Lutian Generators

Lutian Generators Price List

Lutian Generators Price List

The Lutian generator brand has been one of the best gasoline and diesel selling generators in the Nigerian market since August 2002. Lutian generator brand is new in the Nigerian market which makes it one of the best selling generator brand, the price of Lutian generators are pretty cool as Lutian generator is good for home, office, small or large business. Lutian generator brand has no fake generators available in the market, this is because the said manufacturers are also the distributors.

Lutian Generator Price

The price for Lutian generators vary, this is normally caused by location, dealers, platforms, and so on. To have a core understanding of the Lutian generators price before shopping for one out there. This post contains a comprehensive list of Lutian generator’s prices.

Advice When Buying Lutian Generator

When buying a Lutian generator, you’re advice to compare the price in different stores, shops, dealers, and so on before paying for it. This is because the price of Lutian generators as earlier said to vary from shop to shop, dealer to dear, platform to platform, and so on. So before buying, make it a duty by checking out the price from different places so as for you to compare, also using our list in order not to be cheated in the market.

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Why did the Price of Lutian Varies

The price for lutian generators varies because of their features, specification, capability, size, and so on. When buying a lutian generator, you’re to check and calculate the appliances that you’re using before shopping for one. This is because Lutian generator comes with a different models, KVA, features, and specifications etc. The higher the features and specifications such as KVA, is the higher appliances that the Lutian generator can carry, and also the higher the price.

Here is Lutian Generators Price List

In this table below shows the price of Lutian gasoline and diesel generator price in Nigerian market,

Price For Lutian Gasoline Generators in Nigeria

Model TypePrice
LT1800N45, 000 to N65, 000
LT1900N65, 000 to N85, 000
2.5kva Lutian LT2500 (Manual Start)N95, 000 to N100, 000
LT3600N51, 000 – N69, 000
Lutian 3600B-8 3.2kva manual startN93, 000 – N99, 000
LT3600EN61, 000 – N79, 000
LT3600NN75, 000 to N80, 000
3.5kva Lutian LT3600n-4N79, 000 to N85, 000
Lutian 3.5kva Manual Start LT3600EN-4N130, 000 – N145, 000
Lutian 3.8KVA, Key Starter LT3900N105, 000 – N110, 000
LT3900 Lutian 3.8kva manual startN89, 000 – N95, 000
Lutian ecological 3.5 kva LT3990E (Key Starter)N110, 000 – N140, 000
LT8990EN250, 000 – N270, 000
6.9kva Lutian LT6500 with key start/remote controlN175, 000 – N195, 000
LT8000ENN250, 000 to N280, 000
LT8000N150, 000 – N180, 000
8.1kva Lutian LT8000EB with remote controlN180, 000 – N200, 000
Lutian Ecological 9.5kva LT10990E (Remote Starter)N210, 000 to N250, 000

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Just to mention a few of Lutian generators that are available in the Nigerian market. The above contains some of the prices of Lutian generator brand, this list may not be complete as it only carries Lutian generator products available in most Nigeria generator stores. To know more about Lutian generator brand and its product, Click Here.

Price for Lutian Diesel Generators

Lutian diesel generators come with different kva capacity, below are the price of Lutian Diesel Generators with different KVA capacity:

Lutian Diesel Generator ModelPrice
Lutian Diesel Generator 6kva -5GF-LDE310, 000 – 390, 000
Lutian Diesel Generator – 6.5KVA300, 000 – 350, 000
Lutian Diesel Basic Generator 7.5 Kva255, 000 – 355, 000
Lutian Diesel Silent Generator 8.5 Kva340 – 400, 000
10kva Lutian DIESEL Generator 100% Copper350, 000 – 450, 000
Lutian 10gf-ldex 10kva DIESEL Soundproof380, 000 – 480, 000

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If you’re planning to buy a generator today, consider buying Lutian product for you’ll get the value of your money spend on the product but before that, let’s make it clear to you notice that the prices for Lutian generators in this our list might increase or decrease for some reasons affecting the market either in a positive or negative way. So, therefore, the price list for Lutian generators in this our article will always be updated from time to time so as to keep it viewer updated on the current price for Lutian generator.

You can also help us by sending us the details of the newly Lutian generator you just purchase such as the model, Kva, and price, this will go a long way by helping us in updating of our Lutian generator price list.

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