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Tiger TG950 650VA Generator Review

If you are one of the lover Tiger brand, here is the Tiger TG950 650VA generator review for you. The Tiger generator brand is one of the most popular Electric generator brands in Nigeria. Tiger generators feature KVA power ratings below 2KVA. These generators are very popular in most homes with a pure copper coil inside. Tiger generators come with different models in which TG950 650VA happens to be one of them. In this article is a Tiger TG950 650VA generator review for you to read and know more about the TG950 650VA Tiger generator.

Overview About the TG950 650VA Tiger Generator

Tiger TG950 650VA Generator Review

Introducing the model Tiger TG950 650VA generator, the Tiger generator TG950 650VA has the power rated of 50Hz. TG950 650VA Tiger generator is a powerful small-medium generator with a manual starter (recoil). It’s a small generator that fits into any space available.

TG950 650VA Tiger generator is affordable, durable, reliable and has good performance operation. Thinking of buying Tiger small generator, consider buying the TG950 650VA. Tiger TG950 650VA generator is made for home users and also small businesses like barbing shops, hairdressing salons, Electrician shops and other small mini shops that require low power capacity to run their daily activities.  Tiger TG950 650VA is also a low-cost maintenance generator.

Features of Tiger Generator TG950 650VA

The TG950 650VA Tiger Generator has the following features: Recoil starting system, handle for easy carrying, portable (small in size), copper coil, compactable, long-lasting ability, a good operation for a long period of hours and more.

Full Specifications of TG950 650VA Tiger Generator

AC Output 220V 750W max. / 650W rated
DC Output 12V/3.0A
Phase No. Single Phase
Engine Force air-cooled,2 stroke
Alternator Brush,self exciting, synchronous,2-pole,100% Copper Enamelled Wire
Starting System Recoil
Fuel Tank Capacity 4L
Fuel Petrol
Run Time per Tankful 4-5Hrs@50%Load
Dimensions (L x W x H) 380*320*330
Weight 18Kgs

Price of TG950 650VA Tiger generator

Planning to buy the Tiger TG950 650VA generator, pay close attention for what GenGuide is going to say about the price of TG950 650VA Tiger generator.

The price of Tiger TG950 650VA generator varies from state to state, city to city, platform to platform and more. To give a cut on the price of Tiger TG950 650VA generator, the price of TG950 650VA Tiger generator should be between N28, 000 – N40, 000 which may add or reduce depending on the factors affecting the market positively or negatively.

How to Know Original Tiger TG950 650VA Generator

Generally identifying an original Tiger generator is very difficult, but don’t worry we got your back on how to identify the original Tiger TG950 650VA generator.

First, you can preview the Tiger TG950 650VA generator identification through the label on the tank. The original tiger TG950 always have a two written alphabet (TM) on top of the label on the fuel tank, check the Tiger TG950 bolt used to tie whole parts it should be white in colour and has written alphabet of it as KS, the carton is brown without designs, the name TIGER is in bold form without no Tiger head drawn on it.

Note: Original Tiger TG950 650VA generator doesn’t have a fuel gauge while the fake one does. You can also check out with a good generator mechanic when looking out of buying one.

Cost of Maintaining Tiger TG950 650VA Generator

Tiger TG950 650VA generator is a low-cost maintenance generator as the cost for maintaining the Tiger TG950 650VA generator will never cost you a whole live-saving with ready spare parts available in all markets on a low friendly price. With this, it makes the Tiger TG950 650VA generator easy to maintain and replace spare parts that are not good in the Tiger TG950 650VA generator.


This Tiger TG950 650VA Generator review may not be for you with all these features and specifications that Tiger TG950 650VA generator has, it might still not be the best for you. If you are using high appliances and looking for the Tiger TG950 650VA generator, it may not be the best option for your home or business. Therefore, you have to check out for a high generator featuring specifications that will be compactable to your needs.

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