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Sumec Firman Generator Series SPG & Ruby SPG

Sumec Firman generator sets are a very popular generating brand in Nigeria and the world at large, and the Firman generator SPG and Ruby SPG series are never left behind. In this article is a comprehensive review of the Sumec Firman generator SPG and Ruby Series alongside their features, specifications, and price range.

Firman generator sets feature KVA specs of 1.3KVA to 6.0KVA and also increases for the Firman diesel generator type. This article is created to give you an insight into all the details you should know about the Firman generator SPG and the Firman generator Ruby SPG series.

On this page, we will review the Sumec Firman generator SPG series and the Ruby SPG power generator series that are capable of handling domestic and small commercial applications alongside their features, price, and specs:

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Overview About Sumec Firman Generator SPG and Ruby SPG Series

All you should know about Sumec Firman generator SPG and Ruby SPG series
Image Showing the SPG and Ruby SPG Sumec Firman Generator Set

The Sumec Firman generator SPG series and the Ruby SPG series are a range of gasoline (petrol) powered generators with value for money. Sumec Firman generator SPG generators are cheap, reliable, and easy to use and are becoming increasingly common in the Nigerian market. It is noted that today in the Nigerian market, Sumec Firman generators are the best option in times of value for money generator set.

Sumec Firman generator with model number SPG 1800, SPG 2500, SPG 3000, SPG 3800, SPG 4500, SPG 5000, SPG 6500, and SPG 8500 will be the focus on this review under the Firman generator SPG series. If you plan on buying a generator for your home or small business, one of these generators from Sumec Firman generating brand should be on your list.

From the image above, the red Firman generator belongs to Ruby SPG series. Consisting of Firman generator Ruby are SPG 2600, Firman Ruby SPG 3600, Firman Ruby SPG 4600, Firman Ruby SPG 5600, Firman Ruby SPG 6600, Firman Ruby SPG 7600 and Firman Ruby SPG 8600 are also available.

Should you ask, apart from the color, the main difference between the Sumec Firman generator SPG series and the Firman Ruby SPG series is that the Ruby SPG series provides a larger fuel tank capacity than the SPG.

Another difference is that the Firman Ruby SPG also provides two power receptacles on both models while the Sumec Firman SPG provides upwards from 2.8KVA double receptacles. Now we’ll go through the highlights or main features, price, and specs of the Sumec Firman generators SPG set.

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Features and Specifications of Sumec Firman Generator SPG and Ruby SPG Series

Engine system Specs for Firman Generator SPG and Ruby SPG Series

Both Sumec Firman generator SPG series and Firman generator Ruby SPG series are featured with the specs of one cylinder, four-stroke petrol engines. The efficiency of the engines varies according to the rated output power. Engines available on the Sumec Firman generators are under review below:

  • Sumec SPG 1800 Firman (SPE 160 163cc, 5.5hp)
  • Sumec SPG 2500 Firman (SPE 160 163cc, 5.5hp)
  • Firman Sumec SPG 3000 (SPE 200 196cc, 6.5hp)
  • Sumec Firman SPG 3000E1 (196cc SPE 200E, 6.5hp)
  • Sumec Firman SPG 3000E2 (196cc SPE 200E, 6.5hp)
  • Sumec SPG 3800 (SPE 270 270cc, 9hp)
  • Sumec SPG 4500 Firman (SPE 270E 270cc, 9hp)
  • Firman Sumec SPG 5000 (SPE 340 337cc, 11hp)
  • Firman Sumec SPG 6500 (SPE 390 389cc, 13hp)
  • Firman Sumec SPG 8500 (SPE 440 163cc, 15hp)
  • Firman Ruby SPG 2600 (196cc SPE 200E, 6.5hp)
  • Firman Ruby SPG 3600 (196cc SPE 200E, 6.5hp)
  • Firman Ruby SPG 4600 (SPE 270 270cc, 9hp)
  • Ruby Firman SGG 5600 (SPE 270E 270cc, 9hp)
  • Firman Ruby SPG 6600 (SPE 340 337cc, 11hp)
  • Firman Ruby SPG 7600 (SPE 390 389cc, 13hp)
  • Firman Ruby SPG 8600 (439cc, 15hp)

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Each model of Sumec Firman generator set comes in three variants, the variants E, E1, and E2 feature dual-starting process which is recoil and electrical start (key start) while E suffix engines only recoil start (rope and grip). In-model the basic or entry-level version features the basic engine that provides only the start of the recoil (rope and grip). All these generators feature the TCI system with Transistor Controlled Ignition.

