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How I Resolve My Access Bank Dispense Error

Is now true that Access bank dispense error can be fixed easily. How can this be done, with the help of its ATM / POS Dispense Error Reimbursement Request Form, you can now resolve your failed transaction issues with Access bank Plc.

You can get this form offline or online via the Access bank official website.

As an Access Bank account holder, if you’ve ever been debited for a failed transaction when using payment channels such as POS, ATM machine, or WEB payment online via payment gateways like remita, paystack, and others, solving this with Access Bank Nigeria Plc is never a problem anymore.

Here, I will be showing you the 3 ways I do use in resolving my Access Bank failed transaction/dispenser error if occurs.

So, I will assure you that if you have ever asked how do I lodge a complaint to Access Bank if dispenser error happens or how do I contact Access Bank Plc via WhatsApp, Phone call, and email. I will have all this mentioned here.

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Causes of Access Bank Dispenser Error

With Access bank Nigeria, dispense error can be cause due to many factors like:

  • Poor network.
  • When the Access bank debit card start getting old.
  • ATM card not been smart/getting weak/old.

Therefore, if you do ask is Access Bank having network issues today, bear in mind that this is one of the causes of its dispenser error.

How to Fix Access Bank Dispense Error

Now, here are the three (3) highlighted ways I use in fixing my Access Bank Dispense Error over time.

How to Resolve Access Bank Dispense Error

Fixing Access Bank Dispense Error Online

In fixing Access Bank failed transaction online, will require you to contact them via Access Bank customer care line, social media, email, and live chat. Don’t worry I will walk you through each.

Access Bank customer care mobile phone

If you have Access Bank transfer issues, one of the best ways to resolve it is by contacting them using the Access bank customer care mobile phone. The Access Bank customer care line or mobile phone is +234 1- 2712005-7, +234 1-2802500, 07003000000 and you can also reach them at 01 280 2500.

Once you get in touch with them and state the dispense error issue, you’ll have to provide information about your account and once this information is correct, you will get the refund of your dispenser error within 24 hours of complaint.

Social Media

Another way to resolve Access Bank Nigeria dispense error is by contacting Access Bank customer care via social media. To get started, contact Access Bank Plc at Twitter via @accessbank_help. While on Facebook via @AccessBankPlc.

Among all, Twitter is the best platform as they provide 24/7 help via their official Twitter handle. Facebook might not be the best place to contact Access Bank Nigeria Plc but definitely another easiest platform to reach them online.

Also know that using the Twitter handle @myaccessbank provides financial services to people who love financial success, music, food & the good life.

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Email and Live Chat

Send a message to Access Bank customer care centre via email at containing your account details and state the complaints as regards to dispenser error issue.

You can also resolve Access bank dispense error online by using Live chat. Click here to get started.

Mentioned above are the possible ways you can fix Access bank dispenser issues online without visiting the bank branch. So, asking what do I do if I have an ATM dispense error or other failed transaction. Simply send a copy of your declined transaction receipt to Access Bank online via the above methods.

Also, simply send a copy of your declined transaction receipt to or present it to any Access branch close to you. You will get a refund for your failed transaction within 24 hours! (T&Cs apply).

What do I do if I don’t have a receipt for my failed transaction?

If you don’t have a receipt for your failed transaction dispenser error, kindly send an email to with the details of the transaction such as date, amount, first 6, and the last 4 digits of the Access Bank card used, and Bank’s ATM where the failure occurred.

You can also call Access bank via 07003000000.

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How to resolve Access Bank Dispense Error Offline

Looking at how to resolve Access Bank failed transactions after been debited offline, one of the best ways of doing these is by visiting any Access Bank branch closest to you and laid complaints regarding your dispense error.

Once you get to any Access Bank branch of your choice and submit your complaints, the ATM / POS Dispense Error Reimbursement Request Form will be given to you, fill and submit then wait for your failed transaction to be reversed.

Note that this may take 24 hours or more before your money reversed can take place.


Here is how to resolve Access Bank dispense error if you ever run into a failed transaction. Let’s I forgot, don’t leave any of your vital information like ATM, transfer PIN, or BVN with any either online or offline.

If you find this piece informative, share it to help others also, leave a message in the comment box below if you have any.

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