Elemax Generators

The Elemax Generator Price In Nigeria

The Elemax Generator Price In Nigeria

Elemax generator brand is a popular generator brand of domestic, low-power, and value for money generator in Nigeria, Elemax generator is been produced by Japanese under Sawafuji Electric Co. Ltd, Elemax generators mostly run on reliable Honda engines and came into existence in the year 1908. Since then, Elemax generator has been one of the top best selling generator brand in the Nigerian market.

Talking of the price for Honda Elemax generator, the Elemax generator price in Nigeria is pretty cool as the Elemax generator is popularly used by homes, offices, and small businesses which makes their price to nice in the Nigerian market. Elemax generator is noted for its durability, affordability, reliability, effective running ability, and good performance capability.

However, you are not likely to find any Elemax generator that features less than 1KVA, for Honda Elemax generators have power ratings ranging from 2.2KVA to about 20KVA and their price cost is between 95,000 Naira to about 3,950,000 Naira. That is from the lower capacity to the higher capacity.

In the table below are popular Elemax Generators power ratings available in the Nigerian market in line with their average price been given. Note that prices may vary depending on your location, the dealer you’re buying from, and so on. However, the prices for Elemax generator should not exceed 50% of what is quoted here in any part of Nigeria.

Here is Elemax Generator Price in Nigeria:

Elemax Gasoline Generator Price In Nigeria

Model/KVA Specification (capacity)Elemax Generator Price
6.5kva Elemax Generator SH7000dx₦400, 000 to ₦650, 000
Elemax Generator 6.5KVA SH7600EX With Battery & Wheel₦650,000 to ₦780,000
Elemax SH7600EX 5.6kva Recoil/Electric Generator with wheel and handle₦530,000 to ₦650,000
Elemax SH7600EX 5.6kva Recoil/Electric Generator Without Wheel₦338,000 to ₦530,000
2.4kva Elemax Sh2900dx Manual Starter      ₦95,000 to ₦109,000
2kw 2.5kva Elemax Sh2900dx Model Manual Petrol Gasoline Generator₦109,000 to ₦129,000
Elemax Honda SHX2000 Portable Petrol Generator 2 kilo watt₦310,000 to ₦390,000
Elemax Honda SHX1000 Portable Petrol Generator 1 Kilo Wat₦290,000 to ₦310,000
Elemax 3.3kva Generator SH3900EX Manual Starter₦257,000 to ₦299,000
Honda Elemax SH1000DX 240 volt₦129,000 to ₦135,000
Elemax 2.2kva generator SH3200EX₦135,000 to ₦260,000
Elemax 2.6kva generator SH3200EX₦260,000 to ₦275,000
3.2kva Elemax generator SH5000DX₦230,000 to ₦295,000
3.6kva Elemax generator SH5000DX₦295,000 to ₦350,000
Elemax SH5000DX 4.5kVA Generator₦350,000 to ₦395,000
5.0kva Elemax generator SH5000DX₦395,000 to ₦410,000
Elemax 3.8KVA SH5300EX₦400,000 to ₦550,000
Elemax 3.2kva SH4600EXN285,000 to N378,000
10kva Elemax SH11000 generator1,180,000 to 1,760,000
NNNNNNNNNElemax 2.8KVA SH3900EX₦288,000 to ₦310,000
Elemax 2.2KVA SH3200EX₦239,000 to ₦285,000
Elemax 2KVA SV2800S₦193,000 to ₦250,000
Elemax 8.5KVA SH11000₦1,390,000 to ₦1,900,000

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Elemax Diesel Generator Price In Nigeria

Model/KVA Specification (capacity)The Elemax Generator Price
Elemax 7kva Diesel Generator₦1,700,000 to ₦2,300,000
Elemax Soundproof Diesel Generator₦1,680,000 to ₦2,250,000
Elemax 20KVA Diesel SHT25D₦3,350,000 to ₦3,850,000
Elemax 14KVA Diesel SHT15D₦2,950,000 to ₦3,350,000

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Where Can I Buy Elemax Generator

As at the time of writing this article, there are no known authorized dealers that sell Elemax generators here in Nigeria. But if you want to buy an Elemax generator, you’re advised to go to an electronics shop, preferably a shop that is an accredited dealer of an Electronic brand product be it Panasonic, Samsung, LG, or any other electronic products. When you buy from such a place will guaranty that you buy products of the highest quality since they specialize in electronic devices and are well known.


Elemax generators are said to be very good for medium-sized homes ranging from 2-3 bedroom flats for it can power the entire appliance they may contain. Honda Elemax generator can also be used in small low power businesses like cyber café, play station center, hairdressing salons, stores, barbing shops, and so on.

The price for Elemax generators is pretty cool with respect to other features, specifications, capability, and performance they may seem to have. But always have it in mind that the price for each Elemax generator in our list might changes which may involve it to increase or decrease following the market trend that may either after the market positively or negatively.

So therefore, when buying any Elemax generator product, check in different stores, platforms, dealers and so on. This will help you in making the right choice when buying a Honda Elemax generator from any location in Nigeria for Elemax generator price vary.

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