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How To Identify Original Tiger Generators From Fake

Tiger generator brand is prone to have faked one because of its popularity in the electric generating industry (especially in Nigeria). With this, it has made the Tiger brand indicate some possible ways that one may use to identify original Tiger generators from fake Tiger generators. In this article are pretty cool possible ways on how to identify original Tiger generators from fake Tiger generators.

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Buying a Tiger generator for yourself or for others is never a difficult task, but differentiating the original from one fake is very difficult especially if you’re not a techy person or generator mechanic. There are so many generator brands today competing against each other to gain the world popularity and market target, some with a good product and more with substandard products. Fake generators are everywhere in the market, so be careful when shopping for a generator so as you do not end up buying the fake one.

In this guide, GenGuide talked about how to identify original Tiger generators from fake Tiger generators. To know more, see our guide on how to identify original generators from fake.

Note: You can’t identify a good generator by its appearance alone, but by some features/specifications, body look, labeling, packaging, brand name and more.

See Ways To Identify Original Tiger Generators

To know if your Tiger generator is original or fake, the following ways are how to check and see if your Tiger generator is original or spot fake:

Label Identification

By previewing the fuel tank label identification, you will see a label with a written alphabet “TM” on the top of the Tiger generator fuel tank. All Tiger original generators always have a two written alphabet as “TM” on top of the label on the fuel tank.

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The Bolt

To know if your Tiger generator is original or fake using the bolt, original Tiger generator bolts that are been used to tie the whole part of the Tiger generator is always white in color and has two written alphabets as “KS” on the bolt, while that of the low quality (fake Tiger generator) is always black in color with no written word nor alphabet on it.

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Original Tiger generator’s cartons are always brown in color without many designs while that of the fake is always colored with beautiful designs on it.


On the original Tiger generator label, the name TIGER is written in a bold format and it has no drawing for Tiger head on it while that of the fake Tiger generators has a drawn carve of a tiger head on it.

Fuel Gage

Original Tiger generator doesn’t have a fuel gage on it but that of the fake Tiger generator has.


Basically, all generators have coils which could be copper, aluminum or brass. The best among them is copper coil as top-quality generators have coils made with copper. Checking if Tiger generator coil is copper, aluminum or brass is very necessary and being carefully observant before buying any Tiger generator so as not to buy the sprayed one.

The original Tiger coil should be neatly rolled inside the Tiger generator engine. If it isn’t, then the coil has been tampered with and said to be fake.  To further confirm if the coil is pure copper, rub your hands against the coil, if your hands are stained, this means the coil has been sprayed in order to make it look like copper. It may also be an indication that the Tiger generator engine has been refurbished which will knock within some months of using it.

Original Tiger generator copper coil is reddish-brown in colour, the one with aluminum wire comes in shiny silver colour while that of brass is gold colour.

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Take note, some sellers might spray the aluminum or brass Tiger generator coil to look like the copper and tell you is the original Tiger generator coil. You know what to do at this point, just rub your hands over it and if it is sprayed, it will stain your hands once you feel it. The weakest among all the three is brass. In fact, you should never buy any Tiger generator that comes with such a coil. Copper is the best among them and also aluminum but not as durable as the copper coil.

Engine Block

Knowing if your Tiger generator is original or fake is by checking the engine block. This is one of the easy checks you can do by yourself without an expert. You can identify a fake Tiger generator engine block from an original one at first glance. Note, a fake Tiger generator engine block is very shiny and lightweight. Taping the engine block will make a muffled sound (i.e if it is original), but that of the fake Tiger generator will make a loud resonating noise.

Engraved/Crested Tiger Name

Some original generators should have its name crested/engraved on some of its parts like a tank, engine block, air filter, carburetor, muffler, cylinder head cover, alternator rear frame, AVR and more. That is what most generator brands do like how to identify original Elemax, Sumec Firman, Elepaq and others. It might not be necessary for other generators but always ensure that the Tiger generator you are buying has its name crested/engraved and not painted on at least three to five sides on the Tiger generator parts mentioned before paying for it.

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The last but not the least is checking the Tiger generator sound, don’t just enter a generator store and pick up a generator without asking the dealer or seller to test it for you by starting the Tiger generator. Original Tiger generators are not by fine packaging. Unpacked and switched on the Tiger generator to hear its sound. For a good Tiger generator makes a regular, continuous sound. If the generator’s sound is “rough”, don’t buy. It’s likely a fake one.

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If you know what you are looking for and how to check out for it, the chances of being cheated will be drastically reduced.


The Tiger generator that has a tiger head picture on the label is never the original they are spot fake. You will also see that the bolt been used to tie the tank and other parts of the fake Tiger generator is black in color with no written alphabets while the original Tiger as written alphabets “KS” and is white in color.

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GenGuide strongly believes that with the above little tips they have offered, you won’t be a victim of buying a fake Tiger generator when you’re shopping for one out there.


If you bring two Tiger generators, one from the main Tiger brand and the other from the fake Tiger brand, you will see that one has higher quality compare to the other. The one that features high-quality specifications is the original Tiger generator brand while the other fake. So always watch very well and pay close attention anytime you are buying a Tiger generator you will see the difference between the two generators (i.e Original and Fake).

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