FG Wilson Generators

A Review of FG Wilson Generators

Have you been looking for a brand of generators that could be suitable either for industrial or residential use, then there are a lot of befitting brands in the market, so in this review, we will be pointing you to one of the outstanding brand which you will need to check out. FG Wilson generators might be a perfect option for you.

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Overview of FG Wilson Generators

All you should know about the FG Wilson Generators
Image Showing The FG Wilson Diesel Soundproof Generator

This is a leading brand in the generator industry and it is quite outstanding when it comes to diesel and gas range of generators. It can be used both in the industrial or residential areas as well as home. FG Wilson generators provide KVA capacity ranging from 6.8KVA to 2500KVA and its range of engine are built from Perkins UK.

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FG Wilson has it headquarter situated at Belfast in the United Kingdom and has been in existence for over 50 years now. FG Wilson offers a range of products that will suit your power needs and meets your power requirements anytime when need, you can also check out their official website by visiting www.fgwilson.com for more information.

How to Start FG Wilson Generator

Ensuring well-organized running of your FG Wilson generators, start by following the right procedure when turn on the generator. The following steps should be taken in order to start any FG Wilson generators.

  • Make sure you install the FG Wilson generator in a well-ventilated environment and be sure it isn’t too close to inflammable substances or a wall.
  • Check the fuel and oil levels and make sure is at least up to 15%
  • Disconnect all appliances from the FG Wilson generator before starting to avoid damaging the generator engine as well as the appliances.
  • Turn on the fuel valve to enable fuel to flow into the carburetor in readiness for starting the FG Wilson generator.
  • Place the choke to the closed position and turn on the engine switch
  • Start the FG Wilson generator, this depends on the type you bought either by using a recoil starter or key starter. With the recoil starter, all you have to do is pull the rope lightly till you feel some resistance then apply a fast pull while for the key starter, twist it to the right-hand side when facing the generator.
  • Now, move the choke to open position once the generator is started.

Note: Allow the FG Wilson generator to keep running at least for about 4-5 minutes after starting before connecting and load the generator with appliances.

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Features and Specifications of FG Wilson Generators

  • FG Wilson diesel generator set features specifications of KVA ranging from 6.8KVA to 2500KVA while the gas features specifications of KVA from 240KVA to 1250KVA.
  • All FG Wilson diesel generators have Perkins engines with Marelli alternator which is a perfect combination for an excellent generator.
  • The gas-powered generators provide engines both from Perkins and Scania
  • FG Wilson generators are less noisy (known of being a very good soundproof generator sets with a quiet operation).
  • They have a lower operating cost and fewer emissions too.
  • FG Willson generators can be gotten either as open power generating sets or as enclosed soundproof generating sets
  • FG Wilson generators are water-cooled and they come either in single-phase or triple-phase

FG Wilson Generator Prices

Talking of the prices of FG Wilson generators, the price list for FG Wilson generator in Nigeria is totally different from that of India, UK and so on. Know also that FG Wilson generators come in different variation of KVA and as such their prices differ too.

  • The price of an FG Wilson generator with 13.5KVA (Soundproof) should be between #2,420.000 – #2,650.000
  • 20KVA  P22-6 (soundproof) -#3,500,000 and above
  • 30KVA P33( Basic) #3,440,000 and above
  • 30KVA P33 (Soundproof) #3,725,000 and above

Generally, the prices for diesel FG Wilson generators start from 2.2m for the small ones and go as high as 85million naira for the higher and bigger ones. Again, a total price for FG Wilson generators will also depend on the customization level of that generator.

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FG Wilson Generator Parts

FG Wilson generators have good parts, there are:

  • FG Wilson generator service filters
  • Plugs and sockets: For power connectors for general use
  • Control panels: For providing safe control for the generator set
  • Transfer panels:  Used for the electrical distribution system to help the generator in the event of a mains failure
  • Fuel tanks:  This is the fuel storage tanks and it accommodates from 100 liters -9000litres depending on the size of the Wilson generator
  • Acoustic containers: This will help to reduce noise i.e noise sensitive.

FG Wilson Generators Specializations

This range of generators provide diesel engines that have a capacity ranging from 6.8KVA to 2500KVA, and its gas engine engines range from 240KVA to 1250KVA. The diesel generators have Marelli alternator with a Perkins engine.

