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Tiger Generators Price in Nigeria

Tiger Generator Price in Nigeria: Tiger generator brand is one of the most popular electric generator brands among Nigeria some years back and to date, they are mainly known to build portable small generators with power capacity ratings below 1.0KVA and above.

Tiger generator is popularly known by Nigerians to be “I Better Pass my neighbor generator” or “I Pass My Neighbor generator” as the case may be. To date, Tiger generators are still very more popular with small businesses like Electricians, Beauty salons, small business centers, as well as homes and so on. This is because of its portability as well as its affordability also.

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Why is Tiger Generators Most Popular in Nigeria

The reason why Tiger generator brand gains access into the Nigerian market today and rank number one before other generator brands like Sumec Firman, Elemax, Elepaq, Honda, Yamaha, and others, is because they are the first people that entered into the Nigerian market knowing full well that the country is suffering from the epileptic power supply.

This short falling in the Nigerian electricity power supply which now strengthened the Tiger brand in producing more of their product and keep on supplying into the country.  Today in Nigeria, Tiger generator brand now have their glory only with just a few of their generator models available in the Nigerian market.

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Price For Tiger Generators in Nigeria

When talking about the price of Tiger generators in Nigeria, the price of the Tiger generators is pretty cool as it is affordable by all homes, offices, small business owners, and so on in Nigeria.

It is said that Tiger generators are affordable and fits the income profit of most Nigerians family. Not only that Tiger generators are good in their prices but also known to be reliable, durable, easy to maintain, and has good performance ability.

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Tiger Generator Price in Nigeria

In the list (table) below are some of the popular Tiger generators alongside their average price in Nigeria. Note that the price for the Tiger generators may seem to vary depending on your location here in Nigeria.

Tiger Generator modelsTiger Generator Price
Tiger TG950 650VA Generator29,000 Naira to 35,000 Naira
Tiger TG1200 60VA manual start Generator30,000 Naira to 37,000 Naira
1KVA Tiger TG1400 240VA Generator27,000 Naira to 37,000 Naira
Tiger TG1400 1KVA Generator27,000 Naira to 34,000 Naira
240V Tiger TG1500 1KVA Generator29,500 Naira to 35,000 Naira
1KVA  240V Tiger TG1550 Generator34,000 Naira to 39,000 Naira
Tiger TG1560 650VA Generator30,000 Naira to 35,000 Naira
Tiger TG1520 650VA Generator30,000 Naira to 35,000 Naira
Tiger TG2700 2KVA manual start Generator75,000 Naira to 95,000 Naira
Tiger TG1800 900VA Generator27,000 Naira to 35,000 Naira
Tiger TG1850 1.2KVA Generator29,000 Naira to 37,000 Naira
Tiger TG3700 2.5KVA Generator85,000 Naira to 105,000 Naira
Tiger TNG2500A 2KVA Generator75,000 Naira to 120,000 Naira
Tiger TNG3500A 2.5KVA Generator95,000 Naira to 120,000 Naira
Tiger EC2500CX 2KVA Generator105,000 Naira to 140,000 Naira
Tiger EC3800CX 2.5KVA Generator110,500 Naira to 140,000 Naira
Tiger EPN4000DX 2.5KVA Generator120,000 Naira to 150,000 Naira

To know the current price of Tiger generator before buying, click here.

Note: The price of the Tiger generators when buying might not be the same as the one in the table above but should not be higher than 30% of what is been quoted here in GenGuide.Com.NG. This is because Tiger generator prices vary in Nigeria as a result of location, dealers, or platform, and so on.

For example, discussing the Tiger generator price in Lagos, the price of the Tiger generator in Lagos will be different from that of the Tiger generator price in Abuja and also to other states in Nigeria. By platform, the price for shopping Tiger generator in Konga and the price for shopping Tiger generator on Jumia will also tend to be different or similar depending on the site commission been added in the original price of the Tiger generator.

Why did Location Affect the Price of Tiger Generator Mostly

One of the major reasons why Tiger generator price varies in Nigeria is because of location, and it is as a result of the following:

  • The cost of shipping the Tiger generators in different states in Nigeria does not seem to be the same. For example, since Lagos state has a border. Therefore any goods that are coming into Nigeria from outside the country will have to first reach Lagos before gaining access into other states in Nigeria which may now prompt the increase in Tiger generator price in other states.
  • Some dealers in other states buy from dealers in Lagos, you know what that means right! One has to make some profit when doing business, so that will course the price of Tiger generators to increase also.

Where Can I Buy Tiger Generators in Nigeria

Thinking of where to buy a Tiger generator is never a problem, for you can buy Tiger generators from any market in Nigerian. But before shopping for one, we suggest that you buy from those selling electronics, especially those with an accredited dealer of electronic brands such as Panasonic, LG, or Samsung products. This is because buying from such a place will guaranty that you’re buying a Tiger generator of high quality. You can also buy from online shopping websites like Konga.com, Jumia.com.ng, etc. 


The price of Tiger generators is pretty cool but before buying any Tiger generator, ensures you check out their prices in different stores be it online or physical stores so as not to be cheated when buying your Tiger generator.

Note, if you’re buying online, ensure you check up to 3-5 online stores with a good reputation and identity so as not to end up paying online fraudsters claiming to be selling Tiger generators online at a low price just to draw your attention in buying their products which may seem to be fake generators.

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