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Mikano Generator Prices In Nigeria, Key Features, Specifications, And Buying Guide

Mikano generator brand is one of the leading providers to consider when looking for a generator for Industrial Applications, Mikano generator set has the ability to power heavy-duty Industrial machines and its equivalent applications in a smooth running.  

The Mikano generator is available with capacity ranging from 9KVA to 5,000KVA and their prices differ also in respect to their KVA capacity. These generators are assembled with parts from renowned generator manufacturers like the Perkins, and Stamford/Meccalte alternator with options for diesel and gasoline engines.

Where to Buy Mikano Industrial Generators

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Features of Mikano Generator

One of the greatest features that make the Mikano generator the best is its fitting in different applications in respect to where they are to be used. Hence, Mikano Generator is available for home use, industrial use, as well as residential use.

The Mikano residential-class diesel generators come with power capacity ranging from 9KVA to 150KVA, while that of the industrial-grade Mikano diesel generators offer from 150KVA to 2000KVA. You may also prefer a gas-driven Mikano generator with a capacity ranging from 350KVA to 1250KVA as well.

Mikano generators are essential and they feature the Perkins generators, they are made in the UK. And they offer water-cooled engines and a radiator this is based on our tropical region.

On your wish, Mikano engineers can customize your generator to meet your unique requirement. For example, you can add the sound-proof system to your already purchased Mikano generators alongside an automatic start and stop function which is also possible to add as well as an automatic changeover system based on your demand.

If you require a synchronized Mikano generator system, their engineers can also help you with that. Another good service Mikano brand offers is training service. Here, training can also be arranged for the operators of the Mikano generator. Service and Spare parts are not an issue as they are available and ready.

Buying a Mikano Generator

Is important to know that Mikano can be purchase online or offline. So if you’re thinking of becoming Mikano owner, there are two ways of owning a Mikano generator. They are as follows:

  • Buy it outright
  • Rent it

Mikano brands make diesel and gas generators with capacities ranging from 20KVA to 2000KVA open to rental. But the rentals are only available to clients who need a power generator for a limited time and is subject to the availability of the capacity you need.

According to the Mikano rental department, they have a pool of over 120 generators that customers can rent from.

Mikano Generator Price

Complete Review on Mikano Generator Prices In Nigeria

Have you made up your mind in buying one of the Mikano generators? Here are the prices of Mikano generators in Nigeria alongside their capacities, engine, and brand types:

Prices of Brand New Mikano Generators in Nigeria

CapacityEngine TypeBrand TypeSelling Price
9KVAPerkins 403-11GMikano soundproof generator₦2.5m – ₦3.5m
13KVAPerkins 403-15GMikano soundproof generator₦2.8m – ₦3.3m
15KVAPerkins 403-15G2Mikano soundproof generator₦2.9m – ₦3.4m
15KVAYorcMikano soundproof generator₦2.5m – ₦2.8m
20KVAPerkins 404-22GMikano soundproof generator₦3m – ₦3.5m
20KVAYorcMikano soundproof generator₦2.7m – ₦2.9m
30KVAPerkins 1103-33GMikano soundproof generator₦3.6m – ₦4m
30KVAYorcMikano soundproof generator₦3m – ₦3.2m
40KVAPerkins 1103-33TG1Mikano soundproof generator₦4m – ₦4.5m
40KVAYorcMikano soundproof generator₦3.5m – ₦3.7m
50KVAPerkins 1103-33TG1Mikano soundproof generator₦4.4m – ₦4.6m
50KVAYorcMikano soundproof generator₦3.6m – ₦3.9m
60KVAPerkins 1103-33TG2Mikano soundproof generator₦4.9m – ₦5.2m
60KVAYorcMikano soundproof generator₦4m – ₦4.1m
65KVAPerkins 1104-44TG1Mikano soundproof generator₦5m – ₦5.3m
80KVAPerkins 1104-44TG2Mikano soundproof generator₦5.5m – ₦5.7m
80KVAYorcMikano soundproof generator₦4.6m – ₦4.7m
100KVAPerkins 1104-TAG2Mikano soundproof generator₦6.3m – ₦6.7m
100KVAYorcMikano soundproof generator₦5.3m – ₦5.4m
120KVAYorcMikano soundproof generator₦5.8m – ₦6m
135KVAPerkins 1106-TG1Mikano soundproof generator₦8.2m – ₦8.4m
150KVAPerkins 1106-TAG2Mikano soundproof generator₦9.3m – ₦9.5m
150KVAYorcMikano soundproof generator₦7.6m – ₦7.8m
180KVAPerkins 1106C-E66TAG4Mikano soundproof generator₦10.7m – ₦11m
200KVAPerkins 1106-TAG4Mikano soundproof generator₦12m – ₦12.5m
200KVAYorcMikano soundproof generator₦9.9m – ₦10.1m
250KVAPerkins 1306-E87TAG6Mikano soundproof generator₦14.8m – ₦15.2m
250KVAYorcMikano soundproof generator₦12m – ₦12.5m
300KVAPerkins 1606A-E93TAG5Mikano soundproof generator₦19.1m – ₦19.5m
350KVAPerkins 2206A-E13TAG2Mikano soundproof generator₦20m – ₦20.5m
400KVAPerkins 2206A-E13TAG3Mikano soundproof generator₦23m – ₦23.5m
500KVAPerkins 2506A-E15TAG2Mikano soundproof generator₦26m – ₦27m
650KVAPerkins 2806A-E18TAG2Mikano soundproof generator₦35.3m – ₦36.5m
800KVAPerkins 4006-23TAG3AMikano soundproof generator₦52m – ₦53.5m

