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Elepaq Generators Prices in Nigeria

Are you looking up in buying Elepaq generator? Thinking of which Elepaq generator to buy? Do you want to know the current price of Elepaq generators? Want to know the factors to consider when buying a portable Elepaq generator for your home, office, or small business? Do you want to know real features, specifications and powering capacity of an Elepaq generator before shopping for one today, If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, stay tone for GenGuide has it all in their site. In this post is a comprehensive review of Elepaq generators prices in Nigeria.

Elepaq generators come in different products, capacity, size as well as their prices. With the help of this comprehensive review on Elepaq generators prices in Nigeria, you should be able to determine the best price of your dream Elepaq generator before buying so as not to be cheated in the Nigerian market or elsewhere you’re buying from.

Elepaq Generators Prices

The table below shows different products of Elepaq generators available in the Nigerian market alongside their KVA capacity and price range.

Elepaq Generator Model and KVA CapacityPrice Range
Elepaq Key Start Generator 3.5KVA SV5200E278,000 to  95,000
4.5KVA Elepaq Key Start Generator SV6500E290,000 to 100,000
Elepaq 1.4KVA Generator ECO199035, 000 to 38,000
1.8KVA Elepaq Generator ECO199057,000 to 69,000
Elepaq Generator 2.5KVA EC350078,000 to  85,000
2.7KVA Elepaq Generator EC3800cx60,000 to 67,000
3.5KVA Elepaq Generator Ec3800cx73,000 to 85,900
2.5KVA Elepaq Generator SV3500E298, 00 to 120,000
2.5KVA Elepaq Generator SV4800105,000 to 110,000,
3.0KVA Elepaq Generator SV480066,700 to 75990
1.3KVA Elepaq Generator SV220030,000 to 60,000
Elepaq 7.5KVA Generator SV2200190,000 to 210, 000
3.5KVA Elepaq Generator SV3800E2N78,000 to N90,000
1.8KVA Elepaq Generator SPG 2200N54,000 to N62, 000
Elepaq 3.2KVA Generator ECO4990ESN76,000 to N85,000
3KVA Elepaq Generator EC5200cxN80,000 to N95,000
2.2KVA Elepaq Generator EC5200cxN59,000 to N70,000
7.5KVA Elepaq Generator SV20000E2N165,000 to N172, 000
10KVA Elepaq Generator SV20000E2N170,000 to N197,000
6.5KVA Elepaq Generator SV15000E2N178,000 to N185,000
7.5KVA Elepaq Generator SV15000E2N180,000 to  N215,000
10KVA Elepaq Generator SV18000E2N215,000 to N250,000
4.5KVA Elepaq Generator SV7200E2N93,000 to N100,000
5.0KVA Elepaq Generator SV7200E2N99,000 to N110,000
Elepaq 5KVA Generator DG6LEN107,000 to N111,000
5KVA Elepaq Generator DG4LEN97,000 to N104,000

For Elepaq generators current price, click here.

Note: Elepaq generators price vary by location, characteristic, rating, brand type (model), features and specifications, and so on. To be able to get the current purchasing price for Elepaq generators, our comprehensive guide above on Elepaq generators prices will give you all you should know about the current price of Elepaq generators prices in Nigeria.

What Courses the Elepaq Generators Prices to Increases or Decreases?  

Primarily, the price for Elepaq generators currently in the Nigerian market might not be the same with the prices of Elepaq generators in our list above but should not exceed 30% of what is quoted here.

The reason why such happens is because of some factors affecting the market either in a positive or negative way. With these factors, the price for Elepaq generators in the market might tend to be increased or decreased depending on the factors.

Factors to be Considered When Buying Elepaq Generators

Thinking of what to look out for before buying any Elepaq generator is never a big deal, yea it is very important to understand the features, specifications, rating, characteristic, and so on of whatever generators before making a purchase.

This is because, with a knowledge of these important checking’s, one will be able to determine the best Elepaq generator to buy and also have a good understanding of how the performance of the generator can work literally with the available appliances at their home or small business place. With this, you’ll have a good decision making when buying your Elepaq generator.

In other to play safe when buying Elepaq generator or any generator brand, the following are some of the important features, ratings, and characteristics you should be looking out for before making a purchase:

Output Voltage: Elepaq generators have output voltage of about 220V, the number of voltage supplied by the generator set determine the output voltage. Generally, most generators in Nigeria have voltage ranges from 210V to 250V respectively.

Rated Power: This determines the load a generator can carry under normal operations, all generator power rating is known as KVA, VA, or W. KVA simply mean 1000VA, that is to say, a 1.5KVA generator is the same as 1500VA. To enjoy optimal power supply from your Elepaq generator, it is advisable to buy one with rated power above your need, so that you don’t exceed the rated power of your Elepaq generator.

Maximum Power: This is the maximum load or power that a generator can carry over a very long or short period of time (usually less than 30 minutes). To ensure that your Elepaq generator lasts longer, under no circumstances must this power be exceeded. Else, it will keep on weakling the generator’s engine and might make it to break down someday.

Before buying any Elepaq generator, always ask to see the rated power and maximum power also we strongly recommended that you operate your Elepaq generator within rated power.

Rated Output Frequency: Most generators in Nigeria have their frequency to be 50Hz which is good while in other countries is 60Hz. These determine the frequency of your Elepaq generator output voltage. So, therefore, when buying any Elepaq generator, always ensures that the rated frequency power is similar to public power supply to enable good operational output.

Fuel Type: Mostly, Elepaq portable generators run on petrol (Fuel). However, there are a few generators that use diesel, gas, or are said to be fuelless generators as the case may be.

Recommended Engine Oil: Recommendation for engine oil to be used by each brand of generator might differ. Some time can be the same.

Presence or Absence of an Automatic voltage regulator (known as AVR): AVR is one of the unique qualities that make up the Elepaq generators and this is because Elepaq generator manufacturers do not produce or manufacture smaller size portable generators.

Dimension: The available space for operating and storing your Elepaq generator is another thing to put into consideration before making a purchase.

Starting method: Elepaq generators comes with recoil starter (rope & grip), electric starter (key starter), or both (i.e recoil/electric starter).

The prices for Elepaq generators that feature key starter will cost more and said to be easier to use. Hence, if your budget allows for it, key starter Elepaq generators are highly recommended and are said to be the best.

Portability kit: This includes everything that makes the movement of your Elepaq generators easier and possible to move from one point to another such as wheels, rollers, and handles. Elepaq generators with wheels, rollers, and handles are very easier to handle but have higher prices compared to those that don’t have. But when purchase, you will get the value for your money.


The prices for Elepaq generators in the Nigerian market are pretty cool to suite the income of any Nigerian family. In respect to Elepaq generators prices, be it high or low has a good performance. They all feature AVR which makes them one of the unique quality generator brands in Nigeria.

Elepaq generator brand has no small size portable generator for all their generator can either be seen to be medium or big. Buy one of the Elepaq generators today at the coolest price and get the value of your money.

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