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Complete Review On Firman Generator

Firman generator set is a popular brand in power generating equipment, established in 2001 by SUMEC Group, a Chinese Fortune 500 company that specializes in trade and services, engineering contracting and investment growth.

You will be getting an award-winning service if you go the route of the Firman generator brand. This brand of generator sets is among the top leading manufacturers of amazing generators in the electric generator sector.

If you are looking forward to generators with top performance and high in durability, then you can go for the Firman generator set, you wouldn’t regret you did. You can read a comprehensive review below about this brand of firman generator to get more insight.

Overview of Firman Generator

A full review about firman generator set features, specifications, price tag and more.

This brand of generating set is under SUMEC group which was founded in 1978 became official in 2001. This is an international brand which has its products in about 92 countries and regions worldwide. The brand produces mostly highly efficient, stable, integrated power solutions and a very clean generating set.

The FIRMAN generator set is commonly used in different fields like daily life activities, manufacturing, communications, medical care, banking, electricity, and building, and so on. See Prices for Sumec Firman in Nigeria.

FIRMAN Generator set ranked first among China’s exported portable gasoline generator brands for six consecutive years. Their generators have an extremely high market share in South East Asia and Africa, at which market sales are higher than 30%. See the procedure in getting an Original Sumec Firman Generator.

In 2010, the Firman generator brand performed the exclusive distribution network for agents or oligopolies and developed long-term strategic relationships with some of the world’s leading generator distributors. The 10,000,000th Firman gasoline generator departed the production line in 2011. In 2012, Firman’s portable gasoline generator set total export revenue reached USD 100 million.

Punch Newspaper recommended Firman generators in 2012; and in the same year, they participated as a mainstream brand manufacturer in the Lagos International Trade Fair. Since then, Firman generators have developed themselves among Nigerians as very common generating sets, as reliable alternatives to the inadequate supply of electricity from the national electricity grid in both the home and the workplaces.

General Features of Firman Generator Set

  • They are constructed by Firman top-notch standard
  • The brand has great gasoline generators
  • The generator reduces energy consumption
  • With these generators, you can save operation and maintenance costs
  • This generator offers reliable power supply
  • It can be used to power workstation, worksites, warehouse, and industrial sites

Are Firman generators any good?

Firman generators in Nigeria and the world at large are well known to be a good generating brand, that is to say generally yes Firman generators are good, because they are very good for what you pay, and even depending on the model purchase.

Where is the Firman generator made?

Searching to know where Sumec Firman generator is been made. The generator at Firman is manufactured in China. Its headquarters is located along Changjiang Road, in Nanjing China. This brand is under a major SUMEC group as stated in the introduction above.

Firman Generator KVA Specifications (Specs)

The Firman generator is model-based and feature various specs, features, kva power, and so on. The higher specifications the better the firman generator performs. With respect to this, Firman Generators comes in different size alongside different capacities.

The KVA specs of Firman generating set range from 1.5kva to 5.5kva for firman gasoline generators set and 6.0kva and above for the Firman diesel generators set.

In this article, we’ve created a comprehensive summary of what you should know about Firman generator and the consumer satisfaction indicator over time, the only true quality marker that makes Firman brand the market-leading generator.

Who makes the engine for Firman generators?

After the establishment of the Firman brand, Kohler engines been one of America’s earliest family enterprises went into collaboration with the Firman brand. Hence, it was stated that Firman generators use the Kohler engines alongside Perkins engines as the case may be.

The Characteristic of Firman Generator

The Firman generating set comes in different sizes, colors, kvas and styles, but we have done our own research and have come up with some of their products you can make your choice from. The following are the products that are great in the market.

Firman Generator various Products Available in the Market

Below are various firman generators available in the market under GenGuide review:

Firman Soundproof Diesel 10.5KVA 100% Copper Coil Generator

This is one of the best and popular Firman generators in the market, you can’t go wrong grabbing this generator if you love noiseless generator because this one is soundproof. This generator has less emission and pollution and has a 1 year warranty.

Features of Firman Soundproof Diesel 10.5KVA 100% Copper Coil Generator

  • This is a 10.5KVA generator
  • It uses diesel as its fuel
  • It has a 4 stroke single cylinder
  • Comes with an air cooled alternator brush
  • Has a AVR 100% copper enameled wire starting system recoil/electric

Specifications of Firman Soundproof Diesel 10.5KVA 100% Copper Coil Generator

  • AC output: 220V
  • Rated OC ouput : 12V/8.2A Phase no
  • Engine: SDE186FAE
  • Tank capacity: 15L
  • Diesel runs time: 6.6hrs

The price of Firman soundproof Diesel 10.5KVA 100% copper coil generator is 985,490

Firman sumec 7.6KVA generator Eco10990ES

This is another top leading generator that is produced by the Firman brand. This generator has 100% copper which means that its durability and performance would be top-notch. The price is cost- friendly and you will have a good product for money spent.

Features of Firman sumec 7.6KVA generator Eco10990ES

  • The Firman sumec 7.6KVA generator Eco10990ES is reliable and strong
  • It can be used for heavy load duty
  • The generator is user friendly
  • It can be used with a pumping machine, it ideal for cool room business, it can be used for large house appliances and for ice block production.

