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A Review of Denyo Diesel Generators

The world over generators has become indispensable as an alternative source of power supply, and as such different brands and companies are springing up daily to meet our daily need of an alternate good source of power supply to give us value for our money. So you were looking for a brand of generating set that will offer high- performance power generation then looking in the direction of Denyo diesel generators wouldn’t be a bad idea but first, you should read all about Denyo diesel generators in this review before patronizing them.

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Overview of Denyo Generators

Denyo generator is a leading brand in the generating set market globally, they are producing products that conserve energy and are less noisy. Their products have won endorsements as the first choice of professionals both in Japan and across the world. Denyo generator is the producer of sound-proof generators as well as engine-driven generators.

All you should know about denyo diesel generators
Image Showing Denyo Diesel Generators

Talking of generators that are indispensable as power sources at construction sites, TV broadcasts, events purpose, leisure activities, and so on, Denyo brand has it all. Denyo generators produce the optimal power to meet their user needs. Thereby offering high-performance in the power generation, durability, energy conservation, and noise reduction.

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Who Made Denyo Generators Power?

The founder of Denyo generators is Sholchi Siratori, also the president, the brand headquarter is situated at 2-8-5, Nihonbashi-horidomecho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

Features of Denyo Generators

  • Denyo generators deliver high-performance power generators
  • They conserve energy and high level of noise reduction
  • Denyo generators are durable and reliable
  •  Software technology is applied to produce and coordinate the generators accurately so that they will continue their operation and production of a stable supply of electricity.
  • Denyo generators can be used even in extremely cold regions; it’s an all-weather generator
  • Denyo generators are produced from strict research and are developed without compromise in the standard.

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What Can Denyo Generator Power

Denyo generators can be described as a generating set that can be widely used whether at home to power appliances, construction sites to power equipment and tools, or even at offices, churches, and schools to power their activities.

Who Uses Denyo Generators

Anyone can use the Denyo generator since it is a recognized brand that produces high performance generating sets that are being used by over 100 countries across continents.

Thinking of who uses Denyo generators or places where it is been used considering its uses at homes, offices, construction sites, industries, telecommunication centers, schools, rental, churches, and other organizations that require a higher performance power source to run their activities.

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Denyo Generators Specification (Specs)

Denyo generators come in different specifications according to the generation but on average it has an average rated output of 5/1210KVA and standby of 5.5/1210. Voltage averagely is between 190-220V/200 OR 380-440V/380. It mostly has a three-phase 0.8 power factor, a weight of about 516kg, and a tank capacity of about 62L.

Prices for Denyo Generators

Denyo generators come in various KVAs and this applies to the prices too, the following are the price range of Denyo generators in Naira:

  • Price of Denyo soundproof featuring 15KVA is 1.2M to 2M
  • Denyo 25kva power generator direct price is 3.8M to 4M
  • Price for 15KVA Denyo soundproof generator  N1,150,000 to 1,350,000
  • Price of 15kva Denyo excellent silent Japan generator 2.8M to 3M
  • Price of 10KVA Denyo soundproof generator N600,000 to N700,000
  • 25kva Denyo excellent silent generator price 4.4M to 4.8M
  • Price for 20KVA Denyo ultra-silent generator N3,295,000 to N3,500,000
  • Price of 20KVA Denyo excellent silent N3,200,000 to 3,500,000
  • 30KVA Denyo Japan generator price 4.5M to 5M
  • Price of Denyo 15KVA generator N4,650,000 to N4,800,000

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Denyo Generators Line-Up

Denyo brand has dozens of products classify under the following line-up below:

  • Industrial Line-up
  • Rental Line-up
  • Portable Line-up
  • Caravan Line-up
  • Residence Line-up
  • Telecom Line-up
  • Ultra Silence Line-up

Generator Products Made by Denyo Brand

The following are some generators produced by Denyo brand:

Denyo Eventa 100KVA Generator

This is an ultra-silent brushless generator that can be operated uninterrupted for about 15 hours; it is a 100KVA constant rated diesel generator and it great for where noise should be less even in events. If you need a Genset with ultra-silent operation then go for Denyo eventa 100KVA diesel Generator.

Denyo Eventa 20KVA Diesel Generator

As the name implies this diesel generator is super-silent and has a 20KVA continuous auxiliary output. You will be sure of getting a whopping 26 hours of uninterrupted power supply with this generator. It comes with an environmentally safe Kubota engine that is perfectly bunded to avoid fuel spillages. Its main features are having a central lifting point and a 3-way fuel valves

Denyo Renta 60KVA Diesel generator

This is another great Denyo generator if you are looking out for a super-silent operational Genset with at least 15 hours run time. The Denyo Renta 60KVA diesel generator might be your best bet. This Genset comes with a fitted ammeter, key start, manual voltage adjuster, and a digital display of warning lights. This generator can be used for heavy load or site construction.  It has a diesel engine with tier 3 approval, fork pockets, and central lifting point.

Denyo Renta 100KVA Diesel Generator

An amazing 100KVA diesel generator that is capable of producing 14 hours of uninterrupted power during an operation. So if you are looking for a generator that will guarantee you safety and peace of mind then you need Denyo Renta 100KVA diesel generator because it comes with a lockable fuel tank, a 4 pole breakers using earth leakage relay with an easy to transport central lifting fork pockets or central lifting point. The diesel engine this generator comes with as a tier 3 approval so its durability is sure.

How to Identify Original Denyo generators

The first way to have a generating set that will be durable and give you value for your money is buying only the original. Denyo original generators are guaranteed to give the users the best in quality, safety, and reliability and as such only go for the original. To get the original Denyo generators, do the following:

  • Try to only buy from the brand authorized dealers.
  • Fake Denyo products are those having on the labels made in China or Taiwan avoid them, go for those written made in Japan, United States, Indonesia, or Vietnam.
  • Check the engine models. The original models are: Engine model: V2203-KB, V3300-EB, AA-4LE2, BB-4JGIT, BB-4BGIT, A-6BG1, SA6D102E-2D, DD-6BG1T, S6D125E-2-A, and the engine manufacturer should either be KOMATSU or ISUZU.

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Are Denyo Generators Good?

Denyo generators are excellent because they can earn the trust of customers. They supply power through their high performance, high quality, and highly durable engine-driven generators which is also backed by their proven technologies to customers so they are good.

Again, Denyo generator sets are one brand that has quenched the thirst of customers by producing super soundproof Genset because their generators are highly quiet during operations so there’s a high reduction of noise pollution when in use.

KVA Range of Denyo Generators

Denyo generator sets have different line-ups alongside their products as stated above same to KVA range also. The KVA range for Denyo generators line-up/product is between 5KVA to 1210KVA.

Conclusively, the Denyo diesel generator brand has a full lineup to produce optimum power for user needs. Their generator sets are essential as power sources at construction sites, industrial sites, welding sites, etc. Denyo diesel generators are widely used for live TV broadcasts, various types of events, leisure activities, and so on.

Denyo brand has generators that produce the optimal power to meet user needs, by offering high-performance power generation and durability as well as energy conservation and noise reduction, Denyo brand has won endorsement as the first choice of professionals in Japan and also across the world. For more info, visit Denyo official website here.

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