Sumec Firman Generators

How to Identify Original Sumec Firman Generators – Overview

Identification methods for identifying fake and original Sumec Firman generator set alongside steps in knowing fake and original firman generator spare parts.

As a leading generator brand in African and Asia, all Sumec Firman generator sets and their spare parts are original as they all produce them in their manufacturing factory.

It’s important to know that Sumec Firman only produces and sells with three brand names in the Nigerian market which is “SUMEC”, “FIRMAN” and “SUMEC FIRMAN” any other is fake.

SUMEC advises all its customers to beware of FAKE as no other generator brand in the market has any relationship with theirs, they also went further to state that does FAKE generators claiming to be SUMEC FIRMAN are not produced by Sumec factory or represent SUMEC in any way.

ATTENTION: See our review on the steps in identifying fake and original Sumec Firman Generator Spare Parts.

They advise that the Sumec manufacturing factory engrave nothing but “FIRMAN” as anti-fake marks on key parts of their products. Sumec proved that generators with other letters, such as “SUM ECFIRMAN ” are absolutely fake generators.

Knowing full well that anything that is leading is prone to have original and also spot a fake one especially in Nigeria. That is why the company manufacturing Sumec Firman generator is aware of the possibility of counterfeiting or rebranding, especially in the Nigerian market.

Because of this, they have put some anti-fake indicators on various parts of their products to enable users to dictate the original from a fake. In this article, is going to guide you on how to identify original Sumec Firman generator sets from fake Sumec Firman generators.

How To Know Fake Sumec Firman Generators

The identification method below are there to show you the various ways to identify original or spotted fake Sumec Firman generators:

How to know original Sumec Firman generators, fake Sumec Firman generators and overview.
  • The name “Firman” is boldly engraved on the fuel tank (i.e for their petrol generators).
  • The name is also engraved on the AVR, air filter, engine block, alternator rear frame, carburetor, cylinder head cover and muffler.
  • If the name is not identify on any of these parts, run for it is a fake one.
  • Even if you see “Sumec or Sumec Firman” stamped on these parts, you’re buying the fake. Only the name “Firman” is stamped on these parts.
  • Note, the names “Sumec Firman or Sumec” may be printed (not engraved) on other parts of the generator. This doesn’t mean it is a fake. You can only be sure it’s a fake when the name “Firman” is not stamped on the parts mentioned earlier above.
  • The “F” in the name “Firman” is written with a dot used as it’s middle piece rather than a short horizonatal line.


If the anti-counterfeiting coating is scratched off or the anti-counterfeiting label is missing on the Sumec Firman generator, do not purchase the product is a fake.


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