Specifications of Firman sumec 7.6KVA generator Eco10990ES

  • Color: red
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Rated AC voltage: 220V
  • Ac output 2000W protection type: IP23
  • Engine: SPE440e
  • Weight in kg: 5

The price of Firman sumec 7.6KVA generator Eco10990ES on is 280,000NGN

Firman SumecFirman SPG3000E2 Generator

This is powerful generator that is produced by the super-brand Firman. This generator is superior in quality than other brand of generators. This generator is durable and it is a key starting generator. This generator adopts an advanced technology in its designs and performance. This generator is affordable by its standard of performance.

Features of Firman SumecFirman SPG3000E2 Generator

  • This is a super durable generator
  • It uses unleaded gasoline
  • It starting system is recoil
  • It comes with a oil alarm system and voltmeter
  • It is a single phase generator

Specifications of Firman SumecFirman SPG3000E2 Generator

  • Power factor: 1
  • Fuel tank capacity: 15L
  • Weight: 54kg
  • Output: 12VDC/8.3A output
  • Engine: 6.5HP, single cylinder, OHV, Air cooled 4-stroke
  • Model: SPG3000E2
  • Weight: 90kg
  • Size: 320x70x570
  • Main material: metal

The price for Firman SumecFirman SPG3000E2 Generator is 130,000NGN

Firman FIRMAN SDG7000SE 5.0KVA 100% Copper coil

How will you like to have a generator that is 100% copper, which simply means it durability will be over the top. The Firman FIRMAN SDG7000SE 5.0KVA 100% Copper coil is all made to achieve this. So you will be getting money worth for your purchase.

This genset is user friendly and it performance level is very high and it running time is high too.  Firman FIRMAN SDG7000SE 5.0KVA 100% COPPER COIL has a 3 months warranty after purchase.

Features of Firman FIRMAN SDG7000SE 5.0KVA 100% COPPER COIL

  • It is reliable
  • It gives a high output
  • It can be run for a straight 6.6 hours
  • The main material used is 100%

Specifications of Firman FIRMAN SDG7000SE 5.0KVA 100% COPPER COIL

  • AC output is 220V
  • 5.5KVA MAX and 5.0kva
  • Rated DC output: 12V/8
  • 3a PHASE no single phase
  • Engine: SDE186FAE
  • 4-STROKE single cylinder OHV
  • Tank capacity: 15L
  • Fuel diesel run time per thankful: 6.6hrs at rated output.
  • Size: (L x W x H cm) 980 x 580 x 695
  • Weight: 140kg

The price for Firman FIRMAN SDG7000SE 5.0KVA 100% COPPER COIL is 450,000NGN. It can be gotten from

The Firman generator FPG 15000SE (Subaru Engine) 12KVA

This is a Firman produced generator that is 12KVA and has a Subaru engine. You can’t beat the efficiency and effectiveness of owning a genset like this. This is cost effective generator which can be used for small businesses and home. You are sure of getting value for your money when you buy this generator. It comes with a lot of benefits with 12kva max and 10kva rated.

Features of the Firman generator FPG 15000SE (Subaru Engine) 12KVA

  • A very reliable generator
  • It has the starting system as key
  • The fuel tank capacity is large enough
  • The noise level is low at 7m away
  • It has the wheel and handles kit option
  • The battery level is standard

Specifications of the Firman generator FPG 15000SE (Subaru Engine) 12KVA

  • The model is FPG15000SE
  • Power factor: 1.0
  • DC output (12V/8.3A) Yes
  • AC Output (220V/50Hz) 12kva max 10kva rated
  • Fuel tank capacity: 40L
  • Engine: Subaru EH72-2 MAX 25HP air cooled OHV V-Twin cylinder 4 stroke.

The current price for Firman generator FPG 15000SE (Subaru Engine) 12KVA is 1,670,000NGN and above depending on the market.

Identify Original Sumec Firman Generator

Firman generator is the best selling generating brand in recent years. Because of this, FIRMAN generators have become a victim of economic criminals cloning the brand name to market substandard goods.

Nigerians who set out to buy a FIRMAN generator now walk home with fake as these criminals ingeniously imitate the SUMEC ‘s branding to sell different, and often lower, generating sets. So, how do you identify the original SUMEC FIRMAN generators?

The original Firman generator is engraved with the brand logo in most of its important places like the oil tank, the Automatic Voltage Regulator, the air filter, the engine block, the rear frame of the alternator, the muffler, the carburetor and the head cover of the motor.

Unless this anti-counterfeiting coating is scratched off or missing, then the SUMEC FIRMAN generators are certainly not original. To learn how to recognize the original Sumec Firman generators. See how you can identify original SUMEC FIRMAN Generators to get more insight into the fake and original firman generator set.

Where To Buy Firman Genset

Where to buy the sumec firman genset is never a problem, as one can buy from any firman satisfy dealers around the world. One can also go shopping online for the firman generators via,,,, etc.

To give users a quick guide on where to buy, a link has been provided by the group to give their customers the quickest tips on where to buy firman generating products. Click to see where to buy.

Firman Generator Price

Since there is a difference in the models, features, and specs, the same also applies to the price for purchasing sumec firman generator. That is to state that the firman generator price is not stable following the models, features, specs, dealers, location, stores, and so on.

When buying, ensure that your market survey was carried out properly to get the best out of the price of sumec firman generator when purchasing. Here is a complete list of firman generator prices in Nigeria.


The Firman generator brand is well sought after brand, because of its top-notch performance. So here you have them for your perusal. You just need to read your reviews and make your choice as it pleases you.

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