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All May Know About Honda Generators

Honda generators are another popular electric power generator brand in Nigeria that combines efficiency with quality and absolute ruggedness. Honda generators are very popular in Nigeria because of their low medium power applications as required in most homes or small businesses place.

For that reasons, they are noted for their reliability and fuel economy. In this article are all may know about Honda generators

Other branded power generators in Nigeria which comes with Honda engines are Elemax and Tiger, this brand of generators come with Honda engines and seem to be more reliable than the same brand without Honda engines.

In this article are some popular Honda generator power ratings with their average prices in Nigeria. It is very important to know that prices may vary depending on your location. Also note that prices of generators may change without being reflected on this article. For that reasons, genguide advice you to help us make our price list more accurate.

If you bought a generator recently email the price, capacity, and brand of the generator to genguide as well as your location to to help keep genguide updated (Thanks).

Popular Honda Generators and Average Price in Nigeria

Honda EM650Z 450 VA Portable Low Noise Generator 47,000 Naira – 50,000 Naira
Honda EB1000 750 VA Generator 50,000 Naira – 55,000 Naira
Honda EB3000 2.3 KVA Generator (Recoil Start) 115,000 Naira – 125,000 Naira
Honda EB3000S 2.3 KVA Generator (Key Start) 125,000 Naira – 135,000 Naira
Honda EG4000 3.2 KVA Generator with D-AVR & OHV Engine 180,000 Naira – 200,000 Naira
Honda EG6500 5.0 KVA Generator with D-AVR & OHV Engine 260,000 Naira – 277,000 Naira
Honda EU65iS 5.5 KVA Compact Low Noise Generator with built-in Inverter 600,000 Naira – 650,000 Naira
Honda EM10000 8 KVA Low Noise Generators 915,000 Naira – 1,200,000 Naira

Advice From

It is very important to also know that there are other fake Honda generators in the market today. In order to guarantee that your Honda generator is genuine, it is essential to buy from an accredited Honda dealer, this is because they will sell genuine Honda products for you and they also offer excellent sales and after sales services.

Also, they can offer you a support when your Honda generator run into problems, for you can easily return the Honda generator to them when faulty i.e if you purchased from Honda generator dealers as there is a warranty on each of the products you bought from Honda generator dealers. Those Honda generator’s dealers also sells Honda parts.

According to Honda warranty terms and condition you are entitled to Honda warranty only if you buy from an authorized Honda distributor. You can also get genuine Honda generator sets from accredited electronics shops as some of them have relationships with Honda Company that manufacture’s those generators.

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