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A Review of Lister Generators

If you have been looking for a power solution that provides reliability and great performance, then the Lister generator will seem the best solution to your problem. Lister diesel generator can serve users extremely well and this can be for years. But before patronizing the dealers you should read more about Lister generators, you would get more informed about Lister generators after reading this comprehensive review.

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About Lister Generators

Lister generators are the engine-generators that are manufacture with the use of internal combustion engines. Lister generator uses the combination of both diesel engines with an electric generator which is an alternator to generate electrical energy. A-Lister generator has a diesel compression-ignition engine that is mostly designed to run on diesel fuel but can be used with other liquid fuels or natural gas too. 

All you should know about the Lister diesel generators

The Lister engines used ranges from small diesel engines of 2.7 horsepower up to 64 horsepower about 48KW and higher power engine which could be up to 335 horsepower about 250KW. Lister generators can be applied for mostly stationary industrial applications which could be for pumping and electricity generation. Natural gas or propane can be used as fuel for the Lister generator.

How to Start a Lister Generator (Engine)

The following are the steps to take to start a Lister engine:

  • Firstly, lubricate and check the oil level. Make sure you have lubricated the rocker arms and valves well enough with oil. Then check the oil dipstick to be sure that the oil is correct or you fill in accordingly.
  • Next, set the compression lever by swinging the compression release under exhaust tappet to avoid the cylinder’s valve from opening or closing completely. Go ahead to put the governor handle in the stop position, turn in the high compression changeover valve.
  • Thirdly, turn the engine flywheel, do this by turning the engine flywheel very fast and you will get to hear the fuel pump triggering with a clinking sound during all the wheel rotation. Wait for a few seconds to hear the fuel injector triggering with a clunk sound.
  • Now, release compression, do this by continuing to turn the flywheel with your right hand while using your left hand to keep the fuel lever on to allow the fuel to be injected and also disengage valve lever as fast as possible and lock in off position. Finally, turn the flywheel via one more compression stroke and the cylinder should fire.
  • Hold the start handle firmly and walk it off the crankshaft before setting the changeover valve by turning out the high compression changeover valve to power the Lister generator.

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How Much is a Lister Generator

The following are the prices of Lister generators in Naira

  • Price of 15KVA Lister generator is N680,000 to N700,000
  • 250KVA Lister generators price is N24,500,000 to N24,800,000
  • Price of 17.5KVA Lister generator is N1, 650,000 to N1,800,000
  • 6KVA Lister generator Price is N295,000 to N310,000
  • Price of 13KVA Lister generator is N650,000 to N680,000

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What is a Lister Engine?

Lister engines are the conventional combustive engines that are used by Lister petter. Lister engine CS(core strategy)  is a slow running 600rpm (revolutions per minute) reliable engine that is fitted for irrigation pumps as well as driving electric generators.

Lister Generator Parts

The following are the different parts that make-up a Lister generator

  • Idler gear
  • Decompression valve
  • Piston
  • Piston ring set
  • Pressure gauge
  • Cylinder liner
  • Valve springs
  • Exhaust valve
  • Valve cup
  • Complete injector
  • Fuel pump element
  • Fuel pipe
  • Lubricating oil pump
  • Gib key puller
  • Exhaust flange
  • Fuel tank
  • Gasket set
  • Flywheel keys

Lister Diesel Generator

Lister diesel generators are diesel-fueled generators that are engineered for higher efficiency. These generators come in different shapes and sizes. Most Lister diesel generators come with a specification of a single-phase electric power, an active rating of about (standby) 6.1KVA at 0.8pf. The power is mostly 4.88kW with electric potential 240V and frequency of 50Hz. The engine speed is about 1500rpm and a fuel capacity of 90L. Lister diesel generators are:

22.5KVA, 3 phase, Lister Petter Diesel Standby Generator

This generator performance and reliability level are top-notch. This generator is perfect for both prime power and stationary applications.

6.1KVA, Single Phase, Diesel Standby Generator with Lister Pette Engine

This is a 6.1KVA Lister diesel generator that is a single phase. This generator is an integrated power generation set that is designed to offer optimum reliability, versatility, and high performance. This generator can power a lot of appliances at a time.

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17.7 KVA, Single Phase, Diesel Standby Generator with Lister Pette Engine

This Lister diesel generator is a 17.7KVA single-phase Genset. This generator comes with a 90-liter fuel tank, 4-pole brushless alternator, and a remote start and stops control system. With 17.7 KVA, Single phase, diesel standby generator with Lister pette engine provides optimum versatility for prime power and stationary power applications. This generator is outstanding for its weather protective acoustic canopy availability.

Features of Lister Generators

  • Lister generators have rugged engines
  • They are reliable and very easy or simple to operate
  • Lister generators have the capacity to power heavy load
  • Both its diesel and gas engines can be used for all kind of environmental, location and temperature extremes.
  • Lister generators offer only peak performance for power generation.
  • The Lister engines are natural cooling, the air is being pushed over the deep crankcase fins which allow cooling to happen, so need for external cooling equipment.

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KVAs range of Lister Generators

Lister generators come I different KVAs depending on the size of the generator. The different KVAs are 15KVA, 250KVA, 17, 5KVA, 6KVA, and 13KVA

Specification of Lister Generator

Lister generator comes with a Lister petter engine that is an air-cooled engine that gives power between 16.8KWm and 28.5KWm. The generator has the option to have then engine variable or fixed speed which is between 1500 to 2500 rpm. It comes with 3 cylinders.

The maximum power is 28.5 Wm while the minimum power is 16.8KWm. Fuel injection is a direct injection while its rotation is anti-clockwise. It always has a length of about 698mm without fuel tank inclusion, a width about 521mm and height of 683mm.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Lister Generator

The pros and cons of Lister generator is stated below:

Advantages of Lister Generator

  • Lister Generator set have low fuel/diesel consumption.  
  • Low noise during operation.
  • Lister generator has the ability to power and carry full load at the same time.
  • They can be use in all applications
  • Lister diesel generator set are very simple to operate (start).

Disadvantages of Lister Generator

  • Cost of maintaining Lister generator is very high
  • Lister generator can easily harm one during starting the engine.
  • Requires a full force in order to start.

What Can Lister Generator Power and Uses

Lister generators are used in different applications such as home, office, business, work shop, to power their appliances, equipment, tools and so on.  Mostly use for Lister generators are work shop like welders (i.e those soldering and working metals).

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Conclusively, Lister generator can serve users extremely well and this can be for years before developing any serious fault at might cause you more. Searching for reliability and a great performance engine, then the Lister generator will seem the best solution to your problem. It’s also value for money when purchase.

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