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A Guide On How To Detect Original & Fake Infinix Phones, Batteries, & Chargers

As an Infinix smartphone fan, have you ever ask yourself the following questions like; Is my Infinix genuine”? How do I know if my Infinix phone is original or spot fake? How can I check my Infinix IMEI number? How to spot fake Infinix phones, batteries, and chargers. If all these questions you have to ask yourself, here’s how to tell if your Infinix smartphone is original or fake.

Infinix smartphones have been one of the best selling smartphones in the phone industry, you’ll enjoy all its features and specifications. The accessories such as battery and charger are essentials that come with an infinite phone packed.

The fact is that there are different Infinix phones that are fake, same with its chargers and batteries out there. Now if you don’t want to throw your hard-earned money on a fake Infinix phone, battery or charger then you must always lookout for the following to avoid buying a fake one.

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Where to buy Original Infinix Phones, Batteries and Charger

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How to know an original and fake infinix phones

Infinix mobile as one of the best selling smartphone world wide has prompt many counterfeit that produce and sell substandard (fake) Infinix phones and it accessories like chargers, batteries and headsets. With this, Infinix mobile has gone a long way in creating a platform for verifying their entire product so users should not worry of fake again.

Detect Original Infinix Phones, Fake Infinix Phones, Battery And Charger

Hot To Verify Your Infinix Phone Online

The good news now is that there’s an online platform created by Infinix mobile that will help you verify your Infinix phone if it’s original or fake. All you will need is the IMEI and the VC number of your Infinix Smartphone.

You can get it either by dialing *#066# or copy it from the purchase box. Now login to the Infinix verification tool, then input the IMEI and VC number submit the information, and wait to get a response to know if your Infinix phone is an original Infinix phone or the fake Infinix phone.

Below are easy steps to follow in verifying your Infinix products:

  • Step 1: Click the Infinix Verification Tool
  • Step 2: Insert your IMEI and VC number as required
  • Step 3: Click on the Submit button

After submitting, wait for Infinix Mobile results for they will inform you if your smartphone or battery is a genuine Infinix product or not. Note, once an error message pop-up, that means the phone is fake but when the phone’s details displays, then the phone is original.

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Knowing An Original And Fake Infinix Phones Charger

The following are possible ways to tell if your Infinix phones charger is original or fake:

1. Original Infinix Charger Has An Infinix Logo

This is one way of knowing an original Infinix charger; it does carry the Infinix logo. The original one has an Infinix logo printed on it. Then check to ensure that the name doesn’t have any printing mistakes or ink runs. Again, the fake ones have the name as a sticker but the original is printed not a sticker.

2. The Information On It Shouldn’t Be Crooked:

Fake Infinix charger has on its back information that is crooked or runny. The original has very clear words on it. Ensure that words on the back of the charger are also printed and not a sticker, same with not being runny or crooked.

3. No visible material defects

An original Infinix charger doesn’t come with any visible seams or material defects, so you need to ensure that ours doesn’t have any visible defects, or else you will be buying a fake. The charger should be neat with no bits of plastic visible at the corners or edges. Also, see that the charger you are buying isn’t easy to open, or else you might just be buying a fake.

4. Comes with original USB cable

You will be buying an original infinix charger if it comes with an original USB too. This is how you might as well know an original USB to help you ascertain that your infinix charger is an original one.

The cable will have a standard USB end accompanying it will be another smaller USB end which will firmly fit into your charging port of your phone, secondly, when you connect it properly, the bigger USB end will smoothly slide into the head.

You wouldn’t have to force it in; you will be able to slide it in firmly. Lastly, be sure that the smaller USB end is snugly connected to your infinix phone without the cord sliding or moving around.

5. Bottom-Line

Bottom-line is that when once you plug your infinix charger into your power outlet, if it an original charger, then you should notice a charging sign on the phone’s screen showing that it is charging,

6. Price

Lastly, don’t go for really cheap infinix charger you might just be picking a fake infinix charger home or better still, you walk into an infinix dealer shop to get your charger or stop by at Calcare.

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Knowing An Original And Fake Infinix Phone’s Battery

Are you in need of an original infinix phone battery, then you should look out for the following before getting one for yourself:

1. Do Infinix Battery Verification

To know if your infinix battery is original is to first do verification for your battery. What you will need for this will be the serial number which is (SN) of the battery. Go to the back of the battery and copy the numbers written on its back.

Now go to Infinix verification tool online to login, then insert your SN (serial number), then submit it and wait a while for the result. You will then get the information from Infinix on how original your battery is.

2. Buy From Registered Dealers

The best way to get original infinix battery and know you are getting an original one is by buying from registered manufacturer. All you need to do is to refer to the original manufacturer’s leaflet, so that you can know the appropriate battery that will fix the model of your infinix phone.

To have an original infinix phone battery you will need use only the battery specified by the manufacturer. You need to buy only from a trusted dealer who can actually verify the authenticity of the product.

3. Check The Appearance Of The Infinix Phone Battery

The appearance of your infinix phone battery should give you a clue if it is fake or original. A fake infinix battery will be of poor quality, it would have misspelled words on it, and there will be an inaccurate printing.

While an original Infinix phone battery has no crooked label placement and it doesn’t have any signs of defective workmanship. So make sure that your Infinix phone battery doesn’t have any crooked label placement.

Shopping Original Infinix Phones, Batteries and Charger

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4. The Price

Don’t be happy buying a cheap infinix battery because you might just be buying a fake. Fake infinix battery is made from substandard components that wouldn’t last or might even damage your infinix phone. So don’t go for a very cheap infinix battery to avoid buying a fake.

5. Comes With A Warranty:

An original Infinix comes with a warranty that will cover some period of time but a fake hardly have this attribute. So check to see if your battery comes with a warranty to ascertain how genuine your infinix is. Warranty given by registered manufacturer of Infinix always covers servicing and customer support if any.


Cover in this post is all the information you should know about the fake and original Infinix phones, chargers, and batteries. Fake manufacturers of Infinix phones, batteries and chargers abound, and they try to make these phones and it accessories of the infinix phone looks like the original to deceive unsuspecting members of the public.

It can be copied and made to look real. So if you are looking to buy only the original ones then the different ways listed above should be your guide. You need to do your research before picking any of these Infinix products if you ever need a replacement.

But if you don’t want to go through the stress of finding out if your battery or charger is an original, then it will be better to buy from a registered or trusted Infinix phone dealer shop nearest to you.

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