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Elepaq Generator SV2200 Review

Over time, many wanted to know how good is the Elepaq generator SV2200, searching information about the Elepaq SV2200 by asking how good is the Elepaq generator sv2200, what are the features and specifications of Elepaq sv2200, how can I identify original Elepaq generator sv22000, what is the KVA capacity of Elepaq sv2200, can Elepaq sv200 power a full flat. If the following questions have been asked by you, here is the answer in this Elepaq generator SV2200 Review.

About Elepaq Generator SV2200

The Elepaq generator sv2200 is a medium-small generator with a manual starter, its durable, reliable, affordable and a good performance generator with a lot of features and specifications. Elepaq generator sv2200 feature different KVA ranging from 1.0kva, 1.2kva, 1.3kva, 1.5kva and 1.8kva. Found mostly in the market is the Elepaq sv2200 1.3kva and 1.5kva.

Elepaq Generator SV2200
Image Showing Elepaq Generator SV2200

Elepaq SV2200 small-medium manual start generator has a low fuel consumption rate that makes it works fine as standalone back-up power support to your bigger generator. The great thing about Elepaq SV2200 is that it has a fuel-saver system that keeps it running for up to 9 hours long on a full tank.

Elepaq generator sv2200 is value for money generator as you will enjoy the money spends on the Elepaq sv2200 generator when you end up buying one for yourself. It has the capacity to power a full single flat and the appliances found inside such as Tv, dvd, bulbs, radio, mini-fridge, and fan. It’s said that Elepaq sv2200 is made for a single home, small office or business that has little appliances but if the appliances at home, small office or business are much, consider going for bigger Elepaq products like Elepaq EC5800CX or other generator brands. You may be interested in How to Identify Fake Generators

Features of Elepaq Generator SV2200

SV2200 Elepaq generator features a 6-liter fuel tank capacity, low noise/vibration, an engine type of forced air, cooled four-stroke gasoline engine overload with a transistorized magneto ignition system, fuel-saver, last 9 hours on a full tank, single phase, 100% copper coil, manual starting system and most come with a maximum of 1.3kva and minimum of 1.0kva.

Specifications of Elepaq SV2200 Generator

Elepaq sv2200 features a lot of specifications, below are full specifications of Elepaq sv2200 generator:

  • AC Output: Most Elepaq SV2200 has 220V 1.3kva max. / 1.0kva rated
  • DC Output: 12V/8.3A
  • Phase No. : Single Phase
  • Engine GX90, Max 2.8HP, 4-stroke Single-Cylinder, OHV, Air Cooled Alternator Brushless Electric Machine, Synchronous, 2-pole
  • 100% Copper Enamelled Wire
  • Starting System: Recoil (Manual)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 6.0L
  • Fuel: Petrol
  • Run Time per Tank full: 9Hrs @ 75% Load might decrease as the load increase
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 460*380*330
  • Noise Level @ 7 Meters 66dB
  • Weight: 26.5

Price of Elepaq SV2200 Generator

Want to know the price for Elepaq sv2200 generator, you’re on the right page. But before then, have it in mind that the price of Elepaq sv2200 generator varies from shop to shop, dealer to dealer, platform to platform and so on. Therefore, the price of Elepaq generator sv2200 should be between N45, 000 – N85,000 naira, the price might increase or decrease due to some market factors affecting the market positively or negatively.


Elepaq generator SV2200 might be good but still not the best for you, to ensure you don’t end up buying Elepaq SV2200 that you may latter not use, check the watt of all appliances you’re using before looking out for one.

Don’t overload you Elepaq SV2200 generator to avoid damaging the engine, also use recommend fuel and engine oil so as to effectively use you Elepaq SV2200 on a day to day activities. And lastly, do take your Elepaq SV2200 generator to a technician or generator mechanic when it’s due for service.

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