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A Complete Review of Mikano Generators

Have you been looking for a brand of generator that can be used for at home or for industrial use? Or you need generators that are assembled with parts gotten from popular generator producers though there are different brands of generators in the market, you may try out Mikano generators. This review will give an insight to all little details you would have to know about Mikano generators before buying one for yourself.

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Overview of Mikano Generators

Mikano generator is a leading brand of generators in the market today, the brand or company has top built generators that their parts are constructed from only renowned generators producers like Stamford/Meccalte alternator and Perkins. They come with both options for gas and diesel engines, and they can be used for both industrial and as well as home use. Their official website is https://www.mikano-intl.com/.

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All you should know about Mikano generators
Image Showing On of Mikano Generators

In Nigeria, Mikano International Limited happens to be one of the power generation companies that have distinguished itself through quality and dependable power generating products in all the Nigerian markets. Their main head office in Nigeria is located at number 34, 35 Acme Road, Ogba, Ikeja Lagos State. Visit https://www.mikano-intl.com/contact-us for more information about Mikano offices in Nigeria.

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Mikano brand was Established in the year 1993, with the following objectives in mind such as carrying out the business of sales, servicing, maintenance, overhauling and rentals of diesel and gas power generating sets which will help in contributing to the development of the power sector in the world economy (especially among Nigerians).

The Division of Mikano International Limited

There four (4) major divisions that make up the Mikano International Limited. They are as follow:

  • Power Generation
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Products & Solutions
  • Hyundai Construction Equipment & Forklifts.

Among all this division, our article focus more the the power generation aspect.

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Features of Mikano Generators

Mikano generators are characterized by the following features:

  • Mikano generator sets offer a radiator that can adapt to a tropical region and comes in water-cooled engines
  • They are essentially Perkins generators and are made in the UK
  • Mikano BRAND can customize their product to a unique taste for a user and meet all user’s demands like adding automatic start or stop function to a product or even adding sound-proof to a user’s Mikano generators
  • A request for a synchronized system by a user will be granted by the brand and give users just what they want.
  • This brand offers training for the operators of their product service and the spare parts for Mikano generator sets are readily available.

Mikano Generator Prices

The prices of Mikano generator sets vary according to their different KVAs alongside their size, capacity, and specifications. The current prices in naira are outlined below:

  • Mikano generators 9KVA N1900M-N2,900,000M
  • Mikano generators 10KVA N2,550,000-N3,100,000M
  • Mikano generators 30KVA N1,650,000 -N2,100,000M
  • Mikano generators 13KVA N2,400,000 – N2,950,000M
  • Mikano generators 40KVA N2,400,000 -N3,200,000
  • Mikano generators 80KVA N2,600,000 -N3,150,000
  • Mikano generators 100KVA N2,800,000 -N3,400,000
  • Mikano generators 60KVA N2,200,000 – N3,270,000
  • Mikano generators 50KVA – 1980,000 – above

Places Where Mikano Generators are Used

To be sure Mikano generators give you quality power generation support and a start to finish on any projects. So, therefore, when you think of a place where Mikano generator sets are used, consider the Oil & Gas, Banking, Satellite Communication, Telecommunication, Data Centre and Construction sectors.

Specifications of Mikano Generators

The specs for Mikano generators are residential-class diesel generator sets with power capacity that ranges from 9KVA -150KVA, while the industrial-grade diesel generator sets come in a power capacity that ranges from 150KVA to 2000KVA. The gas-driven ones have power capacity ranges from 350KVA to 35000KVA. And that of Man diesel engine is up to 20,000kva.

Mikano Products Line-Up

 Soundproof power generator:

These generators come with a huge power capacity of different KVAs and this is mostly used for heavy-duty, this generator as the name implies has low noise emission because it is soundproof. It comes with a box-like canopy to fight loud noises. You can use this generator for any industrial places and industrial purposes. They cost about 3m- 52,000,000m naira they are:

  • Mikano 9KVA soundproof power generator
  • Mikano 13KVA soundproof power generator
  • Mikano 15KVA soundproof power generator
  • Mikano 20KVA soundproof power generator
  • Mikano 60KVA soundproof power generator
  • Mikano 150KVA soundproof power generator
  • Mikano 800KVA soundproof power generator

Yorc Engine Mikano Generators:

