Cummins Generators

A Review of Cummins Generators

Are you in need of a reliable brand of a generator? Or you need a brand of a generator with a rugged engine? How about wanting a generator that can stand the test of time. Well, there are a lot of generator brands out there but you might look in the direction of Cummins generator set. It will interest you to read this comprehensive review of Cummins generators before patronizing them.

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Overview of Cummins Generator

Cummins is a leading brand name in the generator creation sector; it has been in business for over 100 years while creating great electric power generators. This brand’s engine generators are famous both in industrial and commercial applications worldwide. They are outstanding for their reliable and rugged power engine generators. All Cummins gensets design, testing, and production are in full compliance with National standard GB/T2820-97.

all you should know about cummins generators
Picture Showing Cummins Generator

Cummins Inc. is organized based on segments, they are; engine, power system, components, distribution, and new power segment.

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Features of Cummins Generator Set

Cummins generator set are characterized by the following features:

  • Most Cummins generators are fuel-efficient consuming less fuel
  • They are really reliable and great for both industrial and commercial uses
  • Cummins generator sets are most capable of power generation
  • This brand of generator is highly dependable since they have long run time
  • With Cummins generator, there’s no vibration issue
  • Cummins generator sets are produced with advanced technology for long service life

Cummins Generators Price List

Cummins generators price varies according to their KVAs but there are competitive factory price averagely from our research Cummins generator ranges from 2500USD -20000USD.

Cummins Generators Sizes

Cummins generator sets come in medium and large power range which is always between 5 -5000KVA

Cummins Generators Technologies

Cummins generator technologies belong to Cummins Inc, which is a worldwide leader and fortune 500 corporation that makes, designs and distributes engines with its related technologies which include electrical power generation systems, fuel system, filtration, control air handling, eaton automated transmission and emission solutions.

Cummins Generators Specifications (Specs)

Most of Cummins generator sets come with the following specifications (Specs), they are:

  • 7.3HP 22ACC OHV4- Stroke engine
  • RV and camper of about 30A TT-30R outlet
  • Telescoping handle
  • 10-18 hours run time
  • 50 -60 Hz frequency
  • Watts between 4000W and 10000W
  • Voltage between 100-180V

Cummins Generator Dealers

If you are in Nigeria, you can shop for your original Cummins generators through these dealers

Cummins Head Office

Cummin Branches Office Are:

  • Address: 26, Idejo street Victoria Island, Lagos
  • Phone: 0807187681
  • Address: Tafawa Belewa road, Kano
  • Phone: 064 634443
  • Address: 17-19 Aba Road, Port Harcourt Rivers State.
  • Phone Line: 0804 232531
  • Phone Line: 08087185912
  • Address: Leventis close CBA
  • Phone Line: 08087180706
  • Phone Line: 080871807272

How to Start Cummins Generators

If you have gotten your Cummins generator, use the following steps to get it started:

  • Press the start button but don’t start the generator with load
  • Next, regulate the mechanical speed unit by raising the throttle to 1500r/min
  • Check the water temperature, voltage, oil pressure, frequency, etc, if there’s an abnormality then stop the machine instantly for inspection. Get everything fixed before restarting the unit again.
  • When the rotation speed gets to 1500r/min, put on the switch to supply power to the load. Avoid any form of overloading.
  • Don’t try to touch the heater, turbocharger or high-temperature coolant to avoid the danger of being burnt.
  • Make sure the load on the generator doesn’t exceed the rated value for smooth and stable power run or operation.

How to Know Original Cummins Generators

Use the following points to ascertain if you are buying an original Cummins generator

  • Check the coil and make sure it doesn’t stain on your hands; if it does then you are buying a fake Cummins generator.
  • Check to see that Cummins’s name is crested on your cylinder head cover, air filter, tank, muffler, etc.
  • The sound shouldn’t be rough, only buy if it has a clear sound.
  • To avoid even failing for some dubious buyers, it will be better to buy from original dealers or better still order from the site

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cummins Generator

Advantages of Cummins Generator

The following are the pros of buying a Cummins generator

  • Cummins generators are durable and strong. The last for a long time even in long run time.
  • Hardly break down: there’s a low level of wear and tear unlike other brands
  • They are whistle less
  • The level of performance is very high
  • They are low noise generators
  • There’s environmental safety with Cummins generators
  • Cummins generators are backed up by their 24/7 support network, so users can’t be without stable power supply.
  • Cummins generators have a powerful driving force
  • They produce high speed for power supply
  • Cummins generators quality is high especially if bought from the authorized dealers

Disadvantages of Cummins Generators

The forces against Cummins generators are:

  • Large fuel consumption
  • They can’t carry a heavy load like the Lister generator
  • Cost of maintenance doesn’t come cheap

Cummins Generators Line-Up

The following below are Cummins generators, they are:

Onan p25001 Inverter Portable Generator

This generator has a frequency of 60Hz and the fuel type used is gas. This generator is efficient, durable, and of high performance. It has a run time of about 10 hours with a voltage 120. It can be carried easily from one point to another.

Onan P9500df Dual Fuel (gas/LPG) Portable Generator

This generator is backed by the Cummins 24/7 global support network which enables users to have power whenever they need it. It has a 60Hz frequency. It has 16 hours run time, producing 9500 watts at 120/240 voltage

Onan P4500i Portable Generator

This is another great Cummins product generator it has a 60Hz frequency and is a dual-fuel generator. The product is reliable and versatile. It is a p4500i model with a run time of 18 hours producing 4500 watts at 120 voltages

How Good is Cummins Generators?

Cummins generators are good because they are rated 4.5 out of 5 by customers. Cummins generators are fuel-efficient and reliable and its engine gives more power at any work station. It is on record that Cummins generators can compete favorably with other top brands of top-notch generators when it comes to performance and dependability. Cummins generators are said to hold power well and can be run for a long time.

Conclusively, shopping Cummins generator today is a good ideal for they provide high-speed, high-horsepower engines and power generation equipment, which include standby and prime power generator sets, alternators, switchgear and other power generating components.

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