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All You Should Know About Elepaq Generator 4.5KVA

Elepaq Generator 4.5KVA is one of the powerful Elepaq Generator under the SV model series. Elepaq Generator 4.5KVA is an amazing generator which adopts an advanced technology in design and performance strange only to the Elepaq Brand. Elepaq 4.5KVA under the SV model series have different model numbers with their different features. This generator type comes in key starter, manual starter or both. This generator type also has tyres types and another without tyres.

General Features of Elepaq Generator 4.5KVA

All Elepaq generators 4.5KVA has a general feature as follows: AC Frequency: 50 Hz, Starting Capacity: 4.5KVA, Running Capacity: 4.0KVA, Voltage Regulation: 220V, Phase: Single Phase, Engine Type: 4-stroke single cylinder, OHV, air cooled, Brush, self exciting, synchronous, 2-pole, 100% Copper Enameled Wire, DC Output (HP/ KW): 12V/8.3A, Fuel: Petrol, Fuel Tank Capacity: 15L, Weight: 55 KG, Colour type: always  yellow, Noise Level @ 7 Meters: 68 dB, Dimensions (LxWxH): 715*460*460.

What can a 4.5KVA Elepaq Generator Power

If you are looking for what can a 4.5KVA Elepaq generator powers, the answer is Elepaq Generator 4.5KVA can power a flat with all appliances plug and on at the same time including a minimum of two refrigerator or one refrigerator with a single air condition, adding electric heater, dryer, pumps and other element appliances can cause breaking down of the generator. To know the power needed, see what size of generator is needed to power a house and business.

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