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A Complete Review of Perkins Generators

There are so many generator brands now with diverse engines type that can help power appliances, the home; offices, and construction sites in the market but some are more outstanding than the others. If one is seeking out a robust and efficient electric power generator with a good engine, especially one that its spare parts are easy to come by and at an affordable price too, then checking out generators with Perkins engine might be the best solution.

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Overview of Perkins Engines

Talking of the first leading powered diesel and gas engines, Perkins is one of the world’s leading providers of diesel and gas engines. Perkins engines are mostly manufactured to be used with diesel fuel and gas (bio gas, natural gas, mine gas, and digester). Perkins engines are manufactured to provide high- speed performance in power supply. Perkins engines are produced for various reasons which power generation is one of them.

All you should know about perkins generators
Picture Showing Perkins Generators

For over 87 years now, Perkins has led the field in the design and manufacture of high-performance gas and diesel engine. Perkins brand has a dedicated team which enhances and carryout continuous development programme that allows them to offer one of the most advanced and comprehensive ranges of purpose-built diesel and gas engines available today.

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Whatever your needs, Perkins has an engine. The brand has a vast collection of products for all applications starting from small engines to the large and powerful once. The achieving objectives of the Perkins brand of generator include delivering high-performance engines, excellent fuel economy engines, and low cost of ownership alongside maintenance/servicing.

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Perkins have engines designed for use as fuel optimized engines and also engine models that meet the world’s toughest emission standards. So whether diesel or gas, Perkins has an engine just for you to enjoy the value of money spent on the Perkins generator sets. Perkins has been part of Caterpillar, creating the world’s largest diesel engines alongside gas engines.

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Where Perkins Originate From?

The originator (founder) of Perkins engines is Frank Perkins and they products emanated from Eastfield, Peterborough, England and they are made to serve the global world and the products for power generation is both for diesel and gas engines

Features of Perkins Generators (Engines)

  • With Perkins engines one is sure of cold starting; you can start and restart at a reasonable time in all situations or conditions
  • With Perkins engine there’s a speed governor that will help maintains its speed under different load.
  • The electronic engine speed control is available here for lesser regulated engines and also comes with great benefits.
  • The engines are produced by experts that have been in the practice for a decade, so the product is created from experienced hands.
  • Perkins engines have the ability of receiving load and as the same time maintain its high engine speed.
  • It comes with a torque backup in case of overloads by the machine; it will boost the engine speed and even recover the engine when the load is taken off the engine.
  • With the automated speed controls being part of the Perkins engine helps to limit idling time of the Perkins generators.

Are Perkins Generators Good?

Definitely, Perkins generators are of standard and finest quality, all it need is to get the engine properly serviced when the needs arose and it is done. After this, will get the maximum performance needed and also the value for the money spent in purchasing the product.

Perkins Generator Specification

It has a specification of 50Hz and 60Hz standby for both 180KVA/144KW/180KVA/144KW and 200KVA/160KW 200KVA/160KW. The 50Hz prime rating is mostly used to deliver continuous electrical power at a variable load and in lieu of commercially purchased power. There’s also a 60Hz prime rating and 50Hz standby rating.

Perkins Generators Price

There are various KVAs Perkins generators in the market with their different prices. Below are their average prices in Naira:

  • Perkins 15KVA Generators Price is 1.950M to 2M
  • Price of Perkins 20KVA generator sets is 2.3M to 2.5M
  • The cost price for buying Perkins 25KVA is 2.4M to 2.7M
  • Perkins 30KVA generators price is 2.5M to 3M
  • Price for Perkins 40KVA generators is  3,5M to 4M
  • Perkins 50KVA generator price is 5,250M to 5,550M
  • Price for Perkins 100KVA generators is 5M to 5.5M
  • The cost price for buying Perkins 150KVA generators is 6.5M to 7M
  • Perkins 200KVA generators 9M to 10M
  • Price of Perkins 250KVA generators is N9,900,000 to N10,500,000
  • Perkins 300KVA generators price is 11,500,000 to 12, 000,000
  • Price of Perkins 500KVA generators is 24,000,000 to 24, 500,000
  • The cost price for Perkins 600KVA generators is 23M to 23.5M
  • The price of Perkins 800KVA generators is 30M to 30.5M

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As stated earlier, the price of Perkins generators might vary from the one on our page, also as a result of location and some other factors that may tend to affect the market either positively or negatively. Check the current price of Perkins generators on Konga.

