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All You Should Know About Gasoline generators

The light from the utility grid will likely fail and the best bet is having a back up to still keep the power on. Good enough there are several sources available for back-up. Do you think about a better option or alternate power supply then a gasoline generator might just do the trick? So let dwell more on what gasoline generator is all about.

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What is a Gasoline Generator?

A gasoline generator is a gasoline-fueled engine that powers an electric generator to produce electricity. It uses a combustion engine to conduct electricity and it can plug into electrical appliances through its sockets. There are different brands of gasoline generators today ranging from Tiger, Firman, Elepaq, Honda, Lutian, Elemax, Yamaha, and so on.

General Specification and Features for Gasoline Generators

  • Gasoline generators are portable
  • It requires little maintenance
  • It is a less noisy generator than a diesel generator
  • They can be used in a close quarter environment and remote sites
  • It uses a governor to control the engine speed. They come in various sizes of 600KW, 750KW, 900KW and 1000KW with dimensions ranging from 32’x 8.0x 13.5’ – 40’x 8.0’ x13.5’.

Components of a Gasoline Generator

Gasoline generators are built with different components (parts). The basic parts of a gasoline generator are:

  • Engine: This part supplies energy to the generator and its power determines the amount of the electricity that the generator will supply
  • The Alternator: The Alternator helps with converting the mechanical energy to electrical energy
  • Fuel System: This is an important component it makes it possible for a gasoline generator to create the energy needed. It has here the fuel pump, a return pipe, a connecting pipe, and a fuel tank.
  • Voltage Regulator:  Voltage regulator helps in controlling the voltage of the electricity that is created by gasoline generators.
  • The Cooling and Exhaust Systems:  This part is responsible for ensuring that the machine is not overheating when it is powered or during operation.
  • Lubrication System: This component helps the moving parts of the gasoline generator last longer. It halts early wear and tears.
  • Battery Charger: This part is an automatic component that operates automatically when the machine is ready to be operated.
  • The Control Panel: This is like the powerhouse of the gasoline generator; it controls/display all aspects of the gasoline generator like its running, speed, the startup down to the outputs. In some gasoline generators, it even senses when they will be power outage so it will either begin or shut the generator automatically.
  • The Mainframe/ Assembly: This is the framework of the gasoline generator or the body of the gasoline generator. It is the structure that holds other component units in place and we can see easily unlike the other component units.

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How Does Gasoline Generator Work?

A gasoline generator works by offering electricity through running a gasoline-powered engine which will turn on an on-board alternator to generate electrical power.  The power outlets on the generator unit enable users to plug extension cords, appliances, and electric powered tools into it.  In any case, the more powerful the gasoline generator is, the more outlet combinations they have.

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Top Best Gasoline Generator to Buy in Nigeria

Honda EZ3000-2.5KVA manual gasoline generator

This gasoline generator is like the overall best gasoline generator; it has an amazing design and is very durable and efficient as well. It comes in a sturdy frame with upper guard pipes that protect the machine. This generator is powered by the GX160 engine. It can confidently power a home completely.

Honda EM1000 8kva Generator

This is a generator manufactured by Honda, it has an output rating of about 8KVA. It can also be started with the electric key-start mechanism. Advanced technology in both functionality and design was adopted. If you need a gasoline generator that is portable and can be power your devices and appliances then get this generator.

Elemax SH3900 2.8KVA Generator

This Elemax SH3900 2.8KVA Generator is rated 2.8KVA and has 17 liters fuel tank capacity. This gasoline generator uses a Honda OHV 4-stroke engine which offers high rated power output power as well as an outstanding fuel economy. So if you need a lightweight gasoline generator that can run for a long time without hitches then getting Elemax SH3900 2.8KVA Generator will be the best option.

Elepaq 4.5KVA Key Starter Gasoline Generator SV78OOE2

This is another top gasoline generator that is power on with the Elepaq starter gasoline generator. This generator offers a steady supply of light. It most efficient with medium carriage most importantly for appliances like irons, TV, and fridges so if you need a good source of power backup then, go for Elepaq 4.5KVA key starter gasoline generator SV78OOE2 to have a stable light supply.

Lutian LT8000 8.1kva Gasoline Generator

Lutian LT8000 8.1kva gasoline generator is new in the Nigerian market, but has good performance capability, Lutian brand is known to be the best in time of original gasoline generators is because the same people that manufacture Lutian products, happens to be the dealers also. Going for Lutian LT8000 8.1kva gasoline generator today will get the value of money spent.

Sumec Firman Gasoline Generating Brand

Sumec Firman is the most leading and selling generator brand in Nigeria, They have a durable, reliable, and highly good performance gasoline generators that fix to your home, office, and small business. Most of Firman generators to buy includes Sumec Firman SPG4000E2 3.0kva, Firman ECO3990ES 3.2kva, Sumec Firman SPG8800E2 6.0kva, Sumec Firman SPG3800E2 3.1kva and so on.

Tiger Brand of Generator

In the Nigerian market, the Tiger generator brand is the most popular generating brand alongside other generators brand as listed above. Tiger brand deals mostly on small portable generators with the power capacity ranging from 650VA for its smaller size portable generators and 1.0kva above with good performance ability.

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Price For Gasoline Generators In Nigeria

Gasoline generators come in different brands, sizes, and capacities the same as their prices. Gasoline generators range from $500-$3000 depending on the above-mentioned criteria. See the current price for gasoline generators.

Kva Range for the Best Gasoline Generator

The gasoline generator comes in different varieties of KVAs, it ranges from 1.8KVA for the portable ones and as high as the 4.5KVAs which is the best range for any generator.

How Powerful is a Gasoline Generator

Gasoline generator is as powerful just like its other fuel-powered generators. Its engine can run at about 360rpm to provide the standard 50Hz to 60Hz of current, it can be wired into a facility’s subpanel and it powerful enough to power lights and tools.

How is Gasoline Generators powered?

A Gasoline generator doesn’t create electricity but rather it converts mechanical energy into electrical energy, this happens when it captures the power of motion and turns it into electrical energy via forcing electrons from the external source via an electrical circuit. So simply put gasoline generators rely on gasoline to produce mechanical power that can then be forced into a circuit to provide electrical current and it can be powered easily now. In this case, once the electrical current has been established, it will then be directed via copper wires to power external devices or external machines.

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What Can a Gasoline Generator Power

Gasoline generators can be used to power various things. It can be used to power tools, lights,

Television, freezer, refrigerator, nail guns, and spray gun systems depending on the engine capacity, features and specs.

Conclusively, gasoline generators in Nigeria are one of the best and reliable source power supplies because of the poor electric power affecting the country at large. Buying one for your home, office, or business will be a sure bet to power your devices and appliances to keep them ongoing when there is an unreliable electric power supply available in the country.

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