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Key start models take the trouble from starting your generator, just use the key and turn it in the clockwise direction. The key starter electric models come with 12V battery.

The Sumec Firman SPG Series generators engine system is equipped with an oil alert system. The oil warning system continuously controls the oil level in the crankcase of your generator, shutting down the engine automatically if the oil level falls below safe limits. This can save your generator from engine damage. So it advises to always ensure that oil is within safe limits before starting a Firman generator.

Electrical Rating Specs for Firman Generator SPG and Ruby SPG Series

Voltage Rating

Sumec Firman generators sold in Nigeria are 220V, 50Hz single-phase generators. Sumec Firman generators may also be available in 60Hz at 110v in some countries. Also, all generators under review come with 12V DC output for charging batteries. The resulting DC can handle up to 8.3A. Three-step versions that come in 380v or 400v.

Power (Strength) Rating

Sumec Firman generator power ratings are dependent on voltage frequency, with 60Hz having a higher power output rating than the 50Hz for the same nameplate. For example, while the generator Sumec Firman SPG 3000 50Hz is rated 2.5KVA, the variant 60Hz is rated 2.8KVA. In Nigeria there are only 50Hz generators available as 50Hz of public power supply. Here is the Sumec Firman 50Hz and 60Hz power output rated as:

  • Sumec Firman SPG 1800 /E1/E2 (50Hz: 1.3KVA, 60Hz: 1.5KVA)
  • Sumec Firman SPG 2500 /E1/E2 (50Hz: 2.0KVA, 60Hz: 2.2KVA)
  • Sumec Firman SPG 3000 /E1/E2 (50Hz: 2.5KVA, 60Hz: 2.8KVA)
  • Sumec Firman SPG 3800 /E1/E2 (50Hz: 2.8KVA, 60Hz: 3.1KVA)
  • Sumec Firman SPG 4500 /E1/E2 (50Hz: 3.3KVA, 60Hz: 3.6KVA)
  • Sumec Firman SPG 5000 /E1/E2 (50Hz: 4.0KVA, 60Hz: 4.5KVA)
  • Sumec Firman SPG 6500 /E1/E2 (50Hz: 5.0KVA, 60Hz: 5.5KVA)
  • Sumec Firman SPG 8500 /E1/E2 (50Hz: 6.0KVA, 60Hz: 6.6KVA)
  • Firman Ruby SPG 2600 /E1/E2 (50Hz: 2.0KVA, 60Hz: 2.2KVA)
  • Firman Ruby SPG 3600 /E1/E2 (50Hz: 2.5KVA, 60Hz: 2.8KVA)
  • Firman Ruby SPG 4600 /E1/E2 (50Hz: 2.8KVA, 60Hz: 3.1KVA)
  • Firman Ruby SGG 5600 /E1/E2 (50Hz: 3.3KVA, 60Hz: 3.6KVA)
  • Firman Ruby SPG 6600 /E1/E2 (50Hz: 4.0KVA, 60Hz: 4.5KVA)
  • Firman Ruby SPG 7600 /E1/E2 (50Hz: 5.0KVA, 60Hz: 5.5KVA)
  • Firman Ruby SPG 8600 /E1/E2 (50Hz: 6.0KVA, 60Hz: 6.6KVA)

Ideally, generators should operate between 50 percent and 80 percent of the rated power. While a generator may operate above rated power, it is not recommended to do so for a long time. Do not operate more than 15 minutes on a generator above rated power. Never operate over the maximum power specified by the generator manufacturer.