Fairly Used Mikano Generators Prices In Nigeria

  • 20KVA – 40KVA: from 1,000,000
  • 50KVA – 80KVA: from 1,600,000
  • 100KVA – 400KVA: from 2,700,000
  • 500KVA – 800KVA from 4,500,000

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You may also be interested in a comprehensive review of our Mikano generator and Price by brand. The price of Mikano generator will depend on the level of customization. A soundproof generator will cost more. Also, automation has an added cost.

Factors responsible for the differences in the price of Mikano generators

Generally, the price of Mikano generators in Nigeria tends to vary depending on how much power they can supply. You may find that a 650VA power Mikano generator will cost as little as N15,000 while a 250KVA Mikano generator can cost as much as N6.5m.

Hence, Mikano generator prices are neither specific nor rigid as they are prone to change with factors such as the rise or fall of the currency exchange rate, market demand,  how much power they can supply (KVA) as well as the location of purchase and functionality of the electric generator set.

As stated above, also know that the price of a Mikano generator will depend on the level of customization. That is to say, a Mikano soundproof generator will cost more. And automation also adds to the cost.

Buy Original Mikano Generators

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Benefits buying directly from Mikano

The following benefits you will enjoy by getting your generator directly from Mikano brand:

  • Delivery process to anywhere in Nigeria
  • After sales support anytime
  • Maintenance and servicing when required
  • Warranty

Things to consider before buying a Mikano Generator

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a suitable Mikano generator is the type. However, there are other important things to look out for that would help you make an informed buying decision. They are as follows:

Ease of installation

The location where the Mikano generator would be installed plays a key role in determining the type to be purchased. It is important to ask questions like where would the Mikano generator be installed? Would it be for home, church, hotel, office, shop use, or others?


The location of the installation will determine what capacity of the Mikano generator is to be considered. How much KVA would serve the purpose of installation? The KVA needed by a hotel or office may differ considerably from that which is required for a residential home. Either low, medium/large electric generator sets, Mikano generators satisfy all power requirement.


It is advised that before making a purchase, first understanding the characteristics of a Mikano generator is highly recommended. Otherwise known as the Mikano generator rating, knowledge of these characteristics, and how they affect their performance is key to purchasing the best fit for your intended use.

These ratings include output voltage, rated power, maximum power, rated output frequency, fuel type, recommended engine oil, and excitation method among others.

User feedback and reviews

You should make a proper market research before proceeding with any purchase. Have it in mind that the more popular a brand is, the more impressions it is likely to have.

Authorized sellers

You should try as much as possible to buy your Mikano generator from trusted and reliable outlets with a receipt and warranty card to avoid buying counterfeit Mikano generator. Should you choose to buy or rent a used Mikano generator, make sure to test run it at the seller’s location. Also, remember to note any malfunction and ask all the necessary questions you may wish to ask.


This is one of the most important factors that supersedes and influences your buying decision is your purchasing power. How much can you afford to part with in order to buy a Mikano generator? This will go a long way in helping you make an informed buying decision as well.

Shopping Original Mikano Generators Online

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60KVA Mikano Generator price in Nigeria

The 60KVA Mikano generator costs between N4.9m and N5.2m (for those featuring Perkins engine model) or between N4.1m and N4.4m (for those featuring Yorc engine model).

27 KVA Mikano Generator Price in Nigeria

Presently the product line under 27KVA Mikano generators is no more. One of the closest options to a 27KVA is the 30KVA Mikano generator, which sells for N3m to N3.2m (for those with Yorc engine option) and N3.5m to N4m (for those with Perkins engine option).


This article aims to give you all the information about the Mikano generator price in Nigeria for a good buying decision. To learn more about the Mikano brand and its related services, that is too many for one blog post at their website at

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