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A-Z Tips On How To Identifying Original Generators If Buying

How to know the original generator has become one of the greatest mistakes that most people make while purchasing a brand new generator set, hereby ending up buying the fake generators.

So if you’re here looking for ways to find out whether a generator is original or fake, then you’re in the right place for this guide is going to show you how you can identify original generator set from fake once.

Generators claiming to be different from their brands are everywhere, especially in the Nigerian market today. From the demand for generators, in the malls, even in the dealer’s shops or on the roadside. Yes, of course, there are fake generators in the homes of uninformed buyers who don’t know how to identify original generators.

PAY ATTENTION PLEASE! SEE A-Z Tips On How To Identify Fake Generators Brands When Buying one for your home, office, or small business.

Culprits in most of these brand counterfeiting cases are unknown companies attempting to leverage the success of well-known companies to sell their products, or questionable generator importers attempting to sell their lower (fake generators), less reliable brands at trusted brands’ prices.

This has made shopping for a new generator a very tiresome experience as uninformed buyers attempting to avoid the fate of previous buyers who ended up with inferior, counterfeited goods performing below expectations.

Below, we’ll guide you through how to detect the original generators from fakes of Nigerian most popular generator brands, hoping you will end your shopping with what you’d expect, which is the best value for your money.

The General Ways/Methods to Identify Original generators Components When Buying

The following are the things you should look into to make sure you buy the original generator’s brand. This steps below will guide you on the general methods of Identifying  Original Generators from fake generators brands out there.

The Coil

Looking for ways that will guide you on how to identify the original copper coil of a generator? Generators from all brands have coils that may be brass, copper, or aluminum. Copper-made coils have a top-quality effect on generators.

Check the spool of a generator really carefully before you buy it. Inside the engine, the coil should be cleanly rolled. If not, then the coil was tampered with.

Rub your hands onto the spool. If your hands are stained, this means they spray the coil to make it look like an original copper coil. This may also indicate the engine has been refurbished. If purchased, it will develop a fault within the space of three months that means it will “knock” easily because it is not the original copper coil.

Copper Wire Coil (Spool)

You will note that the reddish-brown color of the copper wire. Although some sellers might spray the aluminum or brass wire to look like the copper, you’ll know if it’s sprayed because once you feel it, it stains your hands.

Aluminum coil wire

The coil of aluminum wire comes in a glittery silver color. This isn’t as durable as the coil made of copper.

Brass Coil Wire

The coil of brass wire is coated in gold. It is the most vulnerable of the three. You would never really buy a generator that comes with a coil like that.

Engine Block

That is an easy check that you can do on your own. At first glance, you can identify the original engine block of generators from the fake one. An original engine block is heavy and has a deem shiny colour while the fake engine block is lightweight and very shiny.

Tap on the engine block to see if it’s original, the sound it makes should be muffled, but if it’s fake, it will make a loud, resonant noise.

Name Engraved / Crested On Generator

An original generator, such as the fuel tank, engine block, air filter, carburetor, muffler, cylinder head cover, alternator rear frame, and AVR should have its name crested/engraved on its parts. This may not be the case for all generators but ensure that the generator you purchase has its name crested (not painted) on at least three to five of the above-mentioned parts before paying for it.


Don’t just go into the shop of a generator dealer and pick up a generator without asking the vendor to test it for you. Good packaging for a generator does not mean it is original. Insist on the generator being unpacked and switched on so you can hear its sound. A good generator produces a continuous, regular sound. If the sound of the generator is “rough,” buy not is fake.

How to Identify Original Generators by Brand Name

See below how to identify Original generators for popular brands in Nigeria market alongside their fake:

identifying original generators

How to Identify Original Elemax Generators

Elemax makes things easier by clearly stating on their official website that all original generators of the ELEMAX brand are made in Japan. That they have no factory overseas to assemble ELEMAX products.

If you notice the imitation or similar ELEMAX generator with a fake identity, or if you want them to check whether it is original or fake, please provide them with your details following the contact page. As your cooperation will be highly appreciated and legal action will be taken in that country that is in violation of their trademark.

How to Identify Original Elepaq Generators

Are you in this section in search of how to know the original elepaq generator? or looking for steps that will guide you in the process of how to identify the original elepaq generator? Your search ends now.

