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Lutian LT3990E Generator Review

Many people keep wondering why is it that Lutian LT3990E generator always associates with “Ecological”, what makes it so special, do the features and specification differs from other Lutian generators out there? Not after researching about the Lutian LT3990E generator, make me write this coolest review about Lutian LT3990E generator. By reading this Lutian LT3990E generator review, you will have a core understanding of why is been referred to as an “Ecological” generator.

Lutian generator LT3990E is among the best type of Lutian generator product, it features specifications that are highly recommended for all, including home, office and business users. With the Lutian LT3990E generator, those running businesses such as cyber café (computer shops), electrical shops, hairdressing salons and more can easily power their appliances without the fear not carrying their equipment or fear of breaking down. This because Lutian LT3990E is idea to perform perfectly for a long time without developing any mechanical fault that may cause the generator to stop working unexpectedly in order to attract expenses on the user.

What is the KVA of Lutian LT3990E Generator

Lutian LT3990E generator has a 3.5KVA, the 3.5KVA is strong enough to carry a full load in a steady running without stopping unexpectedly. With the 3.5KVA, It is said that Lutian LT3990E generator is highly efficient and also guarantees stable voltage regulation for the effective and smooth running of all the electronic devices at home, office or business place.

What Can Lutian LT3990E Powers?

Lutian LT3990E generator can power a 3 bedroom flat with a single refrigerator, air condition of low capacity and other home appliances like television, DVD, and more without adding an electric heater or pressing iron. For business purposes, for example, a cyber café (computer shop) with at least a minimum of 5 desktop computers, a printer and a photocopy machine without the laminating machine. Note, should in case you are to use the laminating machine at the same time, its advice that you unplug the printer and photocopy machine to avoid overstressing the Lutian LT3990E generator. By doing this, your Lutian Generator will last longer.

For you to have the best out of your Lutian LT3990E, it is a good practice that you should look and check out what the Lutian LT3990E generator can carry and power at the same time on a smooth running without any signs of breaking down or stopping unexpectedly. To do this, know and study the amount of current required to run all appliances at home, office or business so as for you to know the equipment to be use and how to use them at the right time. With this, it will help prolong the life of your Lutian LT3990E generator engine.

How Good is Lutian LT3990E Generator

With the features and specifications of Lutian LT3990E, this makes it to be clear that Lutian LT3990E is a durable and efficient generator to buy. With Lutian LT3990, you will enjoy the value of the money spend buying the generator.

What is the Price of Lutian LT3990E Generator?

The price of Lutian LT3990E generator differs either by state, location, countries, stores, and more. With the following examples, you will be able to determine the best price of Lutian LT3990E generator from your location, state or countries.

This is how it works, buy Lutian LT3990E from online stores like Jumia, Konga, Kara, Aliexpress, Amazon, and others. Therefore, is important to note that their prices will never be the same and so on. After our research and finding, we come to the conclusion that the price of Lutian LT3990E generator featuring 3.5KVA in Nigeria is between 100, 000 – 150, 000 Naira depending on the specifications.  

How will I Know if my Lutian LT3990E Generator is Original

To identify original Lutian LT3990E generator from the fake is very tricky especially if you have no knowledge of techy experience since the Lutian product has not been popular in the market like other generator brands such as Sumec Firman, Elepaq, Honda and more. In order to make sure you didn’t end up buying a fake Lutian LT3990E generator, it’s advisable that you go with someone that has techy experience or better still a generator mechanic that knows what he/she is doing in the generator field.

How to Run Maintenance for Lutian LT3990E Generator

Note, there is a difference between maintenance and servicing of the Lutian LT3990E. Taking of maintenance, this process should be regularly carried out by the user of the Lutian LT3990E generator while the servicing processes are done by an engineer or generator mechanic. Many will ask how? Is it not the work of an engineer or generator mechanic? No, maintenance involves checking the oil alert system if the oil is enough to run the LT3990E generator, cleaning and dusting the LT3990E generator to be free from dust, checking if there is petrol in the fuel tank to avoid stopping unexpectedly and more.

For service purpose, it advisable that you should check a good engineer or generator mechanic that specialize in Lutian products in order to get the coolest servicing of your Lutian LT3990E generator.

Features and Specifications of Lutian LT3990E Generators

Talking of the features of Lutian LT3990E Generator, Lutian LT3990E generators features 3.5kva, Key and recoil starting system, Lutian LT3990E is designed with high-quality auto voltage regulators (avr), which allows a safe running of sensitive electronic equipment without malfunctioning. It oil alert system helps to indicate low oil level and causes the LT3990E generator triggering off automatic in order to protect the engine life. Lutian LT3990E has an easy-to-read display which indicates the running frequency, volt and amp meter, automatic circuit breaker. It may also interest you to know that LT3990E has two wheels for easy movement from one point to another. Apart from all these features, Lutian LT3990E is a fuel economy generator with a silent generator sound (i.e low noise generators).

In order to give those searching to buy the Lutian LT3990E generator a clear view about the features and specifications, below are break down of features and specifications that Lutian LT3990E generator has:

  • Brand: Lutian
  • Model No.: LT3990E
  • A/c Output:- 220 – 240 volts
  • Starting Kva (Starting Capacity): 3.5 kva Max
  • Running Kva (Running Capacity): 3.2 Kva Rated
  • Ignition System: Transistor Magneto
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 15L
  • Output Type: AC Single Phase
  • Phase: Single-Phase
  • Starting System: Recoil/Electric
  • Engine: Spec 200e, max 6.5 hp, 4stroke, single cylinder, ohv, air cooled.
  • Alternator: brush, self-exciting, synchronous, 2 -pole 100% copper enameled wire used
  • Run time per tank full: 13 hours @ 50% load.
  • Lube Oil Capacity: 0.6L
  • Dimensions (l* w* h ): 597*465*487
  • noise level @ 7 meters :- 66 db
  • Weight:- 55 kg
  • Battery: Present
  • Tyres: Present

One thought on “Lutian LT3990E Generator Review

  • Ogbeide Olajumoke

    I just bought my LT3990E in 27th February, 2023 and it shorten engine oil, also is hard to start and my mechanic said the verve is faulty in which i change it after March and on 7th , May is faulty again and i was told the top gasket need to be change. Am suprised experiencing all this for new generator.


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