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Top 10 Best Generator Brands To Buy

Looking for a generator set to buy, contained in this article is all the insight you should know about the top 10 best generator brands to buy.

Owing to decades of epileptic power supply that is showing no sign of reasonable death, the Nigerian market has become a battleground for different generator brands seeking to displace each other in providing the surging electricity needs of the Nigerian people.

While some of these generator brands have affordability as their selling point, others have reliability, others have fuel efficiency, and others come with alluring technology that guarantees their ease of use.

These competing generator brands and their marketing information provide consumers looking to make a purchase with information overload, which rather than guiding them into making informed decisions achieves the opposite.

So, when confronted by the arsenal of marketing messages from the different generator brands in Nigeria, how can a user still navigate the murky waters and choose a generator that panders to their needs?

How can consumers still manage to select the most reliable generator brands in the Nigerian market? Below we celebrate the generator brands that have proven to offer the Nigerian consumers the best value for their money.

These brands owe this to their overall reliability, ruggedness, fuel efficiency, low noise level, and so many others.

The top 10 best generator brands to buy in Nigeria are as follows:


Yamaha generators are packed with revolutionary technology; exhibiting enhanced high-power and performance, with superior durability and reliability. In fact, Yamaha brand generators boast the longest engine durability ratings that can be issued by the Environmental Protection Agency.

They provide high-quality energy that can be used safely with the most delicate devices such as a personal computer with a built-in microprocessor. Yamaha generators also consume low amounts of fuel and are compact with any applications.

Yamaha products are backed by over 50 years of high performance and concentrated technology aimed to create diverse valuable products and services, and empowered by a passion for high quality and innovation.

Making use of their small engine manufacturing technology, they manufacture products that support everyday life.

 Because of their small size, a Yamaha generator works very successfully in working places, in addition to their use for powering critical home appliances; quietly powering a wide range of applications for an extended time, while still being portable.

Owing to their stable power generation and silent design, Yamaha generators are ideal for a variety of uses.


Honda has long been recognized as one of the leading manufacturer of generators for more than two decades now. Their different models were tested for all the essential features which a top-notch generator must have, including – reliability, safety, ease of use, ease of maintenance, quiet operation, price and power generated.

Honda generators are much quieter than other generators which have same capacities as them. Honda generators also require minimal and easy maintenance.

They also have other features such as color-coded components, easy oil drain and fill thanks to the large opening and gutter, a smart valve for shutting off the fuel, a low RPM with an impressive output and many others.

Honda generators are very easy to start thanks to the automatic mechanical decompressor. They are equipped with smart Oil Alert technology which shuts them off automatically when it detects low oil levels. This means you don’t need to keep checking the oil all the time and be worried about damaging the unit.


Sumec Firman is a power generating equipment brand established in 2001 by SUMEC Group, a Chinese Fortune 500 enterprise specializing in trade and services, engineering contracting, and investment development.

The Firman brand trademark is registered in 92 countries around the world. Firman Generator sets are applied are widely applied to many fields such as routine life, industrial production, communications, medical care, finance, energy, and construction.

Firman Generator sets ranked first for six consecutive years among brands of exported portable Gasoline generator in China. The Generators have extremely high market share in South-East Asia and Africa, where market sales exceed 30%.

In 2010, Firman performed the exclusive agent or oligopoly distribution system and established long-term strategic partnerships with some world-leading distributors in the generator industry.

In 2011, the 10,000,000th Firman Gasoline Generator went off the production line. In 2012, the total export revenue volume of Firman portable Gasoline Generators exceeded  USD100 million.

In 2012, Firman Generators were recommended by Punch Newspaper; and in the same year participated in the Lagos International Trade Fair as a mainstream brand manufacturer.

Since then, Firman generators have established themselves as very popular generating sets among Nigerians, as reliable alternatives to the unreliable electricity supply from the national electricity grid both in the homes and working places.

Firman generators are known to be strong, fuel-efficient, and easy to use and maintain.


ELEPAQ generators range from low capacity 800KW to 2.5KVA, 4KVA and 10KVA generators. Compared to other generator brands in Nigeria, ELEPAQ generators are very affordable.

Great value at a reduced cost is what ELEPAQ generators offer with its generators which come with electric starting system, built-in Automatic Voltage Regulator, and overload protection.

Using an ELEPAQ generator means saving a lot of money on petrol as this brand’s products are fuel-efficient.

To ensure longevity and effective operation,  ELEPAQ generators come with fuel sediment cups which prevent dirt and water from running down to the carburetor from on top the fuel tank.

ELEPAQ generators are very easy to maintain, and the brand’s spare parts are available in spare parts shops nationwide.


Unique Stylish but roughed designs Thermocool Generators are design to have 1000hour continuous running life spans. Further designed with unique features to give the consumers optimum value for their money.

Ease of use and power are combined in Thermocool generators. Starting up has never been more simple with the easy button –a small push and all the power is at your fingertips. With wheels and handles for easy movement, slot a Thermocool generator into your home life and high power output will always be guaranteed.

Thermocool generators are protected by oil alert, have Electronic circuit breaker (protects generator from being overloaded), Manual start, Electric start, Remote start, 100% copper coil, 100% Power output, Wheel & handle for easy movement, Oil alert lamp, Key Start, Automatic Voltage Regulator.

Their engines are designed to be rugged, durable and efficient, and can run continuously for 1000 hours straight without turning engine off.