These are Mikano generator sets that come with yorc engine and they are all premium quality engines from japan. These generators can as well be soundproof but come at cheaper prices and their engines aren’t inferior at all.  These generators can be used in factories, offices, homes, and hotels. See below Yorc engines:

  • Mikano 200KVA soundproof power generator (Yorc)
  • Mikano 100KVA soundproof power generator (Yorc)
  • Mikano 80KVA soundproof power generator (Yorc)
  • Mikano 250KVA soundproof power generator (Yorc)
  • Mikano 150KVA soundproof power generator (Yorc)
  • Mikano 50KVA soundproof power generator ( Yorc)
  • Mikano 30KVA soundproof power generator (Yorc)
  • Mikano 15KVA soundproof power generator ( Yorc)

How to Identify Original Mikano Generator

Looking up to buy Mikano diesel generator set for your home use as well as Industrial use. The best way of having efficient Mikano generator sets to cater to your required needs is to get the original Mikano generator. To identify original Mikano generators, use the below point to ascertain one:

  • Buy your generator from Mikano representative or you go to a store with an expert that can identify the original Mikano generator sets.
  • Check the coil, it should be a copper coil and the coil must have been neatly rolled inside the engine. Avoid any spray coil it shows it has been refurbished and it isn’t original.
  • Check the engine block to identify the fake ones, fake ones are shiny and lightweight. An original engine will give a muffled sound.
  • An original Mikano engine has its name crested or engraved on it. It will also be engraved on the cylinder head cover, air filter, carburetor, engine block, AVR, muffler, and alternator rear frame.
  • Check to be sure that the sound of the generator is regular continuous sound than a rough sound.

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How to Start Mikano Generators

To ensure an efficient running of your Mikano generator set, the right procedure must be followed to turn it on. The following steps should be taken to start any Mikano generators.

  • Drag the generator to a well-ventilated environment and be sure it isn’t too close to inflammable substances or a wall
  • The fuel and oil levels should be checked and in any case, the fuel in the tank should be at least up to 15%
  • Disconnect all appliances from the generator to avoid damage to the generator when starting especially if high current appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners were loaded already.
  • Now, turn on the fuel valve to enable fuel to flow into the carburetor in readiness for starting the generator.
  • Then move the choke to the closed position and turn on the engine switch
  • Next, start the engine and generator depending on the type bought either by using a recoil starter or key starter. With the recoil starter pull the rope lightly till you feel some resistance then apply a fast pull.
  • Move the choke now to open position when once the generator is started.
  • At this point, let the generator be operated or starter for a while without a load at least for about 3-5minutes and then connect the load.

Mikano Generator Sizes

Mikano generators come in different sizes of KVAs like small, medium, and large KVAs. This brings the variation between the sizes of Mikano generators. The small Mikano generators are powerful but not as the medium alongside the large Mikano diesel generator sets.

KVA Capacity of Mikano Generator Sets

Mikano International Limited is known for providing quality generating sets ranging from 9kva to 2000kva for homes and industries. Mikano recently signed a partnership with MTU Onsite Energy where they make use of the MTU German Engine for generator sets ranging from 300KVA to 3500KVA. Mikano International Limited also offers MAN Diesel and Gas generators, with up to 20,000 KVA.

Mikano Diesel Generators

The diesel generating sets for Mikano has KVA capacity that ranges from 9KVA to 5000KVA for residential and industrial use. Mikano generators are available in UK Perkins or German MTU Engines coupled with UK Stamford Alternators. The Mikano diesel generator sets are water-cooled with radiators and comprehensive AC/DC control panel, built to strict quality standards.

This brand offers full customized service, giving options as automatic start/stop, automatic change-over, soundproof enclosures, synchronizing systems and mobile trailer units, delivering optimal services to their clients from production to delivery, and also after-sales maintenance service.

Benefit of Mikano Generators

Some of the Benefits of Mikano Gas and Diesel Generator set include:

  • Long-lasting
  • Non-polluting
  • Prepaid
  • Low Operating/Service cost
  • High product Integrity/Durability
  • Convenient pay as you use fuel (gas)/diesel source
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Environmental friendly
  • Low emission product
  • Cleanliness in operation
  • Low fuel/diesel cost

Conclusively, when you think of Mikano generators, be sure that the brand gives you quality power generation support and also a start-up to finish on any project. Purchase the Mikano generator sets today to get the value of money spent. This is the surest bet for you.

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