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Power Inverter Generators Review

As the world is advancing and technology is becoming versatile, there is flexibility in the power sector where different sources of power are at our disposal. Technologists are becoming creative and innovative and as such giving everyone alternative sources of power to choose from. The inverter is one of the sources of power supply; this review will explore all areas of the inverter generator so that you will make the right choice if you decide to go for an inverter after reading this review.

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What is an Inverter Generator?

An inverter generator or a power inverter is an electronic circuitry or device that transforms direct current (DC) to (AC) alternating current at a given frequency and voltage. This simply means that the inverter generator doesn’t produce power on its own but from power offered by the direct current source. So the output voltage, power handling, input voltage, and the overall frequency depend solely on the design of the certain device used.

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Features and Spaces of Inverter Generators

  • They are portable
  • Their fuel efficiency is top-notch
  • Its noise level is low on the average
  • It produces clean electricity

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Inverter Generators?

Inverter generators have more pros than the cons, below are advantages and disadvantage of power inverter generator sets:

Advantages of Inverter Generators Are:

There are endless pros of using the inverter generators, the advantages are outlined below:

  • Inverter generators aren’t noisy: the noise produced by conventional generators can’t be compared in any way with the little noise from inverter generators. Inverter generators run at full load releases less noise.
  • Inverter generators produce clean electricity:  A lot of people go for inverter because of its clean power output. The inverter produces pure sine wave power while conventional generators provide modified sine waves.
  • They are portable:  one good thing about the inverter is that there are designed to be easily carried, lightweight, and very portable. So they can be carried anywhere with ease.
  • It has parallel capability: one of the biggest advantages is that its parallel capacity, this means that it can be connected to another generator in parallel and higher power output will be obtained.
  • Fuel efficiency is top-notch: inverter generators are really fueled efficiently unlike conventional generators. A lot of money will be saved from purchasing fuel with inverter generators.

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Disadvantages of Inverter Generators Are:

Well, even with all the good side of having an inverter generator it has its bad sides too though negligible.

  • It is less powerful: it can’t carry a heavy load like other generators because its internal power converter can’t handle high speed.
  • Inverter generators are pricey especially the high-end inverter

Top Best Inverter Generator to Buy

If you intend to buy an inverter generator, then you have to look at the below list, we did our own research and came up with the below best inverter generators in the market you can buy.

Bestek 300W Power Inverter

If you need an inverter that isn’t bulky, made with durable material, and can charge up to 2 devices at a time then get Bestek 300W power inverter it’s your sure bet and it is designed with overheating protection as well.

Energizer 2000 watt 12V Power Inverter

This inverter is among the best in the market because it is suitable for all needs. It gives a good balance of power for all users. If you need an inverter specifically for your phones and laptops then go for Energizer 2000 watt 12V power inverter. This inverter comes with 2 USB ports and 2 AC outlets.

Potek 500W Power Inverter

Potek 500W power inverter is a great inverter generator, it comes with a digital display which will show output volts, input power, watts, and even signals when it runs on low voltage. This inverter is made with a compact design and 2 extra fuses.

Erayak 150W Power Inverter

Do you need a traveling inverter generator then buying Erayak 150W Power inverter will be your best bet, this generator uses lightweight materials that are good for traveling. It can be left in the car to be used whenever. This mid-range product can be helpful with an emergency charging on the road.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Inverter Generator

To be able to evaluate the best inverter generator for you, we first go through the various things to be considering when you finally opt to go out and purchase one. This is because as changes revolve around the electric power and current, it is advised to have the necessary sufficient space and also a protected environment for things to perform smoothly and with no delay or causes for unneeded accidents as well.

Here, we list the most crucial points you should consider when buying an inverter generator. They are:

  • Portability: Portability is one of the first advantages in mind when designing an inverter generator, it’s generally lightweight in comparison to traditional generators ranging in 30 – 50 pounds weight. With this, it implies that an inverter generator is easier to move from one point to another if the need for transportation arises.
  • Price: The price for inverter generators is higher compare to the traditional generators, It’s advised that when buying an inverter generator, its better you know the cost and also ensure it is with your budget before making a purchase.
  • Maximum Power: Note, since inverter generator sets are lightweight, there is a limit to its maximum power output it can carry at a given hour. So, even if you’re using the very best inverter generator out there, remember that the output is leaner than traditional generators as most inverter generators offer output power of about 1,000 – 4,000 watts powered capacity.
  • Location: It advised that inverter generators should be used outside always, never make use of them even if there are openings such as doors or windows indoors. So, therefore, make sure you use the inverter generator at a secure place beyond your house.
  • Noise Level: As earlier said in one of the paragraphs above that Inverter generators are noiseless compared to the common generator. If there is a place where you should employ backup electricity which includes a high concern for noise levels, then the inverter generator is the perfect tool for you.

How Long do Inverter Generators Last?

Inverter generators are produced with fuel efficient engines which help in adjusting the power that is produced to match the load that is needed. So this generator saves up to 40% of the fuel and it can run for approximately 10 hours- 48 hours in some cases which most users will need per time.

Sizes of Inverter Generators?

The inverter generator comes in different size alongside their capacity, that is to say the higher the size, features, and specs, the higher the output produced. Basically, inverter generators come in smaller/portable size, medium size, as well as big/large size inverter generators.

Smallest/ Portable Inverter Generator

The top 4 small/portable inverter generator are:

  • 2.4kva inverter
  • Dopower 1kva pure sinewave
  • 1500w dc 12v to ac 220v
  • Portable solar inverter

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Medium Size Inverter Generator

The mid range inverter generator sets are:

  • Suour 200w dc 12v inverter
  • 1500 watts inverter

Large Size Inverter Generator

The bigger/larger size inverter generator sets are as follows:

  • Extremely rugged 10kva inverter generator
  • 3000watts 3kva inverter generator
  • 3.5kva inverter generator
  • Rugged 2kva inverter generator

Prices of Inverter Generator

The prices of inverter generators are attributed according to its size, features, specifications, brand, and quality, and as such their prices vary. We took out time to compare prices and the lowest price for a small inverter generator ranges from $500-$1500 while the large ones can be as high as $3k. Check for the current price here.

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Are Inverter Generator Quiet and its Reason

Inverter generators are made quiet simply because of the technology adopted to produce clean electricity; manufacturers know that people look out for noiseless generators (quiet generators), so they take advantage of that by adding noise minimizing features to the machine. Another reason is that inverter generators engines are always smaller than other conventional generator and has a lower power output which is another noise reducing factor.

Top Best Inverter Generator Brands

If you need to buy inverter generators, you can go for the following brands, they are great:

  • Yamaha inverter generator
  • WEN inverter generator
  • Westinghouse Inverter generator
  • Champion inverter generator
  • Briggs and Stratton inverter generator
  • Ai power inverter generator

Conclusively, The generator sector has evolved greatly and much-advanced technology is adopted, so generators that are low noise operation, with low CO emissions and higher fuel efficiency are now produced. The inverter generators fit into all these characteristics. So you can go for one and you wouldn’t regret it.

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