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Honda GX160 Generator Review

If you don’t know about the Honda GX160 generator and looking forward in knowing things about the Honda GX160 generator such as the price of Honda GX160 generator, features and specifications of Honda GX160 generator, common applications where Honda GX160 generator can be used and more, here is the coolest Honda GX160 generator review for you to know more about the Honda GX160 generator.

Overview About Honda GX160

Honda GX160 generator belongs to the Honda GX commercial engines by series, other includes GX100, GX120, GX200, GX240, GX270, GX340, GX390 and GXR120, GXV160, GXV340, GXV390 which all belong to the GX series. Honda GX160 generator is known for best out and comes with a reliable, easy-starting (i.e Honda GX160 generator is a manual starter), and fuel-efficient performance with a 2.7KVA capacity.

Honda GX160 generator
Image Showing Honda GX160 generator

GX160 Honda generator is a high quality and good performance generator that comes with standard features and specifications. Its engine is well-known for its superior, reliability and performance. There is no doubt about its performance, reliability, durability, and efficiency. Honda GX160 generator lives up to the legend demand as it has lower noise levels, lower vibration, and lower emissions – without sacrificing power output or performance.

Features of Honda GX160 Generator

Honda GX160 generator features accuracy camshaft design to offer specific valve timing and optimal valve overlap for better fuel efficiency, OHV design for increased efficiency and optimal power transfer, high compression ratio for better fuel efficiency, more quieter in operation, large capacity, multi-chamber exhaust system, reduced mechanical noise due to light weight, noise-reducing materials, forged steel crankshaft and rigid crankcase, helical cut gears, sophisticated air intake system, simple throttle control, large fuel tanks, large automotive type fuel cap, dual oil drains and fill, easy/convenient/heavy duty control box, easily accessible spark plug, lower emissions/same power output, CARB and EPA certified, No catalyst necessary, Accuracy engineered components result in lower vibration, ball bearing supported crankshaft for greater stability, oil alert system, new carburetor chamber coating/carburetor filter help to protect against fuel impurities, cast iron cylinder sleeve, high quality materials/fit/and finish, dual element air cleaner, fuel Valve, 3-Year limited warranty, heavy duty recoil starter, ergonomic/easy to grip recoil rope design, automatic mechanical de-compression system and the available options includes gear reduction options and spark arrester which is also available.

Full Specifications for Honda GX160 Generator

The table below is full specifications about Honda GX160 generator you should know:

Brand Honda
Engine Type Air-cooled 4-stroke OHV
Bore x Stroke 68 X 45 mm
Displacement 163 cm3
Net Power Output* 4.8 HP (3.6 kW) @ 3,600 rpm
Net Torque 7.6 lb-ft (10.3 Nm) @ 2,500 rpm
PTO Shaft Rotation Counterclockwise (from PTO shaft side)
Compression Ratio 9.0 : 1
Lamp/Charge coil options 25W, 50W / 1A, 3A, 7A
Carburetor Butterfly
Ignition System Transistorized magneto
Starting System Recoil Starter
Lubrication System Splash
Governor System Centrifugal Mechanical
Air Cleaner Dual Element
Oil Capacity 0.61 US qt. (0.58 L)
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.3 U.S. qts (3.1 liters)
Fuel Unleaded 86 octane or higher
Dry Weight 33 lbs. (15.1 kg)
Length (min) 12.2” (312 mm)
Width (min) 14.3” (362 mm)
Height (min) 13.6” (346 mm)
L type Reduction type PTO
Q type Straight shaft
S type Straight shaft (metric)
T type Straight Shaft
AR type None

Common Applications for Honda GX160

Below are common applications where Honda GX160 engine can fit in:

  • Commercial lawn and garden equipment
  • Tillers / cultivators
  • Generators
  • Construction / industrial equipment
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Water pumps

Honda GX160 Generator Problems

If you’re having a problem starting your Honda GX160 generator or your Honda GX160 generator won’t start, the following problem below causes that:

  • Low fuel in the tank
  • Oil is too low
  • The carburetor is been clogged
  • A blockage in the Honda GX160 air filter
  • Spark plug is dirty, needs to be clean or replace
  • Fuel pump may be blocked not allowing fuel to flow through the fuel valve
  • The choke/Tuttle is not position correctly
  • Problem with the Honda GX160 capacitor

For more information, See How to Fix Generators Hard Starting Issues

Honda Gx160 Generator Parts

In this section are parts for Honda Gx160 generator. They are as follows:

Air Filter Case, Air Filter Cover, Air Filter Gasket, Air Filter OEM, Carburetor, Carburetor Gasket, Carburetor Insulator, Carburetor Insulator Gasket, Choke Lever, Connecting Rod, Crankcase Cover Gasket, Cylinder Head Gasket, Exhaust Gasket, Exhaust Muffler, Exhaust Valve, Fan Housing, Flywheel, Flywheel cooling fan, Fuel Cap sea, Fuel filler cap, fuel tank etc. For more information and where to buy Honda GX160 generator spares parts online, visit htsspares.

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