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Lutian LT2500 Generator Review

Have you had about the Lutian LT2500 generators? Do you wish to know how good are Lutian LT2500 generators? Do you know how good is the features and specifications of Lutian LT2500 generators? Or the cost price of Lutian LT2500 generators? Here is a highly recommended Lutian LT2500 generator review for you to read.

Lutian LT2500 Generator Overview

Lutian LT2500 generator is one of the best, the affordable and very fuel-efficient generator you can get in the world (especially Nigeria) now. LT2500 Lutian generator is certain to serve you for a very long period of time before taking it to an engineer or generator mechanic for servicing issues. This can be achieved as far as the user is conscious about adequate management and is said to be using good quality engine oil which will give the LT2500 Lutian long-lasting servicing. Lutian LT2500 feature hand stating system (recoil starter) only.

How to Identify Original Lutian LT2500 Generator from Fake

Lutian LT2500 generator does not have fake as all the Lutian generator products are imported into any country only by the same manufacturer (Firm). With this, it is said that Lutian LT2500 generator is all original.

What is the KVA of Lutian LT2500 Generator?

Lutian LT2500 generators feature 2.5KVA mostly which is why the Lutian LT2500 generator is said to have the rated ac output KVA of 2.5KVA and the maximum rated ac output KVA is said to be 2.8KVA. It can also say that the Lutian LT2500 generator also features the 2.8KVA but not mostly as the case may be.

How Good is Lutian LT2500 Generator

Are you doubting if Lutian LT2500 generator is good or not, the truth is “YES” it is. Lutian LT2500 generator gives you the value of your money spend buying the generator for it features dozens of coolest features and specifications that will tempt others to use when they see you enjoying your brand new Lutian LT2500 generator all times.

Features of Lutian LT2500 Generator

The features that LT2500 generators have that makes it a good generator include: Long service life, Economic low fuel consumption, Stable voltage and frequency, Overload protection for safety operation, Compact in structure, low in noise and pollution and high in efficiency, Suitable for the usage in the office, shop, house, traveling and fun place, A variety of specially-designed control panel available for different markets. It may also interest you to know that LT2500 generators work perfectly well for a long period of time.

Specifications of Lutian LT2500 Generator

  • Brand: Lutian
  • Model NO: LT2500
  • Starting: The LT2500 generator features Hand Starting mode (Recoil starter)
  • Power: <5kW
  • Ignition System: Transistor Magneto
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 15L
  • Trademark: Lutian or OEM
  • Specification: CE
  • Output Type: AC Single Phase
  • Phase: Single-Phase
  • Standard: Standard
  • Starting System: Recoil/Electric (Optional)
  • Lube.Oil Capacity: 0.6L
  • Transport Package: Carton
  • Dimension (LxWxH)(mm): 605x445x445
  • Net Weight: 40kg

Lutian LT2500 Generator Price

There is no fixed price tag for a Lutian LT2500 generators, reasons are because Just as the normal day to day buying and selling negotiation, the price of Lutian LT2500 generator in the physical stores can talk about on before coming into a conclusion. In the online stores, the price of Lutian LT2500 generator in the Jumia online shopping store will definitely be different from that of Konga, Jiji, Kara, and others.  

Giving the user a clear view of the price of Lutian LT2500 generators, the price range is between 60, 000 – 80, 000 thousand naira. Note, this price might increases or decreases in the nearest future.

What can Lutian LT2500 Power?

Lutian LT2500 generator can power two bedrooms flat or even three including all the home appliances such as Tv, DVD, ceiling/standing fan, bobs, and other home appliances in the room. Note, Lutian LT2500 generator may carry refrigerator or air-condition when newly purchased which later will overstress the LT2500 generator engine and may cause LT2500 generator to malfunction resulting damage break down when getting old.

Lutian LT2500 generator is also said to be a perfect use for small offices, and businesses such as hair salons, barbing shops, cyber café, provision stores, bet shops and more. For it can power most of the working equipment in the respective shops.

Where to Buy Lutian LT2500 Generator

Where to buy Lutian LT2500 generators should never be big deals, for there are available places where one can buy Lutian LT2500 generators either online or physical shops close to their place of residence, some of which includes online shops like Jumia, Konga, Aliexpress, Jiji and other shopping website out there.


It may be important and interesting to know that the Lutian LT2500 generator may not be the best choice of generator for you. That is, if you are using more appliances either at home, office, or business place. Therefore, it’s advised that you should go for the higher Lutian generator products that may suit your choice of need. I truly believe that if Lutian LT2500 generator didn’t work out for you, other Lutian products out there will do.

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