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Best 15 Kva Generators Specs and Features

If you’re searching or looking for generators that will help your organization, firm, telecommunication industries by providing a good backup power supply for your organization, firm, industry etc that has thousands of different workers and applications.

Here is the best 15 kva generators review for you. 15 kva generators are known for their advanced engineering and technology, they have high-performance diesel engines.  Organizations, industries, firms, telecommunication that call for a good backup power supply have trusted 15kva diesel generators from the most reliable brands.

15 kva generators are so powerful and efficient that it can fix in all applications compare to that of 10kva diesel generators ranging from construction sites, production firms, banking sections, civil works, telecommunication sections, and more (just to name a few).

When thinking of generators that power all the appliances at home, big office or business, consider 15 kva generators as one. Therefore, if you’re tired of poor power supply in order to run a firm, industry, company, or even at home, the 15 kva generators will be the only solution to that solve that the epileptic problem of low or no power supply.

Generators featuring 15 kva always run on a diesel engine, very big in size, require a large fixed space or even a building for housing it.

In this article, GenGuide is going to review some of the best top 15 kva generators to buy for your home, organization or firm, they are also said to be the reliable diesel generator brands in Nigeria. See also Best 10 kva diesel generators review.

15kva Diesel Generators To Buy:

15 kva Mikano Diesel Generator

Mikano 15kva diesel generator is among the best soundproof generator for industries, companies, schools, churches, firms, organizations, and other large operative places that requires a good power supply. Mikano 15 kva diesel generator is ideal for organizations that operate/use higher equipment and appliances.

15 kva Mikano Diesel
Image Showing 15kva Mikano Diesel Generator

To change the face of your company, firm, and others because of the epileptic power supply dealing with most business especially in Nigeria will lead you no choice than to look for the best soundproof diesel generator with we are recommending the 15kva Mikano diesel generator. Mikano 15kva has a low noise operation, durable, reliable, and features great specifications for you to enjoy the beauty of power supply.

15 kVA Perkins Diesel Generator

The Perkins 15kva diesel generator with model number 403A-15G1 is one of the best 15 kva generators in the list, it can be used for a variety of applications including industrial, construction, firm, organization and so on. 15kva Perkins diesel generator ensures clean and rapid starting in all conditions with extraordinary performance in low operating costs. Perkins 15 kva diesel motors are economical with durable operation at prime and standby duties required all power generation industries, companies, firms, organizations etc.

15 kVA Perkins Diesel engine
Image Showing 15 kva Perkins Diesel Generator

15kva Perkins diesel generator features 3 cylinders, a standby power rating of 15 kVA / 11 kW, a prime power rating of 13 kVA / 10 kW and more. The canopy for 15kva Perkins diesel generator is made of high-quality steel and is completely powder-coated, also the paint is made with the three-step process ensuring protection against erosion, scratching, and corrosion.  When you purchase a brand new 15kva Perkins diesel generator, you will be given a 5 years warranty.

FG Wilson P16.5-1S 15 kva Diesel Generator

FG Wilson P16.5-1S features a minimum rating of 15kva/15kw, a maximum rating of 16.5kva/16.5kw. This generator is designed to power your every need in respect of the amount of load you’re using. FG Wilson P16.5-1S is suitable for use in diverse applications including construction, residential, retail and telecommunications industries etc. FG Wilson 500kva Diesel Generators Review.

FG Wilson P16.5-1S 15 kva Diesel
Image Showing FG Wilson P16.5-1S 15 kva Diesel Generator

The FG Wilson P16.5-1S with 15kva capacity has been redesigned for optimum performance in some of the harshest and most remote environments. It’s available with a metal or polymer enclosure offering FG Wilson P16.5-1S best designed to withstand the test of time. Buying the FG Wilson P16.5-1S 15kva diesel generator will give you value for money spent on the product.