They can with Smart throttle for better fuel efficiency. Smart Throttle is a devices specifically designed to supply the Generator an accurate amount of fuel required to support each additional load demanded from the Generator by consumer home appliances. Thus eliminating wastages and improving fuel efficiency by 10-15%..

Thermocool generators also have Smart Choke for Easy remote Start. Smart Choke enables generator turn OFF or ON with the aid of a remote control from a distance of 40meters without any human intervention.

Thermocool Optima  series generators are designed with reduced noise levels, reduced engine vibrations and excellent fuel efficiency to give users maximum relaxation and benefit for their money.

They also come with 3 in 1 digital meters designed to give real-time reading of Total Run Hours from First Usages, Total time of Current usage, frequency and Output Voltage. Data expected to help users develop a proper servicing plan.


Lutian generator brand is new to the African market and trying to gain some level of acceptance among consumers. They’re imported from China and come with some level of guarantee as their fakes  have not infiltrated the Nigerian market yet.

Lutian Machinery Co.,Ltd, which manufactures Lutian generators has been in machinery production business for more than a decade, and has shipped various power generating sets to several countries of the world.

Their generators feature an electronic key starter for simple, quick-starting , a high quality automatic voltage regulator (AVR) for the safe-running of voltage sensitive electronic equipment and an oil alert system that indicates low oil levels by triggering an automatic switch off (of the machine) to protect the engine.

Other intriguing features that’s shipped with Lutian power generating sets include: an easy-to-read display unit that indicates volt/amp meter, running frequency, and an automatic circuit breaker that shuts down the generator in critical situations such as over-load, bad connections, malfunctioning equipment, etc.

Lutian LT3900E 3.8kVA generator features: a Pilot Lamp function that indicates the proper working of the machine and a Fuel sediment cup that stops dirt and/or water molecules from getting into the carburetor from the fuel tank. There is also the 12V/8.3A D.C output unit that comes in handy for the charging of car and/or inverter batteries.

As usual with most consumer generators, Lutian generators are equipped with a rope-pull mechanism (Recoil) for starting the power generating set manually. There are also two wheels for balance and quick movement from one point to another.


The TIGMAX generator brand is a good generator brand whose products come with fine attributes.  Their generators are made of 100% copper wire. They are strong generator, and come with features that make them the ideal generators for your home appliances.

Tigmax generator if used very well will last for years, so you need to be checking the oil level regularly and add oil  or change the entire oil when necessary


Elemax Generators are popular for their reliability. Some run on Honda engines with transistor ignition system. Elemax have generators that use recoil start system (rope and grip) and the ones with the electric starting system.

Elemax generators are also equipped with oil alert systems. The oil alert system continuously monitors the oil level in your generator’s crankcase, automatically shutting down the engine if oil level falls below safe limits. This can save your generator from serious engine damage. The power ratings range from 2.2kva to about 7.6kva.


Tiger generators is one of the most popular generator brands in Nigeria. Popularly known as ‘I beta pass my neighbor’ this brand is most famous for its below 2kva power rating generator.

Tiger generators are very popular with small businesses like Electricians, Beauty salons, small business centers, homes, and so on. The Tiger brand has continuously produced high quality, fuel-efficient and affordable generators. The power rating ranges from 700watts to 8kva.

The Tiger generator model TG2700 is a higher capacity generator compared to the popular Small TG1250. It has been very popular Tiger generator model for clients who want a higher generating power output, good enough to power more electrical appliances and electronic gadgets.

The Tiger family of generators have been around in Nigeria for many years and the TG2700 model is not left out.


Senci is resolute about providing innovational products and service as well as contributing to sustainable profit and profitable increase for global clients.

They are professional generator manufacturers doing their best to be a respected company in their field, with support of over 2700 innovative and hard-working Senci staff, they will continue providing limitless power solutions that certainly satisfies.

The Senci range of professional generators are designed in a variety of high performing capacities that bring alternative power solutions when the need arises.

Created from the best quality materials to ensure durability, functionality, and ease of use, these generators are a perfect match for a power outage at the tines you need it most, whether while watching your favorite movie or on a picnic with friends and family. 

At the very heart of SENCI generator’ success is powerful Yamaha MZ80 engine. Japanese Manufacturers Yamaha, are famous for their engines, showcased in motorcycles, boats and other tools.

So this high calibre engine expertise, in collaboration with Senci’s technology and design in the electrical and electronics department, renders Senci generators state of the art powerhouses.

Senci generators are highly reliable machines. In terms of safety, low-oil sensors switch off the generator when it detects that the oil is running dangerously low, and the problem of generator overload is also well taken care of by the use of thermal breakers.

Other features Senci generators incorporate include a three in one indicator which indicates low oil alarm, output, and overload alarm, and a choke knob that facilitates cold start.. When in storage, the carburetor petrol is protected from contamination by a fuel petcock.


Qualities to look out for when buying a generator from the different brands in Nigeria include capacity, ruggedness, ease of use, noise level, fuel economy, availability of spare parts in the local market, affordability, and so much more.

The best generator brand for you or any particular individual depends on your power needs, your technical expertise, the depth of your pocket, and your environment; so the generator brand that is most suitable for your needs might not be best for me.

However, the brands discussed here best combine desirable, high-end features with affordability, making them the best choices for average Nigerian users.

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