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Steps in Identifying Fake and Original Sumec Firman Generator Spare Parts

Do you understand the logic behind identifying fake and original Sumec Firman generator spare parts? If you’re one of the Firman generator fans and don’t know how this works, we’re here for you.

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Knowing how to identify the original and fake spare parts for the Firman generator sets will be a good practice when the need arises.

If you want to get the best out of your Firman generator if is due for replacement of some of the spare parts, the secret is knowing how to identify the original spare parts from the fake spare parts is detail in this article. Read through.

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how to identify Fake and Original Sumec Firman Generator Spare Parts
The Process in Identifying Fake and Original Sumec Firman Generator Spare Parts

How to Identify Original and Fake Firman Generator Spare Parts

Fake Sumec Firman generator spare parts are those parts build with substandard material which when purchased will easily develop a fault and get spoiled again without you enjoying the money spent buying the spare parts.

While the genuine Firman generator spare parts have a unified packaging, anti-fake sticker, 16 digitals verification number, and a means of identification online (website) and offline (phone call) that tells you the parts are original.

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In view of this, identifying fake and original Sumec Firman generator spare parts, the following precautions must be put into consideration:

Anti Fake Sticker

Sumec Firman generator original spare parts have a 16 digitals “Anti Fake Sticker Number”. Note, the fake Firman generator might have the 16 digitals numbers also but what matters is checking and verifying it (this started in use from 1st June 2014). To do that, follow the steps below:

  • Scratch the sticker on the spare part to get your 16 digitals Anti Fake Sticker Number.
  • Log on to Sumec Firman website via
  • Choose the Anti-Fake option by clicking it
  • Input your 16 digitals in the space provided
  • Click on Submit

Red Sumec Under ultraviolet Light

The RED SUMEC is hidden in the sticker of an original Sumec Firman generator, if shine an ultraviolet light on the sticker, you will be able to find the RED SUMEC inside (With this, the spare part is original).

And if you didn’t see the RED SUMEC when shining the ultraviolet light on the sticker, run for that is fake firman spare part.

White Sumec Label

Original Sumec Firman generator parts come with a white label which when tear off, the RED SUMEC will still stay on the carton without removing, and if tear off the label, you notice that the RED SUMEC didn’t stay, that spare parts is fake.

Engraved Sumec Firman

The carton that contains the spare part of an original Sumec Firman generator parts, the name SUMEC FIRMAN is been engraved only to the genuine spare parts and not the fake spare parts on the carton’s surface. Take note.

Son Registration Number

The genuine spare parts for the Sumec Firman generator cartons have the SON registration number printed on them. If this is missing, then that may likely be fake spare parts.

Genuine Piston and Piston Rings

Genuine piston and piston rings for Firman generator has the FIRMAN logo on their surface while fake doesn’t.

Sumec Firman Service Center

Now you can call Sumec Firman official service hotline to check the genuine spare parts. Service hotline is 07061088990

Reach Sumec Firman on Facebook

Click Here and follow the #sumecfirmanng to learn more skills about how to identify original Sumec Firman generator spare parts alongside Firman generator maintenance.

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TIPS: Before making a purchase, if the anti-counterfeiting coating is scratched off or the anti-counterfeiting label is missing, or the 16 digitals Anti Fake Sticker Number is missing, please do not purchase the product is fake.

Make sure of this Above!

What Brand Name Does Sumec Firman Generator Sell in the Market

The SUMEC genuine spare parts and original generator manufacturing factory ONLY produces and SELLS three brands namely: “SUMEC” “FIRMAN” & “SUMEC FIRMAN” in the Nigerian market.

Beware of FAKE as no other generator brand in the market has any relationship with SUMEC and they are NOT produced by sumec factory or represent SUMEC in any way. The company engraves nothing but “FIRMAN” as anti-fake marks on key parts. Other letters, such as “SUM ECFIRMAN” both in generator and spare parts, are absolutely fake.


Here you have it all you should know about identifying the original and fake Firman generator spare parts. Knowing this is good because it is very painful to see people falling victims of buying fake spare parts for their generator sets that don’t last long and it gets spoiled again easily.

With this effect, we decide to create this comprehensive review on the steps in identifying fake and original Sumec Firman generator parts.

Also, be free to contact us using the comment box below for any information you may wish to know regarding this topic and we’ll get in touch with you ASAP. Thanks.

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