fall victim to the scam being perpetrated by market sellers.

Alright without wasting much of your time let’s dive into the real reason for this content.

How to Know If My Oppo Smartphone is Original or Fake?

detect original and fake oppo smartphones, batteries, and chargers

Mobile Devices have become very essential in the day to day life of people. Ranging from various office works to home activities.

This has made us very familiar to stories of people buying fake phones physically or on order or someone getting dupped with a fake phone for a huge amount of money.

Below are ways to detect if an Oppo smartphone is original or fake or to avoid buying a fake Oppo smartphone.

Be Familiar With The Oppo Product You Want To Purchase or Have Purchased

It is very necessary you do a little research into the particular Oppo Smartphone of your choice before making an order.

Having useful information like phone features, functions, appearance, included hardwares and softwares, Model number and phone warranty will make it easier to identify a fake Oppo Smartphone.


Due to The high rate of scam by sellers in the market, Oppo has put up a website for users to confirm and check the validity status of their Oppo Smartphone using the IMEI number of the Oppo Smartphone.

There are three ways To find your phone’s IMEI number

  • Dial *#06# to get your IMEI
  • Go to Settings>About My Phone>Status>IMEI 1
  • Check the bottom of Oppo phone box

Then go to and enter the Oppo IMEI number to check status by doing this you will be able to detect if your  Oppo Smartphone is Original or Fake.

How to know if My Oppo Battery and Charger is Original or Fake?

As it stands now, mobile devices are not the only electronic products that are being pirated, products such as phone batteries and chargers are also being pirated by counterfeits.

The most effective way of detecting fake Oppo batteries or chargers is by taking note of hologram stickers placed on it by the manufacturers although piraters try as much as possible to imitate, it still proves difficult for them to.

Also being on the lookout for petty things such as defective workmanship, misspelled wordings, inaccurate printing or crooked label placement tends to help in the detection of original and fake Oppo batteries and chargers.

Here, I have figured out few other ways to avoid buying a fake Oppo battery and charger. They’re as follows:


When going for after-market Oppo products like chargers and batteries, it is important to be conscious of the market value of such products.

As a buyer, it is advised that you avoid products offered at an insignificant price.

Product sold at prices below the original tends to have a low market price.

Validity and Trustworthiness

I advices buyers who are interested in purchasing Oppo chargers and batteries to buy from trusted manufacturers who can help verify the authenticity of the product before purchase.


Every genuine phone accessory must come with a warranty. Genuine manufacturers offers servicing and customer support for their products. On the other hand, black market accessories come with warranty only on rare occasions.

Why You Should not Buy fake Oppo Smartphone, Batteries and Chargers?

  • Fake Oppo Smartphone, Batteries and Chargers are usually below the standard; that is piraters don’t have to put so much effort or investment into fake things they produce thus making it barely good for usage.
  • The production of fake Oppo Smartphone, Batteries and Chargers are usually from substandard components thereby influencing the reduction in their market value.
  • Fake Oppo Smartphone, Batteries and Chargers come with less functionality.
  • Fake Oppo Smartphone, Batteries and Chargers come with less durability; they easily get spoilt or damaged on time.
  • Fake Oppo Smartphone, Batteries and Chargers come with the tendency to malfunction- leading to the wastage of resources on repairs.
  • Buying of fake Oppo batteries and Chargers can lead to the malfunctioning of other phone features and it some cases cause totally damage to the Oppo Smartphone.

After reading this article, did you discover you purchased a fake Oppo Smartphone, Battery or Charger?

You can try this out

Get your Proof of purchase and contact the nearest relevant authority to you.

What is the Price of Oppo in Nigeria now?

The price of Oppo Smartphones varies from product to product.

Oppo Reno 3 pro is priced N216,000.00.

Is It Ok To Buy Oppo Smartphone  in Nigeria?

Yes, Oppo is one of the trending smart devices to use in Nigeria. I recommend you buy Oppo Smartphone as your first choice in Nigeria.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Oppo in Nigeria?

Visit to buy a brand new Oppo smartphone (any model available)

Go to to buy a brand new Oppo model of your choice.

Go to to buy a good fairly used Oppo Smartphone.

What is the Price of Oppo in Philippine now?

Oppo Reno 2 F costs P13,270 in Philippine while Oppo F9 is priced at P5,480.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Oppo in Philippine?

To buy any Oppo Smartphone in Philippine, I recommend you go to


The above is all the information you needed to know on how to detect original and fake Oppo smartphones, batteries, and chargers. Share with friends and family to keep them updated. Also, feel free to message us if there’s any area we might help with.

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