15 kva Lutian LT15SS3 Diesel Generator

Lutian LT15SS3 15kva diesel generator is built with long service life ability, economic (i.e low fuel consumption), advanced direct fuel injection system, large fuel tank ensuring hours of continuous output. The 15kva Lutian LT15SS3 diesel generator is ideal for home emergency use or as standby power supply, it has a large silent muffler and air-cleaner, reducing exhaust and intake noise system.

15 kva Lutian LT15SS3 Diesel Generator
Image of 15 kva Lutian LT15SS3 Diesel Generator

15kva Lutian LT15SS3 diesel generator comes with a variety of specially-designed control panels available for different markets. It features rated output of 12kw, rated output (kva) of 14kva, maximum output of (kva) of 15kva, 4 pole numbers, 3 phase cylinder In-lined, four-Stroke, water-cooled engine, it has a fuel tank capacity of 38 liters and lube oil capacity 4.8 liters, net weight 530kg, electric starting system.

If you’re looking for the best 15 kva generator that will salve your company or firm and give you value for the money spend, consider buying the Lutian LT15SS3 15kva diesel generator today.

15 kva Firman Diesel Generator

The FIRMAN diesel generator featuring 15 kva is a new soundproof diesel generator in the market today, 15kva Firman diesel generator is compacted and powerful in all applications. It has a rated output power of 12kW, frequency of 50Hz, 15kva Firman diesel generator has engine of 4 cycles, with water cooling, mechanical system of adjustment of turns, generator Brushless, synchronous, self-excited, with the automatic voltage controller.

15 kva Firman Diesel Generator
Image Showing 15 kva Firman Diesel Generator

Its fuel type is diesel, has an electronic starting system, fuel tank capacity of 50 liters, low fuel consumption. Buying a 15kva Firman diesel generator for your company or firm today will never be a bad decision.

15kva Denyo DCA Series Diesel Generator

Denyo 15Kva diesel generator is easy to start and also has a quick response when trying to start it.  15kva Denyo diesel generator is economical, utilizing highly reliable diesel engines with low fuel consumption. Should in case for a particular job that you may need that extra power from your generator which Denyo 15kva diesel generator offers.

15kva Denyo DCA Series Diesel Generator
Image Showing 15kva Denyo DCA Series Diesel Generator

Denyo diesel generator features 15Kva that is capable of generating power supply in various situations where public power supply is not available. Denyo 15kva diesel generator has its own contribution to society at large and is highly appreciated by customers that have used the product. With the Denyo 15kva generator, the possibility of providing power at various sites where power is required like civil work, construction sites, offices, large schools, hospitals, banks, and others. Denyo diesel generator with 15Kva is completely stand-alone generating sets, has alternator which is directly coupled to a diesel engine. It alternator and engine are set on a common skid base, it has a special vibration isolator used to minimize vibrations during operation.

The electrical components and Denyo 15kva diesel generator itself are fully enclosed in a solid-steel weatherproof bonnet, it has noise control that is achieved using highly effective sound insulating materials.

Features of Denyo 15Kva Diesel Generator

15kva Denyo diesel generator feature a temperature rising of 100℃, the temperature rise at 40℃ ambient, insulation of class F, water/weatherproof, voltage regulation within±0.5%, frequency regulation within 5.0% through no-load to full-load, the voltage waveform of deviation factor of open-circuit terminal voltage does not exceed 0.06.

What can a 15kva Diesel Generators Power?

15kva diesel generators are so powerful and ideal for a big firm that uses very high applications such as construction, residential, retail, banks, and telecommunications industries etc. 15kva diesel generators can power up 10 AC in a firm including other applications/appliances. Consider buying any of the above 15kva diesel generators will give you firm a good looking in times of power supply.

Note: 15kva diesel generators above might not be for your firm if the applications, equipment or appliances you’re using in the firm is more than power of your 15kva diesel generator. Therefore, considering buying the diesel generator featuring higher kva above that of 15kva diesel generators.

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