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A Comprehensive Review of Diesel Generators

There are various sources of power supply now and the diesel generator is one of them. But the outstanding thing about the diesel generator is its load-carrying capacity and its fuel efficiency. These two exceptional features have really endeared it to people and this has made diesel generator first option over other sources of power supply generating equipment.

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Overview of Diesel Generator

A diesel generator is known as the machinery that transforms the chemical energy in diesel to electrical energy.  This becomes possible with the aid of both diesel engines (a type of combustion engine that uses compression to transform energy in diesel fuel to rotary mechanical energy) and an Ac alternator. The diesel generator must have the radiator, a fuel tank, and a control panel.

General Features and Specifications of Diesel Generators

The following are operational characteristics of diesel generators and its features alongside the specifications:

  • It is a combination of a diesel engine with an alternator ( an electrical generator) to generate electric energy.
  • These generator types are mostly used as an emergency power supply or where there is no connection to the power grid.
  • It has a specification of about 1KVA –10 KVA for small portable sizes and higher KVA capacity for the bigger size.
  • Diesel generators come in a combination of ancillary devices (like control systems, circuit breakers, starting systems, etc) a generator, and a diesel engine.
  • Diesel generators come in different sizes which ranges from 30kw that can be used at small shops, offices, and home while the larger ones with about 2000KW are uses in factories, industrial companies, and big office complexes.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Diesel Generator

Diesel generators Advantages seem to be higher compare to its disadvantages, the following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of diesel engines you should know:

Advantages of Diesel Generators

  • With diesel generators, there’s the efficiency with part-load operation flexibility.
  • Storing its fuel has no environmental hazards.
  • There’s less risk of ignition with a diesel generator, it has high and fast start-up the same with its operation.
  • Maintaining a diesel generator is less expensive than the gas generators.
  • Diesel generators can withstand heavy load capacity unlike the fossil generators
  • These generators are very strong, durable, and can be operated for a long period with no breakdown.
  • When it comes to fuel efficiency, it better than petrol generators
  • Above all, there are cheaper to run than another source of power supply.

Disadvantages of Diesel Generators

  • Diesel generators are quite noisy when powered on.
  • It has multiple parts that signify a high cost for maintenance.
  • They are not eco-friendly like solar engines or fuelless generators.
  • It takes more time for installation than other sources.
  • During rainy season or winter, starting this generator isn’t easy.
  • Servicing and repairing diesel generators is quite high small portable gasoline generators.

Best Diesel Generators and Brands to Buy

There are a lot of diesel generators in the market, so we took out time to research and found the very best for you. These three outlined diesel generators are exceptional, you can check them out.

DuroStar DS7000Q

This diesel generator is really powerful with a peak power of 6000W, it weighs about 305 pounds and comes with a 1-year warranty. If you need a diesel generator that will power your home with less noise then you should go for DuroStar DS7000Q, this generator runs for about 12 hours at half load so it is highly efficient. You can start it with a remote and it has an oil alert automatic shutdown.

Generac 6864 Diesel Generator

This generator gives value for the money spent because it is more efficient and highly durable. This generator has a peak power of 5500W with an industrial-grade diesel engine, it weighs about 254 pounds and comes with a 2years limited warranty. You can’t go wrong buying Generac 6864 diesel generator because it generates more power, it is reliable and had a long lifespan.

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The Sigma 7000W diesel generator

If you are looking for a diesel generator with good speed and generate enough power daily then look in the direction of Sigma 7000W diesel generator. This generator has a voltage of 110V-220V, so it is capable to generate enough power and carry a heavy load. It has a peak power of 7000W and a power output of 5500W. Its speeds are unbeatable at 3600 revolutions per minute. So it a must-have diesel generator.

Prices of Diesel Generators

Diesel generators come in different brands, types, and sizes, and as such their prices will be different. But from our finding, we discovered that the price ranges from $550- $2k for small portable ones while the big industrial ones range from $2k to $3k. See current prices.

What can Diesel Generator Power?

The diesel engine in the diesel generator will spin the alternator which will create an ac electrical current that will be transferred to power electrical equipment, supply light to homes, factories, hospitals, and schools. So it can be used to power all the appliances that are found in any location that it is being installed.  It can be used at gas stations for mining and drillings and for powering heavy duties.

Small and Big Diesel Generator

These generator sets come in different sizes which are small, medium, and big. Here are small and big diesel gensets you should know:

The small portable diesel generators in the market are:

  • Kipor KDE7000T 4.5KVA diesel generator
  • Lutian 5GF-LDEX 5.5KVA diesel generator
  • Fireman SDG7000SE 6.5KVA diesel generator
  • Fireman SDG12000SE 7.5KVA diesel generator
  • Luitan 5GF-LDE 4.4KVA Diesel generator

Big Diesel Generators are:

  • Perkins 404 series 20KVA Generator
  • FG Wilson P22-6 20KVA generator
  • FG Wilson F22-1 20KVA Generator
  • Elemax SH25D 20KVA Generator
  • Fuji FV 27TKBS 20KVA Generator
  • Mikano 30kva – 350kva generator

Best Brand for Diesel Generators

Here are some good brands of diesel generators to help in choosing quality once in your next purchase.

Volvo Diesel Generators

This brand of diesel generators are top rated and all their models are effective and efficient with standard control panels.

Cummins brand Diesel Generators

This is like the industry leader with passionate customer care executives. The brand offers superior performance, durable, and high combustion efficiency products to its users. Their products need minimal maintenance.

Perkins Diesel Generators

This brand of the diesel generator is powerful and it is highly noted for its efficiency and portability. If you have a home with lots of gadgets, this brand of diesel generator will be recommended, these generating models can generate power from as low as 10KW to 2475KW.

Conclusively, Diesel Generator is a powerful load-carrying capacity generator; the 30kw of diesel engine can be used at small shops, offices and home to power there appliances/equipment while the larger ones with about 2000KW are uses in factories, industrial companies, and big office complexes in carrying out their daily activities.

There features and specs is supper cool, give this generator a try today by purchasing one your home, shops, offices as well as factories, industries and so on.

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