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Review For Small Generators Price List in Nigeria

Are you looking up for a small generator to buy as such wanted to verify their price before purchasing, the price of small portable electric generators is pretty if you wanted to know how much does a small generator cost in Nigeria?

What about looking for the best small electric generator price before buying, or to know how much is the cheapest small generator in Nigeria. If all this you may wish to know, contain in this article are all you should know about small generators price in Nigeria.

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Overview About Small Generators

Small Generators price

Small generators are popularly known for their portable size, affordability, moveable free, reliable, good performance, and user-friendly operation.

These electric small generators come from different brands such as Tiger portable generator brand, Sumec Firman brand, Elepaq, Honda, Yamaha, and on so which is popularly known by Nigerians to be “I pass my neighbor” or “I better pass my neighbor”.

The price for purchasing small electric generators is lower compare to the bigger size generators out there. Despite small generators been a lower budget for homes, offices, or small businesses in Nigeria, they still have higher performance ability based on their features and specifications.

Price of Small Generators in Nigeria

Small generator’s prices in Nigeria vary such includes by brand, location, features, specifications, capacity, and so on. Below is the price list of small electric generators from different generator brands in Nigeria:

See Full List of Generators Prices in Nigeria

Tiger Small Generators Price

Want to know the price of a small tiger generator? Here is it! Small generators by Tiger brand are one of the most popular generator sets known mostly among the Nigerians families as “I beta pass my neighbor” or “I pass my neighbor” as the case may be.

These generators are small in size, low fuel consumption, reliable, easy maintenance cost, moveability free, also the price for purchasing small tiger generators is user friendly.

Full List for Tiger Generators Price in Nigeria

Here are model, kva capacity and price range for small Tiger gen-sets:

TG950 650VA Generator29,000 Naira to 35,000 Naira
TG1200 60VA Tiger manual start Generator30,000 Naira to 37,000 Naira
1KVA Tiger TG1400 240VA Generator27,000 Naira to 37,000 Naira
TG1400 1KVA Tiger Generator27,000 Naira to 34,000 Naira
240V Tiger TG1500 1KVA Generator29,500 Naira to 35,000 Naira
1KVA  240V Tiger TG1550 Generator34,000 Naira to 39,000 Naira
TG1560 650VA Tiger Generator30,000 Naira to 35,000 Naira
TG1520 650VA Tiger Generator30,000 Naira to 35,000 Naira
TG1800 900VA Tiger Generator27,000 Naira to 35,000 Naira
TG1850 1.2KVA Tiger Generator29,000 Naira to 37,000 Naira

For the current price of Tiger small gen-sets in Nigeria, click here.

Sumec Firman Small Generators Price

Many don’t know that Sumec Firman has small portable generators. If you’re among these people, today is your lucky day to know that Sumec Firman has two small portable generator sets known as SG1200 and SPG1200.

The price for purchasing the Sumec Firman small generator is pretty cool compared to the bigger once. Contain in this table below are price for the small Sumec Firman generator sets they SG1200 and SPG1200 portable generator sets.

Sumec Firman 0.9kva SG1200 Manual Start GeneratorN35, 000 to N45, 000
0.9kva SPG1200 Sumec Firman Manual Start GeneratorN45, 000 to N55, 000

For the current price of Tiger small gen-sets in Nigeria, click here.

Price of Elepaq Small Portable Generator Sets

Elepaq Senwei SV1850 Small Portable electric generator is a durable, reliable, fuel economy and has a good performance operation. The price of Elepaq Senwei SV1850 is around N32,000 to N40,000 in Nigeria. See the current price in Konga.

Full Elepaq Generator Price in Nigeria

Price of Honda Small Portable Generators

Looking for Honda small generators with price-friendly, consider buying Honda EM650Z 450 VA and Honda EB1000 750 VA.

These generators have low noise and are said to be highly efficient in their operation. The price range of Honda EM650Z 450 VA and Honda EB1000 750 VA is between N50, 000 to N65, 000 thousand Naira. See the current price in Konga.

Price of Yamaha Small Portable Generators

In the Yamaha small portable generators are the EF-1, EF7H, and Birlah LG1000. These generators are hardly found in the Nigerian market today but still remand the Yamaha best portable generators ever with price ranging from N31,000 to N40, 000. See the current price in Konga.

Conclusively, we are able to answer some of the following questions been ask online regarding the small generators price like; how much is a small generator in Nigeria, the price of small tiger generator, the best or cheapest small generator price before buying and so on.

contain in this article is all the information you may wish to know about the brands of small generators and prices in Nigeria.

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