Elepaq Generators

A Full Review of Elepaq Generators

Are you looking for a power solution that provides reliability and great performance, then the Elepaq generator set will definitely solve the problem. Elepaq generator sets can serve users extremely well for years before developing fault and failing in their operation and usage.

Considering the epileptic power supply affecting the country at large, the means of getting alternate power sources has become the number one priority of most individuals in the country which elepaq generators manufacturers can solve with just a twinkle of an eye.  

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We advice you that before patronizing the dealers, you should read more about Elepaq generator sets. With this comprehensive review about Elepaq generators, you would get more insight about the Elepaq brand before purchasing any.

Overview of Elepaq Generator Brand

All you should know about Elepaq Generator
Picture Showing Elepaq Generators

Elepaq generator is one of the top-selling generator brands in Nigeria which its cost is affordable for home, small business, and offices. The Elepaq generator sets come with adjustable features to suit various needs for home, small office alongside small business users. Most of the features include: Fuel efficient, Key starter, built-in AVR, overload protection, less expensive, portability, easy transport with wheel/handle, and so on.

General Features Of Elepaq Generators

The Elepaq generator is characterized by the following features:

  • It is fuel-efficient (low fuel consumption)
  • It comes with both key starter and recoil
  • It has built-in ARV for easy regulation of voltage.
  • The Elepaq generator has overload protection, to avoid damage to the gensets when it is overloaded
  • Elepaq generators are less expensive (affordable to buy)
  • They are portable and very easy to move around
  • It can be transported with the use of a wheel or handle kits.

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Elepaq Generator Product Includes

Elepaq generator manufacturing company has different generator products available in the market. Below are a list of some popular Elepaq generators:

  • Elepaq Constant Generator EC5800CX
  • Elepaq Generator SV2200
  • Elepaq Generator EC5800CX
  • EC3800CXS Elepaq gasoline generator
  • EP6500 (5kva) Elepaq Generator
  • ZH2500-EP (2kva) Elepaq Efficient gasoline generator
  • ND Elepaq 50Hz 220v 3000w generator

How Much is Elepaq Generator?

The price of Elepaq generator varies based on their product model, size, kva capacity, features, and specs. This price has a little difference in individual countries, states, and locations. Also to those buying from an online store, the price of elepaq generator on Konga is different from the price of elepaq generator on jumia store.

And also to countries. For example, the price of Elepaq constant generator Ec5800cx in Nigeria will be different from that of the price of Elepaq constant generator Ec5800cx in other countries.

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When you talking about the prices of Elepaq generators in Nigeria or other countries, the major differences in prices of Elepaq generator in Nigeria and other countries is usually as a result of key starter differences, the difference in specifications, capacity (i.e KVA), brand Model, locations etc. Elepaq generator sets price should be between N35,000 for smaller size and up to N250,00 for the bigger size.

To know the price of Elepaq generator sets in Nigeria, See our list on Elepaq Generators Prices in Nigeria. For the current price of Elepaq generators, checkout konga store here.

Is Elepaq Generator Good?

When considering the type of generator to use especially in Nigeria, Elepaq generator is among the best selling brand in Nigeria, and for that reason, it’s considered to be among the very good generator brand in Nigeria.

How to Identify Fake Elepaq Generator

Original and fake Elepaq generator is very had to identify as they all look the same, identifying a fake Elepaq generator can be very tricky especially if you are not a technical prone person, the original Elepaq generators come with full copper coil and an enlarged anti-counterfeiting Elepaq label in it.

If the anti-counterfeiting label is missing, that Elepaq generator is spotted a fake, do not purchase it or if better still, check it out with a good generator technician or mechanic as the case might be.

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Why Should I Buy Elepaq Generator

If you are still contemplating why you should buy Elepaq generator, this post is for you. The very interesting aspect of an Elepaq generator is that it has numerous advantages and very few disadvantages over its counterparts and still remains one of the best, also most costless and fuel-efficient generators in the Nigerian market.

Advantages and Disadvanges to Know Before Buying Elepaq Generator

Elepaq generators are very easy to maintain and it also comes in various models with different kva capacities to suit all types of power needed to run home and small office activities. Below are advantages and disadvantages to know when buying Elepaq generators:

Advantages Elepaq Generators

  • Elepaq generator set cost-effective and efficient for home and small businesses compare to other brands of generators.
  • It saves fuel (i.e it consumes low fuel).
  • It comes with fuel sediment cups that prevent dirt and water from flowing to the carburetor from the fuel tank in order to ensure longevity and durability of the generator life.
  • Elepaq generator comes in different varieties and capacity, to suit your electricity consumption, needs, and budget.
  • Elepaq generators are very easy to maintain and fix when due for maintenance
  • Elepaq spare parts are readily available in all Nigerian markets when needed.

Disadvantages of Elepaq Generators

  • Elepaq generator can be a little bit noisy when becoming older.
  • When becoming older, it may start consuming much of fuel also generating different problems.

How To Maintain Elepaq Generator

Yes, your Elepaq generator is always in use on one or two occasions, therefore it requires maintenance from time to time. Out there are small engine mechanics, generator repairers, or official dealers who can help you to maintain your Elepaq generator for reasonable fees.

