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100% Tips In Identifying Genuine Diesel Generators

Knowing how to identify a genuine (original) diesel generator set is never a big deal. Generally speaking, the set of diesel generators is divided into four parts which are the Diesel engine, generator, control system, and accessories. To give you a better understanding, please read carefully the following article which will show you how to identify a genuine diesel Genset.

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Unlike the gasoline generators that run on fuel/petrol, the diesel generator set uses diesel in its operation and burns slower than the gasoline fuel type.

Our focus in this article is to provide you with a clear overview of what makes up the diesel generator set as well as how to identify an original diesel generator set when you buy online, from the dealer’s shop or from anywhere around the world.

Below are the following measure to take in identifying a genuine diesel generator set:

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Review on Identifying a Genuine Diesel Generator Set

1. Diesel Engine

The diesel engine is the power output part of the entire generator set, representing 70 percent of the diesel generating set’s cost. Most of the manufacturers of diesel gensets engines are out-bought but not self-produced. Some poor manufacturers usually use this channel to market the diesel false engines.

Fake diesel engine

Currently, the well-known diesel engines nearly have generic manufacturers on the market. Some manufacturers use an imitation machine of the same shape to pretend to be a famous brand. Using the fake brand name, printing the fake factory information and other fake plate means mixing the fake with the genuine in order to achieve the low-cost aim. The deck machine is hard to distinguish if you’re not a professional.

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Old Machines Renovated

Also, the renowned brand genset will renovate the old machines. It’s hard to tell if you aren’t experts. There are some flaws in the renovation of the old machines, however, such as painting, especially the corner paint, it is difficult to do the same as the original manufacturer.

Confuse the public with a similar factory name

Those are opportunistic manufacturers. Rather than misleading the public with a common name for the factory or diesel engine, they don’t dare to do fake plates and refurbishment. Many manufacturers, for example, use homonyms and even the same term to mark their own products such as the company’s GGG Cummins generator package and KMS genset.

Seriously speaking on this, there is no relationship with the genuine Cummins engine, just the brand name is the same. The out-purchased generator sets by the manufacturers are configured with a variety of inferior brand diesel engines, which claim to be the original diesel generator sets and sell to customers.

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Power confusion

The connection of uncertainty between KVA and KW. Take KVA as a KW, and exaggerate customer power to sell. Indeed, KVA is commonly used in foreign countries, and KW is commonly used in domestic applications. The relation between these two is 1KW=1.25KVA. Imported units typically use KVA to signify the power unit; KW expresses the domestic electrical appliances to be used by the generator.

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Usually bad manufacturers take standby power as normal power, and sell it to customers. They speak only of one power, and they ignore the relationship between normal power and standby power. In fact, standby power = 1.1 normal (rata) power. In addition, the standby power can be used in continuous service for 12 hours only for 1 hour.

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2. Generator

The generator’s role is to convert the diesel engine’s power into electric power, which is directly related to the output power quality and stability.

Stator Coil

The original stator spools are constructed from copper wire. But now copper coated aluminum wire appears with the advancement of thread making technology. The copper coated aluminum wire is made with different mould, in contrast to the copper plated aluminum wire.

The layer of copper is thicker than the plated copper. Since the stator coil generator is made from copper-clad aluminum wire, there is not much difference in output, only the service life is much shorter than the stator coil for copper wire.

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Excitament mode

The generator excitation mode is divided into phase compound excitation and brushless self-excitation. The brushless self-excitation, the excitement stability advantage, and easy maintenance has become the mainstream. However, some manufacturers have installed phase compound excitation generators in the 300KW generator set below, out of cost consideration.

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3. Controlling System

Ordinary set generating standard requires a manual valve. The diesel generating system normally takes 10 to 30 minutes to start supplying power after power is cut.

The automation control set for the generator is divided into semi-automation and full-automation types. A semi-automatic control panel can start when power is cut and stop automatically when there is electricity. Although the start downtime is omitted, the manual valve is still required.

ATS dual power transfer switch is installed on a full-automatic control panel which can detect the electrical signal directly and switch automatically. Meanwhile, it can control the diesel generator set’s automatic start and stop, achieving a full-automatic and unattended operation. The changeover time is adjustable between 3 and 7 seconds. Hospitals, military bases, fire fighting, and other electric fields must be equipped with an automatic control panel.

4. Accessories  

The battery, battery wire, silencer, shock absorber, air filter, diesel filter, oil filter, bellows, connecting flange, and oil pipe, are the auxiliary parts of a regular diesel generator set.

Conclusively, now that we have finished on how to recognize a genuine/original set of diesel generators, we firmly believe that after reading this article you will be able to understand what makes up the diesel generators and how you can differentiate between the real (original) and the fake.

Have it in mind that genuine diesel generator set when purchase, will enjoy the value of money spent on it.

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If there is any question about this, please do not hesitate to contact us below as you will be treated with immediate answers to your question.

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