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Tiger Generator TG2700 Review

Interested in Tiger TG2700 generator, searching/looking for more information about the TG2700 Tiger generator such as knowing how good is the Tiger TG2700 generator, features, and specifications of the Tiger TG2700 generator, how to identify original TG2700 Tiger generator from fake Tiger TG2700 generator and so on. With GenGuide, you’re never alone when it comes to “generators and its related issues”. Therefore, if you’re among those searching for the information about Tiger generator TG2700, your search ends here right away. In this article is Tiger generator TG2700 review for you to read and know more about the Tiger TG2700 generator.

About Tiger TG2700 Generator

The Tiger generator with model TG2700 is a higher capacity gasoline generator compared to the other popular small Tiger generators like Tiger TG950. It’s reliable, affordable, durable, fuel-efficient, semi-silent, easy to maintain and have a good performance, Tiger TG2700 has been a very popular Tiger generator model for customers who want a higher generating power output, TG2700 Tiger generator is good enough to power more electrical appliances and electronic gadgets at home, small office or business place and one of best start pull (manual) genset. Tiger TG2700 is a value for money generator as you’ll enjoy the money spends buying the Tiger TG2700 generator.

Tiger Generator TG2700
Image Showing Tiger TG2700 Generator

Thinking of what generator you need that will suit your choice, Tiger TG2700 generator is exactly what you need in your home, small office or business to guarantee a stable power supply. Tiger TG2700 features a recoil starting system that does not give any form of hassle when you want to start your Tiger TG2700 generator. It may interest you to know that Tiger TG2700 has a simple operation and can power most of your home appliances and electronics on a smooth operation. Tiger TG2700 has a maximum capacity of 2.0KVA which makes it capable of handling some of your appliances such as television, DVD player, light bulb, fan, computers and more and a gasoline fuel tank capacity of 12 liters capable of lasting up to 17 hours on a full tank.

Tiger generator TG2700 also has a voltage regulator that offers superior protection to your appliances by triggering the Tiger TG2700 to shutdown automatically when there is power fluctuation, lighten or other factors that may cause damage to your appliances.  This is what makes Tiger TG2700 a very reliable generator to have.

Features of Tiger TG2700 Generator

Tiger TG2700 generator features recoil starting system, single-cylinder, 4-stroke engine, voltage regulator, 2.0KVA, 12 liters fuel tank capacity, fuel-efficient, semi-silent (low noise), easy to maintain.

Specifications of Tiger Genertor TG2700

In the table below are full specifications about the Tiger TG2700:

Brand Tiger
Model TG2700
Frequency 50/60/HZ
Rated Power 2KW/2.3KW
Voltage 220/120V
Rated Current 9.1/19.2A
Run Time 17hrs
Fuel Type Gasoline
Fuel Tank 12L
Displacement 171cc
Noise Level(at 7m) 66/67dBs(LWA)
Engine Type 4-stroke, air-cooled
N.W/G.W 41.5/44.5
Dimension 525X420X450mm
Weight 44.5kg
Starting System Recoil (Manual)
Surge Protector N/A
Colour Blue
Running Power 2.0KVA

Tiger TG2700 Generator Price

The price for the Tiger TG2700 generator varies by location, dealers, platforms and so on. For example, the price of Tiger TG2700 generator in Lagos might be different from that of Abuja, price of Tiger TG2700 generator in dealers shop “A” differs from that of dealers shop “B” and also the price of Tiger TG2700 generator in Jumia online store might be different from that of Konga online store and so on.

To give viewers a clear view about the price of Tiger TG2700 generator, the price of Tiger TG2700 should be between N60, 000 – N95, 000 depending on where you’re buying from. This price might also tend to increase or decrease following the factors affecting the market positively or negatively.

What Can Tiger TG2700 Generator Power

Tiger TG2700 generator can power a full single flat, small office or business place alongside appliances such as television, radio, DVD player, light bulb, fan, computers, printer and more. To use higher appliances with your Tiger TG2700 generator, know how to manage power by removing those appliances that you’re not using at the moment and putting those you’re using.

How to Identify Original Tiger TG2700 from Fake

Overtime, one of the best way to check if your Tiger TG2700 generator is by checking the identification label if there is an alphabet “TM”, checking the bolts use to tire the entire TG2700 parts is there is an alphabet “KS”, the carton, packaging, fuel gage, coil, engine block, if the name TIGER is engraved/crested, and lastly the sound of the Tiger TG2700 generator. See more information on how to identify original Tiger generators from fake.


The Tiger generator brand has been around in Nigeria for many years and which the TG2700 model has never left out. To get the best out of your Tiger TG2700 generator, always change the oil every 1-2 weeks depending on the usage and avoid using roadside oil. Don’t overload your TG2700 generator to avoid damaging the engine. Always take your TG2700 generator to a good technician or mechanic for servicing when due.

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