Never give your Elepaq generator to a novice when it has a complicated maintenance issue for complicated tasks that are generally difficult for a mechanical novice to handle.

Tips on How to Maintain Your Elepaq Generator

Changing you Elepaq generator engine oil also fall in the category of maintenance and is pretty simple to do, you should know how to do it yourself. Your Elepaq generator engine oil should be changed either every 3 – 6 months for home user who uses their generator once in a why and every 100 hours (3 days) for those who use their generator for business/office purposes.

Failure to do this might result in damaging the generator engine and some parts of the Elepaq generator.

The company manufacturing Elepaq generator recommends changing the engine oil before long periods of storage, so as to get the best when trying to start again.

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Knowing the Best Engine Oil to Use

To know the best engine oil to use and the one that best suits your Elepaq generator is very hard to know, but worry not for we’re going to show you the secret behind knowing best engine oil for Elepaq generators. Know that most engine oils would work just the same work in the other generator brands, it is still advisable to check the recommended engine oil for your Elepaq generator brand as part of maintenance.

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Most times the very good engine oil might be so expensive and also scarce to see, but using a cheaper one could lead to damaging the Elepaq generator parts or engine as a whole, which will then cost you more money to repair than buying the recommended engine oil.

So its advice to get the very good engine oil for your Elepaq generator to avoid unnecessary expenses that may occur when using the cheaper engine oil. 

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Method of Starting Elepaq Generator

Elepaq generators have 3 main starting methods and they are as follows:

  • Recoil starter Method: This is the traditional method of starting an Elepaq generator, it has to do with rope.
  • Key Starter Method: The key start method involves the use of key or button to power/start the Elepaq generator as found in the latest generators today.
  • Remote Control Method: The remote control method is highly recommended and could be very expensive. This starting method is generally the easiest way to use among all methods of starting Elepaq generator.

Note: It is very important to know that most of the latest Elepaq generator in the market today especially those in the high price tag comes with this 3 starting methods.

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Factors to Consider When Buying Elepaq Generators

Are you planning to buy an Elepaq generator? Or wondering which type of Elepaq generator to buy. Contain in this part are factors to be considered when buying Elepaq portable electric power generators for your home, office or small business.

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then you are at the right place as we’ll guide you on the factors to be considered when buying Elepaq generators. Note, these factors are all the basic things you need to know when buying Elepaq generators.

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Knowing and understanding the characteristics, rating, and performance of the Elepaq generator sets alongside how they affect their performance will help you make an informed buying decision when purchasing Elepaq generators. Here’re some of the following important ratings and characteristics you should look out for before making a purchase of Elepaq generators. They are:

  • Output Voltage: This is the value of the voltage supplied by the Elepaq generator sets. The output voltage ranges from 210V to 250V for most generators in Nigeria. For Elepaq generators, the output voltage is usually about 220V respectively.
  • Rated Power: This has to do with the maximum load that the Elepaq generator can carry under normal operations. At this power rating, generators are designed for standby supply and not continuous usage. This rating is in KVA or VA or W. KVA simply means 1000 VA. Hence, a 1.5KVA generator is the same as 1500 VA. To enjoy optimal power supply, it is advisable to buy Elepaq generators with rated power above your need, so that you don’t exceed rated power when in use.
  • Maximum Power: There is a maximum load or power that the Elepaq generator can carry over a very short period of time (i.e in less than 30 minutes). Under no circumstances must this power be exceeded. Although most Elepaq generators can carry load up to maximum power, it is recommended that you operate generators within rated power. Always ask to see rated power and maximum power on any Elepaq generators panel before you make a purchase.
  • Rated Output frequency: This is the frequency of your Elepaq generator output voltage. In Nigeria, it is normally 50Hz, while in some other countries, it is 60Hz. When buying any Elepaq generator, always ensure that the rated frequency is similar to the public power supply.
  • Fuel type: Diesel or Petrol. Most Elepaq generators run on petrol. However, there are a few that use diesel fuel.
  • Recommended Engine Oil: The recommended engine oil for each brand of generators can differ. Other times, it can be the same. So its advice to use the best engine oil for the Elepaq generators.
  • Presence or absence of an Automatic Voltage regulator (AVR): One of the unique qualities of an Elepaq generator is that they come with AVR as Elepaq generator manufacturers do not produce small size generators.
  • Dimension: You should also consider the available space for operating and storing the Elepaq generator before buying.
  • Starting method: As earlier stated, Elepaq generators come with either key (i.e kick starter), recoil starter (i.e rope & grip), or both. Elepaq generator featuring specification of key starter is easier to use but will cost more. If your budget allows for it, key start Elepaq generators are highly recommended.
  • Portability Kit: This includes everything that makes moving your Elepaq generator easier such as wheels, rollers, and handles. Elepaq generators with wheels, rollers, and handles are easier to handle. Though they will cost more, but you’re sure to get value for your money when purchased.

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Conclusively, Elepaq Generators is one of the best power generating brands in the Nigerian market that cost-effective for home and small business offices. Elepaq generator sets come with adjustable features and specs to suit various needs ranging from their small kva to the higher kva capacity. Elepaq generators are fuel-efficient, comes with a key starter, built-in AVR, and overload protection. Buying the Elepaq generator today will get the value of money spend. It is the surest bet ever.

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