If you wish to buy generators from Sumec Firman, ask the dealer to show you the generator rating on the control panel section. The panel will have the maximum and rated power printed on it. Base on your generator nominal power (not maximum). Make sure you buy the right credit rating.

More on the Features and Specs of Sumec Firman Generator Set

Other features and Specs of the generator set at Sumec Firman include:

Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR )

Sumec Firman generator set features Automatic Voltage Regulation, which ensures that voltage output and frequency are stable, thus preventing voltage fluctuations which can cause problems for your gadgets and appliances. All starting Sumec Firman generators come with built-in AVR.

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Tank and fuel capacity

The Sumec Firman SPG series and generators from the Firman Ruby SPG series require unleaded gasoline fuel type to operate. The manufacturer recommends unleaded petrol with an octane pump score of 86 or higher. Don’t mess with the technicalities, just go to a gas station and buy petrol.

Do not buy from the side of the lane, if you do not trust them. Often ensure fuel is not polluted with soil, water or oil from the engine is not combined with petrol. Also, ensure there is no contamination in the fuel tank, Jerry can and funnel.

Sumec Firman generator SPG 1800, SPG 2500, and SPG 3000 come with a fuel tank of 15 litres, while other SPG series models feature a fuel tank of 25 liters. Firman Ruby SPG 2600 and SPG 3600 have a fuel tank of 18 litres, while the remainder of the series has a fuel tank of 28 litres.

Engine Oil and Capacity

Generators of the Sumec Firman SPG series work on 4-stroke engine detergent oil for automobiles. The supplier recommends engine oil with SE, SF or higher API service for engine oil classification. Recommended for general use is SAE 10W-30 before the engine is started, fill the crankcase with the recommended engine oil. Always check the level of engine oil before engine startup.

Sumec Firman SPG 1800, SPG 2500 and SPG 3000 have an oil capacity of 0.6 litres, while other models under review have an oil capacity of 1.1 litre.

Circuit breakers

Generators from Sumec Firman provide circuit breakers for the AC and DC. The generators have circuit breakers for AC and DC outputs that track the loading conditions continuously and automatically fly if a short circuit or overload is present. If this happens, lower the load before attempting to restart your generator.

Low Oil Alert System

Sumec Firman SPG generators have a low oil alarm system. The low oil alert system continuously tracks the oil level in the crankcase of your generator, shutting down the engine automatically if the oil level falls below acceptable limits. This can save your generator from severe damage to the engine but always ensure that oil is within safe limits before starting a generator.

It may also interest you to know that Sumec Firman generator set features more specs and features like:

  • Electric starter with key (models E1 and E2)
  • Fuel Meter (Gasoline Controller)
  • Volt Meter (Controller )
  • Carburator Floats
  • Alternator Brush Type
  • Portability Package (Kit) (E2 models only) with handle and wheels
  • Model engine: SPE 200E-Engine 196cc 6.5hp
  • Battery: 7.5Ah, 12v
  • Power (Strength) factor: 1
  • Pilot lamp reveals that your Sumec Firman generator works perfectly
  • Fuel sediment cup: The fuel sediment cup prevents the flow of dirt and/or water from the fuel tank into the carburetor.

The E1 prefix models come with key start and rope and grip, while the E2 prefix models add portability kits with wheels and handles included while E prefix are lacking electric starter, wheels and handles.

Price for Sumec Firman Generator

The price set for the Sumec Firman generator varies with Size, locations, KVA, features, and specifications (Specs) like portable kits, key starter, etc. We’ve put together a list of different Sumec Firman generators as well as their price range for you to consider so it will be easier to decide which one to go for. See List of Prices for Sumec Firman generator.

Conclusively, our full analysis of the Sumec Firman generator SPG and Ruby SPG Sequence generator set has come to an end. We tell about their features, specs, and costs. But this is not the only series of models owned by the Sumec Firman generator brand, other Sumec Firman Series includes the ECO and so on. Read more about Sumec Firman Generator Series.

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