Original ELEPAQ generators come with full copper oil and an expanded anti-counterfeiting label from the ELEPAQ brand. If there is no anti-counterfeiting mark then it will most definitely be a fake Elepaq generator.

How to Identify Original Sumec Firman Generators

How to identify original sumec firman generators has been very difficult seen they happen to the best-selling generator brand on the lucrative Nigerian market. And as such, FIRMAN generators are targets of criminals who are cloning the brand name to sell sub-standard products.

Therefore, Nigerians who set out to buy a FIRMAN generator sets are now going home with fake instead of the original as these criminals ingeniously mimic the SUMEC ‘s branding to sell specific and most of the time lower generating sets of quality. The question is how to identify the original sumec firman generator when next you go to buy?

How do you make sure that the Sumec Firman generator you bring home when you go shopping for a new generator next time is actually from the brand that you trust and have in mind? Pay attention below:

An original SUMEC FIRMAN generator carries the brand logo engraved in the fuel tank, the Automatic Voltage Regulator, the air filter, the engine block, the rear frame of the alternator, the muffler, the carburetor and the head cover of the cylinder. If this anti-counterfeiting coating is scratched off or missing, then it is certainly a fake generator from SUMEC FIRMAN take note. Read more on how to identify original Sumec Firman generators

How to Identify Original Honda Generators

There are embossed Honda logos, assimilate with the engine (located in engine block / under the fuel tank). There is a Trustgram sticker, the “Handy Viewer” card (available on the store) should be visible differently from the left and right side of the window.

All Honda products must be accompanied by an official warranty card issued by PT Honda Power Indonesia products. PT Honda Power Products Indonesia has the engine serial number registered. You can also contact Honda brand to check your Engine Number status via their Contact Us page.

How to Identify Original Tigers

How to identify original tiger generators is not a difficult task, to buy a decent “I Pass My Neighbor generator” for yourself becomes a problem as separating the real from the various fakes once on the market is happens to be problems that pop up.

The question is how to know original tiger generator when next you go shopping for Tiger generator either online or offline so as to avoid buying fake tiger generator?

Following the presentation, cleanness, colour and look alone you cannot recognize a good tiger generator, so you need to go ahead with your investigation measures. But you need somewhere to start.

The following methods are use to identify original tiger generators:

1. The identification can be previewed through the on-tank label. The original small Tiger (like the TG950) always has two alphabets (TM) written on top of the label on the tank.

2. The bolt used to tie the entire portion of the original Tiger generator is always white in color and the bolt includes two written alphabets (KS), while the Fake’s is always black in color with no written word or alphabet on it.

3. The original Tiger generator carton is always brown in colour, while the fake Tiger generator carton is always coloured with much designs.

4. The brand name Tiger is written in a bold type on the label and it has no Tiger head image on it while that of the fake has a drawn tiger head carve on it.

5. Original tiger generators have no fuel gage on them, but they have the fake.

How to Identify Original Lutian Generators

The Lutian generator brand appears to be new on the Nigerian market and as such, all Lutian generator products on the market are all original and have no fake. Lutian generator products are only imported by the same manufacturer to any region. With this, it is said that Lutian generator brand is all original as at the time this article was written.


Buying a generator remains one of the Nigerians’ most significant purchasing decisions. You want to buy a generator that fulfills your expectations, e.g. power all your air conditioners and refrigerators, and do so reliably, without having to replace parts or perform repairs for many years.

Unfortunately, too often the thrill of purchasing a new generator becomes frustration too easily. For example, a generator that powered two or more air conditioners easily might struggle to power only one air conditioner or none after six to eight weeks of using. Every week it soon begins to demand the attention of the “generator engineer” neighborhood, and parts have to be changed. This is because a large number of free-market generators are fake.

If you buy the generator from the manufacturer’s representative, e.g. from John Holt buying Honda generators, then you can rest assured that you are buying an original. But to save up to 25%, most Nigerians buy from independent open-market importers full of fakes, from the Honda with cheap Chinese-made engines to high-quality Chinese generator counterfeits. If you know what you are looking for, however, and can identify it when you see it, the chances of being cheated will be drastically reduced. That’s what achieves this guide hopes for.

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