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KVAs Ranges of FG Wilson Generators

It is clearly stated even on their official website (www.fgwilson.com) that FG Wilson has 6.8KVA to 2500KVA for its diesel engines and 240KVA to 1250KVA for its gas engine. Here are the most likely different KVAs of FG Wilson generators seen in Nigeria. They are:

  • 10KVA. See Best 10kva Generators to Buy
  • FG Wilson generator 13.5KVA
  • 15KVA
  • FG Wilson generator 20KVA
  • 22KVA FG Wilson Generator sets
  • FG Wilson generator 30KVA
  • 100KVA
  • 110KVA
  • 150KVA
  • 200KVA FG Wilson Generator sets
  • FG Wilson featuring 220KVA
  • 250 KVA FG Wilson Generator sets
  • FG Wilson featuring 275KVA

Note that KVA of FG Wilson shouldn’t exceed from .8KVA to 2500KVA for its diesel engines and 240KVA to 1250KVA for gas engines.

Best FG Wilson Generators to Buy

FG Wilson brand pride itself as a giant in the generator business because the brand boasts of over 50 years of experience in the supply of gas and diesel sets. We did our research and came up with the following best FG Wilson generators to buy.

FG Wilson P22-6KVA Generator

FG Wilson p22-6KVA generator has a Perkins 404D-22G engine and comes with a high-temperature cooling system filled with cooling fan, coolant mix, a large fuel tank, and battery charging alternator drive. FG Wilson p22-6KVA generator has a fuel tank that can accommodate up to eight hours of run time when filled.

FG Wilson F22-1 20KVA Generator

This is a generator with an FD4-2.5A1 engine and it has a minimum and maximum rating of 20KVA and 26.5KVA. The engine is really appropriate for places like shopping centers, households, and construction sites. The generator has been built in such a way that there’s fuel efficiency, IP23 protection, anti-vibration and anti-heating

FG Wilson 60kva diesel Generator

This generator is sure to offer the necessary power requirements; it is designed with industrial users in mind and its best use for industrial areas,

FG Wilson p13.5-6 Generator

This generator is good for home use and can help power appliances at home. It has a KVA of 12.5/13.5 and a CALG enclosure with Dcp10 control panel and cost around 6,755.00 Euros.

FG Wilson P40-3S Generator

Another good generator for industrial use, It has a minimum rating for 36KVA and 45KVA as a maximum rating. It is fuel optimized and uses emissions/fuel strategy. It can be used to power heavy capacity tools and equipment.

FG Wilson P22-6 Generator

Another good generator of FG Wilson that will be useful for home use, it can completely power a house Appliances. It has KVA of 20.0/22.0 with an enclosure of 6,8-25 CAL/CALG and a control panel ofDCP10. It goes for about 6, 043,00 Euros.

FG Wilson p333-3 Generator

If you are looking for an FG Wilson generator with a good capacity to power your refrigerator, freezer, and other appliances then you will need to try the FG Wilson p333-3 generator. It has a KVA of 30.0/33.0. The control panel is DCP10 with an enclosure of 24-220 CALG. With 6,118 Euros one can get FG Wilson p333-3 generator

FG Wilson Diesel p33-6 Generator

If you are looking for FG Wilson brand of a generator for industrial use, then going for FG Wilson Diesel p33-6 generator is your sure bet, it has a minimum rating of 30KVA and maximum of 33KVA With Emissions/Fuel Strategy

How to Identify Original FG Wilson Generators

To always have your FG Wilson generators perform in top form at all times then it is pertinent to only go for genuine FG Wilson generators from authorized dealers, they will only have FG Wilson generators with Perkins engine which produces great performance. Original FG Wilson generators will have a minimum rating of about 100KVA/80 and a maximum rating of about 125KVA/100KW. They are EU stay 111A emissions complaint.

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Conclusive, FG Wilson diesel and gas generators are the surest bet for you, they’re built for both industrial uses or residential areas and also home use. FG Wilson generator sets provide KVA capacity ranging from 6.8KVA to 2500KVA and its range of engines is built from Perkins UK. Give the FG Wilson generator sets a try by purchasing one to see if what GenGuide says about it is true or false.

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