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Sumec Firman ECO 3990ES Generator Review

After reading this Sumec Firman ECO 3999ES generator review, you should be able to know everything about the Sumec Firman ECO 3990ES including price, features, specifications, identifying original ECO 3990ES, the KVA capacity and more. Sumec Firman generator ECO 3990ES is an ecological new Sumec Firman Semi Silent Zero gravity generator following the ECO 3990.

Firman ECO 3990ES ecological generator is reliable, durable, affordable, easy to maintain/operate and has a good performance running operation, it emits less smoke, makes very low noise and come with 2 wheels and handle for easy movement and carrying from one point to another, ECO 3990ES Sumec Firman generator is built to last for very long years bearing in mind the lack or poor 24 hours electricity problem most countries are facing especially the Nigerians. With this, Sumec Firman ECO 3990ES generator is there to fill the invalid situation and makes you feel at home by providing a good electricity power supply any time you want it.

Sumec Firman ECO 3990ES Generator
Picture Showing Sumec Firman ECO 3990ES Generator

The Firman ECO 3990ES generator is ideal for businesses such as electrical shops, bet shops, computer (caber café) shops, barbers/hairdressing shops with more appliances like a hairdryer and other etc.

ECO 3990ES Firman generator is value for your money generator for you’ll enjoy the money spend buying the Firman ECO 3990ES generator without been disappointed. Above is just a high light about the Firman ECO 3990ES generator, this Sumec Firman ECO 3990ES generator review will show you all the secrete you should know about the Firman ECO 3990ES ecological generator as you read through.

Features of Firman ECO 3990ES

The ECO 3990ES Firman generator feature electric/recoil starting system (i.e with key/rope starting), 2.5kva or 2.9kva and most 3.2kva, max power output of 2800W , an average output power of 2500W , fuel capacity of 13 Litres (up to 15L) , oil Capacity of 0.6 Litre, an oil warning system that notifies when oil is low and might cause the Sumec Firman ECO 3990ES to shutdown automatically.

Sumec Firman ECO 3990ES generator has 9 hours operation at 75% Load, run time per tank full is 13 hours at 50% load, A/C output of 220- 240 volts, 2 wheels and handle for easy carrying and movement, automatic voltage regulator that always ensures voltage output and frequency are stable thereby preventing voltage/power fluctuation, AC circuit breaker on Sumec Firman ECO 3990ES cuts off current when the output voltage exceeds the designated maximum output capacity for the generator.

Firman ECO 3990ES Specifications

Brand Firman
KVA Capacity ECO 3990ES comes in 2.5KVA, 2.9KVA and Mostly 3.2KVA
Frequency 50Hz
Average voltage 220V
Average flow 11.4A
Max power output 2800W
Average Output Power 2500W
Fuel capacity 13 L (up to 15L)
Oil Capacity 0.6 L
Starting System Electric/Recoil (Key/Rope Starter)
Operation Hours 9 hours at 75% Load
Full Tank Run Time 13 hours run time at 50% load
Coil 100% Copper
Engine Type SPE 200e, max 6.5 hp, 4stroke, single cylinder, OHV, air cooled.
European Socket Socket AC 250V 16A x 2
Ecological Line Petrol Generator
Phase Single
AC Circuit Breaker 11.4A-1PX1
4 in 1 Digital Meter Present
Alternator brush, self exciting, synchronous, 2 -pole
Battery 12V7.5Ah
Handle and Wheels Present
Noise Level At 7 meters 66 db.     
Dry Weight 55kg

Sumec Firman ECO 3990ES Price

Price of Sumec Firman ECO 3990ES ecological generator varies either by location, dealers, capability, KVA size and other features/specifications that might make it differ from one another. For instance, the price of Firman ECO 3990ES with 2.5kva is different from that of Sumec Firman featuring 3.2kva and so on. To make things easy for those planning to buy Firman ECO 3990ES generator, the price should be between N96, 000 to N145, 000 respectively.

Please note that this price of Sumec Firman ECO 3990ES might increase or less depending on the factors in the market trending. See the generator price list in Nigeria.

What is the KVA of Sumec Firman ECO 3990ES?

Firman ECO 3990ES features different kva ranging from 2.5kva to 3.2kva. Mainly, most of the Firman ECO 3990ES generator has 3.2kva while others have 2.5kva, 2.7kva and 2.9kva respectively.

What Can Firman ECO 3990ES Power

Thinking of what ECO 3990ES generator can power before shopping one is a good thought, ECO 3990ES Sumec Firman generator is so powerful that with 3.2kva can power up to 4 bedrooms with all appliances including a single fridge, about 2-3 tv sets, dvd, sound system, 3-4 fans, bolbs, single AC, and more.

How to Know Original Firman ECO 3990ES

To know if your Firman ECO 3990ES generator is original or fake is never a big deal, all you have to do is check the following parts: AVR, Fuel Tank, Air Filter Cover, Alternator Rear Frame, Engine Block, Muffler Cover, Carburetor, and Cylinder.

After checking the parts, do ensure that the name “FIRMAN” is engraved on each of the following parts. If it’s not engraved but painted, then that Firman ECO 3990ES is spot fake. See how to identify the original Sumec Firman generator from a fake.

Difference Between Two Firman ECO 3990ES and ECO 3990

Want to know the difference between Firman ECO 3990ES and Firman ECO 3990ES, you’re at the right place. There is nobody structural difference between Firman ECO 3990ES and Firman ECO, the only difference between them is their functionality, capability, kva differences, features/specifications, and other built-in differences. Note, there are nobody differences between Firman ECO 3990ES and Firman ECO.


The Sumec Firman ECO3990ES ecological generator featuring up to 3.2kva is a reliable, easy to operate/maintain, durable, and above all great value for money. Firman ECO 3990ES feature low fuel consumption, low noise operation level, electric/recoil starting systems and other as stated in the introduction above.

It may interest you to know that Sumec Firman ECO 3990ES has an overload protection system that makes sure the generator does not get damaged from overload. Give Sumec Firman ECO 3990ES generator a try today by purchasing one for yourself to confirm if what GenGuide says about Sumec Firman ECO 3990ES generator review is true or not. To know more about Sumec Firman ECO 3990ES, Click Here.

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