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Elemax Generator SH11000 Review

Are you one of the Elemax generator brand fans, interested in the Elemax generator SH11000, want to know the features and specifications of Elemax generator SH11000, Price of Elemax SH11000 generator, how to know original Elemax SH11000 generators. If within your thought you have been thinking or searching online in order to know more about the Elemax generator SH11000 before making a purchase, your search and thought ends here. In this article is Elemax generator SH11000 review that teaches you everything you should know about the Elemax SH11000 generator. You may also be Interested in SH2900DX, SH7000DX.

About Elemax SH11000 Generator

Elemax generator SH11000 is a Japanese gasoline make, built by no other but Japanese, it is considered to be among the highest quality generator on town with good and high-quality performance. The Elemax SH11000 is said to be reliable, durable, cost-effective and powerful power station which is designed to provide electricity to homes, sites, small shops/business. Elemax SH11000 model is best used for charging operational power tools for small and medium powering tools industries. Elemax SH11000 is known as AC generator for it has the ability to power up to 5ACs on a steady operation.

Elemax Generator SH11000
Picture of Elemax SH11000 Generator

The Elemax SH11000 generator features single-phase, HONDA GX620 motor, rated power of 8.5 kva and a maximum power of 10.0kva, the Elemax SH 11000 generator is equipped with an electric/recoil starting system that allows you to make the launch safely without stress. See Elemax Generators Line Up and Specifications

Features of  Elemax SH11000 generator

Elemax SH11000 feature powerful gasoline engine with Yamaha EH72 K2101 17.2kW Air-Cooled OHV V-Twin Engine, a control panel that is easy to see and operate, Elemax SH11000 also has standard features like V-meter, Hour-meter, Pilot Lamp, automatic voltage regulator(AVR) that enhance smooth power output fluctuations to enable operation of sensitive electronic equipment, 4 wheel portability for standard movement, oil alert system the shutdown the Elemax SH11000 when low oil is indicated.  

Specifications for Elemax Generator SH11000

Brand Elemax
Model SH11000
Engine Type Honda GX620/Yamaha EH72 K2101
Displacement (cc) 614
Rated horsepower 3000 rpm, 11.7KW, 16 hp
Ignition system Transistor
Oil alert system es
Starting system Electric/Recoil
Pole Type 2-Pole, field rotating system
Voltage regulate system AVR
Phase Single
AC output rated (50 hz) 8.5kva
AC output maximum (50 hz) 10.0kva
Rated voltage 220V
Rated current 38.6
Rated power factor cos Ø 1
Fuel tank capacity 38 L
Dimensions mm(inch) Length 924(37.5), Width 665(26.2), Height 636(25.0)/804(31.7)
Weight dry without wheel (kg) 159(351)
Weight dry with wheel (kg) 167(368)
4-Wheel kit Yes
Sound level db (A) /7m 74
Continuous operable time 7 hrs
Cooling system Forced air
Engine oil capacity 1.8 L (with replace a filter)/1.5(without replacing a filter)
Others The Elemax SH11000 generator comes with four (4) wheels and battery

What is the KVA of Elemax Generator SH11000

Searching for the KVA capacity for Elemax generator SH11000, here is it. Elemax SH11000 generator has a minimum rated kva power of 8.5 kva and a maximum rated kva power of 10.0kva.

What Can Elemax SH11000 Generator Power

By featuring minimum 8.5kva and maximum 10.0kva capacity, it’s said that Elemax SH11000 is so powerful that it can power 3-4 bedroom flat including all appliances in it such as 2ACs, a single refrigerator, 1 TV set, dvd, sound system, and can also be used to charge your laptop computer and other chargeable tools at the same time.

Elemax SH11000 generator is perfectly ideal for medium-size businesses such as computer shops (cyber café), bet shops, electrician shops and so on. This is because of its ability to power all their equipment, tools and appliances with is.

Price of Elemax Generator SH11000

The price of Elemax generator SH11000 varies by shops, dealers, states, countries, platforms and so on. For instance, the price of Elemax SH11000 in dealer shop “A” might be different from that of Elemax SH11000 generator from dealer shop “B” and so on.

According to GenGuide, the price of Elemax SH11000 generator should be between N1, 180, 000 – N1, 450, 000. The price of Elemax SH11000 generator may increase or decrease following the market factors that might arise.

Elemax SH11000 Generator Maintenance

Proper maintenance gives your Elemax SH11000 generator long-lasting, this involves using good oil and avoid using roadside oil on you Elemax SH11000 generator, also ensure you take your Elemax SH11000 to a good technician or generator mechanic when is due for servicing. See How to Fix Generators Hard Starting Issues.


Elemax generator SH11000 is reliable, durable, affordable, easy to operate, and also value for money, it has low fuel consumption, oil alarm system that causes the Elemax SH11000 to stop because of low oil level, low noise operation, electric/recoil starting system, features a minimum of 8.5kva and maximum of 10.0kva. Elemax SH11000 generator has an overload protection system which makes sure that your SH11000 generator does not get damaged due to overload. After reading this Elemax generator SH11000 review, you should be able to know if the Elemax generator SH11000 review is for you or not.

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  • My Elemax Sh11000 petrol generator fluctuates and blows appliances. Sometimes after cleaning the Caburator it picks load for few minutes and starts stops. The troubleshooting narrow it to a bad Caburator or fuel supply system. How can I get these Caburator and related spares


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