Perkin Generator Parts

The Perkins diesel generator parts comprised of the following:

  • The engine: it gives power to the AC alternator
  • The engine fuel system: helps to keep the engine from damages that come from bad or poor quality fuel. This includes the injectors, fuel pipes and the lift pump
  • The oil/lubricating system: this part keeps the engine running smoothly, lubricate, and pump oil for lubrication.
  • The engine cooling system: this controls the engine coolant. The pump helps push the coolant round the engine to maintain it.
  • Engines exhaust system: this part helps to get rid of the waste combustion gas to keep it clean from damaging the engine.
  • The AC alternator: the alternator helps in turning the rotary motion from the engine into electricity; this enhances powering of the generator’s load
  • Automatic voltage regulator: this is the part that controls and monitors the voltage in the generator. This system automatically sends power to the exciter to keep the voltage at a determined level.
  • The radiator:  this is always fixed to the generator, its duty is to cool the core by fanning it and also cooling the engine
  • The control panel: this is where the generator can be monitored, protected, and controlled. This part monitors the engine and controls the panel to provide synchronizing. 

It is always great to have or purchase an original brand generator so that you will be getting the best of the machine. The Perkins generators come with the following parts to remain in top performance for its power unit or its engine.

Who Uses Perkins Engine

This diesel engine which is manufactured by Caterpillar Inc can be used by several sectors or markets. Perkins has generators for the following sectors Electric power generation, industrial use, construction, agricultural areas, material handling, marine, and rental.

How to Identify Perkins Generators

  • The name of the generator will be on the engine of the generator alongside on the muffler, carburetor, tank and engine block
  • The sound of the Perkins generator will be regular noise and not rough
  • The generator will be lightweight and comes in a copper wire coil.

Types of Perkins Engines (Engine Line-Up)

The Perkins power solution engines were produced to boost the productivity and performance of their products. These engines were made with passion, engineering excellence, and innovation. The engine line up is divided into three main parts. They as follow:

Perkins Industrial Engines

The engines that are designed for industrial use also are the open power unit and the industrial diesel engines.

Perkins Electric Power Generation Engines

Products that can be used for harsher weather can be used with these engines as well. Engines for fuel optimization are under this production.

Perkins Marine Power Systems Engines

Perkin engines can be used to power vessel at the port too. The products made from this engine can be used here for commercial, pleasure and auxiliary use.

Perkins Product Range (Line-Up)

Perkins brand has all products range that suite any working condition, which can produce up to 2500 kVA (2000 kWe). Perkins product range (line-up) are as follows:

  • Perkins 400 Series: These series features specs of 2, 3, and 4 cylinders
  • Perkins Syncro Series: Featuring specs of Perkins® Syncro
  • Perkins 1100 Series: features specs of 3, 4, and 4 cylinders
  • Perkins 1200 Series: featuring specs of 4 and 6 cylinders
  • Perkins 1500 Series: Featuring a specification of 6 cylinder
  • Perkins 1700 Series: features 6 cylinder
  • Perkins 2200 Series: features specs of 6 cylinder
  • Perkins 2500 Series: has specs of 6 cylinder
  • Perkins 2800 Series: 6 cylinder
  • Perkins 4000 Series: features specs of 6, 8, 12, and 16 cylinders

What Perkins Generators Power

The Perkins diesel generator has more power to power the home, offices, and industrial activities including its appliances such as air conditions, refrigerators, heating systems, water pumps, and so on. Perkins diesel generators is a slow turning, it consumes less fuel/diesel.

Perkins engines are said to have quality performance such as cold start stop-start, mechanical or electronic, load acceptance, torque backup, and speed control system to enable the smooth running of the Perkins generators.

Conclusively, Perkins happens to be one of the world’s leading providers of diesel and gas engines. As a leading diesel and gas engine in the world markets, one of their aims include setting standards of engineering excellence, providing the most comprehensive range of innovative and reliable power solutions, tailored to meet the precise requirements of their customers at large.

As a professional in the field, whatever your needs, Perkins has an engine for you ranging from home use, as well as sectors like electric power generation, industrial use, construction, agricultural areas, material handling, marine, and rental. Purchasing Perkins generators today will get the value for money spent on any Perkins power generator engine.

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