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How To Apply For Access Bank Loan

When it comes to getting loans especially from Nigerian banks, it is inevitable as people always have needs small and major ones to sort. A lot of times one can’t have money handy to handle the financial situation at a point and of course getting assistance from banks via applying for loans comes in handy.

The Access Bank of Nigeria is no exception when it comes to giving loans to people and institutions. If you are interested in applying for Access bank loans then you need to read on.

Access bank is of different types, some with collateral and others without collateral. How to pay back access bank loan is pretty smooth with a good interest rate.

With the Access bank loan code, you will get two direct types, access bank loan *901*11# while with the Access bank loan code *901*14#, you are required to repay at least 10% of the outstanding amount on or before the 15th of every month. The interest rate on the loan is 4%.

Please, do read the Access bank loan terms and conditions before selecting any loan.

Types Of Loans Offered By Access Bank

Before getting to apply for loans from Access bank you need to familiarize yourself with the kind of loans offered by the financial institution. The below are the types of loans that can be applied for with Access bank Nigeria Plc. They are:

How To Apply For Access Bank Loan

The following are types of loans offered by Access Bank Plc alongside how to apply for the Access Bank loan in Nigeria.

How To Apply For Access Bank Loan

Access Bank Personal Loan

A Personal loan offered by Access bank Plc is a kind of loan that workers or employees can apply for. This loan is taken most times to meet minor needs that will be serviced through the salary administration product.

Mostly the repayment of this category of loans is done via the employee salary account. This is a flexible loan and repayment takes up to 36 months or 3 years.

Lending Against Turnover Loan By Access Bank

In the Lending Against Turnover, there’s also a loan category for those that are not salary earners. The lending against turnover targets the customers that do not salary earners i.e the non-salary holder’s accounts.

This category of people must be customers with the bank for over 6 months. But the lending against turnover needs some documentation or a kind of collateral for safety and the loan collector will need to repay back within 3 months/90 days.

This is a kind of Access Bank Loan that one can access using a code. To get started, dial access bank loan code *901*11# using your registered SIM with the bank. With this, no documentation is required.

Access Bank Salary Advance Loan

The Access Bank Salary Advance Loan is another loan that can be easily accessed by the customers of Access bank that are salary earners. The bank will offer the workers up to 100% access to their net monthly salary.

With this loan type, no collateral or documentation will be needed as repayment will be serviced from the customer’s salary account. This loan can simply be done using either the Access bank USSD code *901*11*1#, or the bank’s quick bucks app. the repayment duration for this category of loan is 6 months.

Access Bank creative sector loans

With the Access bank creative sector loans, you are given instantly, but it is mostly for non-salary accounts holders of the bank. The person that can access this loan must be in business like movie production, music distribution, fashion, or information technology.

It is a loan for capacity building and for offering employment for individuals that can devise good means of paying back the loan.

Access Bank Loan Requirement

Getting an Access bank loan comes with a different requirements for each loan type. So below are the detailed information on the requirement for each and how you can apply for Loan services with Access Bank Nigeria.

Access Bank Personal loan and the salary advance loan

These two types of loans have the same requirement to apply. You would need to present the phone number that is linked to your BVN. You would also show evidence that you had received salary payment for the previous month.

Then you filled the application form, then complete the employer’s confirmation form, get a letter of lien, present credit checks and present a copy of your employment ID. All the documents are needed for safety measures.

The Access Bank creative sector loan Requirements

This is the loan for those in the creative world like fashion designers, artists etc. those in this category need to present their business plan or a statement of how much the business will be needing before applying for the loan

Access Bank W power loan

To access this loan category needs the business to be 50% owned by a female. The business must also be in operation for about a year and must present minimum staff strength of at least 2 workers. This is not a loan category for new businesses

Advance For School Fees

This is another category of loan type that applicants need a dully completed application form that can be gotten from the bank. The applicant must present the following document alongside the application form: a present utility bill of the past 3 months, a duly accepted offer letter. A valid ID card, invoice that is in the name of the student, and the school fees bill.

Paying back access bank loan

When the loan is approved by the bank which usually takes at most 24 hours, the money will reflect in one’s account. But it sometimes takes longer time which might be due to hitches at the end of the bank but surely the money will land in one’s account.

Before even getting the loan, you would be told by the bank when you should pay back the loan. For most of the loan type, the repayment period is always within 30 days of receiving the money. The repayment money is always deducted from one’s account especially for the salary account holder of the bank.

This will save users from the stress of taking a trip to the bank all the time. So you make your repayment as stipulated.

Doing the repayment on time will avoid you getting penalized by the bank which will prevent getting higher interest rate and in the case of them having any collateral of yours,  such collateral might be auctioned out which might be a loss to you.

Other Access Bank Loan Types

  • Creative Sector Loan
  • Device Finance
  • Maternal Health Service Support (MHSS)
  • Small Ticket Personal Loan
  • Vehicle Finance


Access bank just like any other bank in Nigeria has a variety of loan products that one can choose from as an account holder. They have also simplified the process of getting quick loans from them. To make it very easy for their customers, they have opened up several channels by which loans can be accessed by almost all their bank customers.

The different channels include: quickbucks app, Access mobile app, Whatsapp banking, internet banking, or Access Bank USSD code. But if you can’t still use any of these avenues you can stop by the bank branch to get started.

You can read more about Access Bank loan on their official website at

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