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A Guide On How To Detect Fake And Original Tecno Phones, Chargers, & Batteries.

If you have once been a victim of buying a fake product, then I’m sure you know how it feels to be duped. No one will like to buy a fake product. Tecno is really trying their best to see that they eliminate all the fake Tecno phones from the market.

In this post, I will show you how to verify if your Tecno phone, charge and battery are real or fake alongside some of the basic ways you can use to differentiate between fake Tecno phones, charges and batteries from a real one.

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How to identify Original and Fake Tecno Phones, Charges, and Batteries

To identify/verify if a Tecno phones, charges and batteries are spot fake, the following precaution are to be observed carefully:

1. Know the Phone

To avoid buying fake Tecno phones, it is very important that you do a little research based on the Tecno phone product you are buying before you purchase it. Make sure the phone is from the trusted manufacturer.

Before committing to buy a phone, you should know the phone’s specifications, features, configurations, model number, available color, what software and hardware comes with it, what warranty is offered with the product and more.

The information about a particular model of the Tecno phone can be found on the Tecno official site, through a registered retailer (online/offline) or any dedicated website/blog out there.

After you have researched about the details of the Tecno phone you are buying, it makes it easier for you to identify between the fakes one from the real one.

Where to buy Tecno Original Phones

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2. Appearance

The first look at a counterfeit Tecno phone might look very identical to the original model. When you compare it with the original one, you might start spotting out the difference between the fake one and the real one.

You can spot out differences like color, the spelling of the brand name on the phone’s body, placement of some button, the Tecno logo.

Producers of the fake Tecno phones can make fake phones that are almost the same with the original one down to the minute details.

This might make it difficult to detect the fake phones. If you are able to view the phone in person, you might be able to notice a difference in the weight, location of some buttons, screen size and the battery quality.

3. Features

Tecno fake phones out there have different features to genuine models, such as the dual SIM cards. Check the model number and technical specifications of the genuine phone you wish to buy and ensure that it matches with the phone that is been sold to you.

You can check for the technical specifications of Tecno phones on the official website of the company. Fake tecno phones often have features that are not supposed to be there or the features are not what it is said to be.

For example, the specs of the camera of the fake phone could be 13MP but in the real sense, it is not. They could specify the phone has a GPS, but it doesn’t.

Fake Tecno phones can also differ from the real one in the memory capacity, camera megapixel, screen quality, operating system and the colors available. It is important you compare the technical features to be able to tell.

4. Functionality

The fake tecno phones are made with low quality and cheap tools, they are often pirated tools. that have older chipset, though they may offer the same functionality with the new one but they will have a slow processing speed.

Once you purchase a fake tecno phone, you will be able to detect once you turn it on because of the slow operating system it features.

5. IMEI Number

Not to only Tecno phones, every genuine phone out there should have a serial number that will be used to register it network carrier. This number is called the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) Number.

This number can be used to detect the authenticity of the phone. Fake Tecno phone won’t have an IMEI number or they used a fake one. Tecno has really been smart about eliminating the fake phones.

Hence, they have created a site more like a database that has the serial numbers of all Tecno phones that they have manufactured.

The website allows you input the IMEI of the phone you want to check its authenticity and the VC number of the phone. Once you input the two need numbers, the site will let you know if the phone is real or not.

Shopping Original Tecno Phones

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How to verify Tecno Phones

fake tecno phones and original tecno phones

Check your device packaging box for an IMEI and VC number. The VC number can be found on the box of the phone beside the IMEI. You can also use a short code to check for the IMEI number, simply dial *#06#.

Once you dial this code, your device IMEI number will be displayed to you. Log on to the Tecno Verification Website and input the details of your phone. Click on the submit button afterward. Tecno will display a message to you stating if your phone is a real one or it is fake.

Steps on how to verify Tecno Phones and Batteries

  • Step 1: Log on to Tecno Verification Tool
  • Step 2: Insert your IMEI and VC number in their specific field
  • Step 3: Click submit.

Note, after clicking the submit button, wait for Tecno will show you a message indicating whether or not your device is genuine or spot fake.

How To Spot Fake Tecno Batteries And Chargers

The phone is not the only target of people who produce fake products. They also produce fake batteries and charger, this poses a risk to the safety of the customers. Fake batteries and chargers are often found on unregistered stores and auction websites.

With the close similarity between fake batteries and chargers and the original one, it can be difficult to differentiate them. But don’t worry, following this guide below, you’re free from that.

1. Warranty 

All genuine phone manufacturer offers a warranty that covers their phone and it accessories, most of the genuine accessories comes with a warranty that covers it from the day of purchase by the real owner.

Registered manufacturer also offers customer support to their customer on the damage of phone accessories (such as batteries, charges, headset and others). The fake batteries and chargers rarely comes with a warranty nor do they offer servicing damaged products.

2. Price

If the price of the battery/charger is too low and unbelievable, then the charger or battery might be fake. The fake batteries and made from low quality components that are cheap, so this enables them sell the product for ridiculous prices. Note that.

3. Appearance

Fake batteries and real ones are very difficult to differentiate because they look alike. If you are to check a product if it is fake, then you should look out for signs of poor quality such as misspelled words, placement of labels, inaccurate printing.

Many phone manufacturing companies provide an opportunity for their users to check if the battery and charger are original. You can go to the official page of the company and input the serial number of the battery/charger. The site tells you if the product is fake or not.


Fake Tecno phones, batteries, and chargers are now very common in the market. Even some reputable online stores have started selling fake products (Take note when shopping online). I have listed above some of the ways you can detect a fake and original Tecno product (such as phones, chargers, and batteries). If you follow these steps, you will be able to tell if any Tecno product is fake or not.

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