Guide On Ecobank Internet Banking

With Ecobank Nigeria, internet banking has upgraded to the future making it easier for one to bank from home without visiting its bank branch.

According to Ecobank Nigeria Plc, their online service is built with the highest encryption specifications—128-bit secure encryption—and complies with international internet security standards.

This ensures that Ecobank establishes a secure link with its account holders every time they perform an online transaction. So any information they input and send can only be interpreted by the Ecobank Online system.

If you are here looking for the general guide on Ecobank Internet Banking and safety,

In this article, you’ll get to know everything about Ecobank online banking starting from how do I activate my Ecobank Internet Banking down to Ecobank online transfer.

To visit the Ecobank internet banking page, Click Here!

What is EcoBank Internet Banking?

The Ecobank internet banking is an online banking process that gives you access to perform banking transactions via the internet, it requires you to use an internet-enabled device.

Unlike when you’re using the Ecobank USSD code that doesn’t require an internet-enabled device or data before carrying out a banking transaction.

Ecobank Internet Banking

Another version of this internet banking is the Ecobank mobile app which you’ll have to download into your internet-enabled device so as to help you achieve banking online via the app.

Ecobank Online Banking Security Guide

To enjoy safer banking with Eco bank internet services, the following must be put into consideration:

  • Always ensure you access Ecobank Online by typing the correct URL ( into your browser.
  • Don’t click on a link in an email that takes you to another website and do not also enter your personal details either in the email or on such website.
  • Make sure you use up-to-date anti-virus software and a personal firewall to ensure your safety while accessing Ecobank internet banking page.
  • Be careful and if possible, don’t use internet cafés or computers that are available for use by the public as they may have spy-ware installed on them to capture your login credentials without your knowledge.

Key Features of Ecobank Internet Banking

  • Enhanced security
  • Perform real-time transactions
  • Online payments (like bills payment, Cable TV etc)
  • Funds transfers, including Domestic, international and Rapidtransfer
  • Check account balance
  • 24/7 customer service support centre
  • Direct email feedback
  • Tracking transactions history
  • Access account statement and more

Requirement needed to register Eco Bank internet banking

Before applying/enrolling into the Ecobank online banking system, the following are needed from you:

  • Must be an Ecobank account holder
  • Your Eco bank account number must be active
  • A mobile phone number linked to the Ecobank account
  • An email address associate with the account
  • Ecobank debit/credit card
  • Your full names as shown in the account and other details that’s link to your Eco Bank account.

Now that you have this requirement at hand, let’s get started on how to register Eco bank internet banking.

How to do Ecobank internet banking registration

Here is the step by step guide to register and activate Ecobank Nigeria online banking:

  • With your internet enabled device visit the Ecobank official online banking page here.
  • Click on the drop-down menu at the top of the page and select your country.
  • Navigate and click on the button that say “Register For Ecobank Online”
  • Now, select your account type “Current or Savings”
  • Enter your Ecobank account number
  • Next, type in your email address. This email must be active and linked to Ecobank account
  • Review all details and make sure you’ve entered it correctly
  • Now, click on “Continue” with the Ecobank internet banking registration.
  • This section is very crucial and you have to pay close attention while entering the details in their respective field.
  • Now, follow the instruction and complete your internet banking registration with Ecobank Nigeria Plc.
  • If your registration is approved and activated, you will have your Eco bank internet login details and your Ecobank account is now active for internet banking.

Done! That’s how you can register and activate the Ecobank internet banking service in Nigeria.

How to Login Ecobank Online banking

Logging on to the Ecobank internet banking login, follow the step by step breakdown:

  • Visit Eco bank online banking page as shown above
  • Click “Log-in to Internet Banking”
  • Select your country and click “Log-in to your account”
  • Enter your unique User ID
  • Next, enter your unique password and confirm your Secure Image and Message.

Also, note that there’s a slight difference in the Ecobank Nigeria online login when compare to other country’s login.

How to use Ecobank Internet Banking

Using Ecobank online banking starts with checking your balance, making money transfers, requesting services, update personal information, and a lot more.

Let’s continue on how to use the Eco bank internet banking service:

Ecobank online transfer

With Eco’s internet banking service, it’s easy to move money within your accounts or make a payment directly and securely to another bank.

Making money transfers using Ecobank internet banking service is pretty easy, secure, efficient, and convenient. Ensuring you bank online at your fingertips without visiting its bank branch.

Before you carry out transfers and payments instantly using Eco internet banking, follow the guidelines below:

In-country transfers

  • Visit the Eco bank internet banking page.
  • Login to the page using your Eco online banking login details (type correctly).
  • To transfer money within your country, choose these tabs.
  • But if you have previously created a template for the same type of transfer, select “Make New Payment”.
  • If you have more than one account, choose which account you’d like to take the funds from.
  • Ensure you fill in the account details of the recipient carefully such as bank name, account name, or more if required. Note that Ecobank cannot be responsible for any errors you make.
  • Next, enter the amount, currency and when you’d like the money to be transferred.
  • Now, complete a few further details, including who should be responsible for Correspondence Charges.
  • Write a short note in respect to the transfer you’re about to make
  • When you’ve checked/review all the details, click here to carry out the transaction.
  • Next, enter your Ecobank online banking PIN
  • Lastly, click on the “Submit/Send” button

That is how you can transfer money using Ecobank Nigeria limited internet banking.

How to check your Ecobank Online Banking Account Balance

Below are the quick guides to follow when you want to check account balance via Eco bank internet banking:

  • Visit the Ecobank internet banking page.
  • Login to online banking with your USERNAME and PASSWORD.
  • Then, click on “Login” button.
  • If you provide the correct details, your account will open immediately.
  • Now, navigate to account and click on your account number to reveal your balance.

Alternatively, to check your Ecobank account summary online, after a successful login, your account balances are shown in one simple overview.

Also, you can view your account summary in another currency. To do this, just choose from the drop-down menu and select the currency.

Note, to view your Ecobank account balances in more simplified detail, click on the account name.

Ecobank Online Requesting Services

With the Ecobank online banking requesting services, you have access to a mailbox that shows you how to communicate with Ecobank Nigeria Plc and more.

Including in this service is how to customize your preferences to best suit your needs.

Send Ecobank a message today via internet banking. To get started, follow step by step guidelines here:

  • To send and receive secure messages, login to your Ecobank internet banking page and choose the Mailbox tab in My Services section.
  • Next select send a message, and enter subject.
  • Start typing your message (Note the message should be a maximum of 2,000 characters.
  • When you’re done and ready, click the send button.
  • Ecobank Plc will reply within two working days from the day the message was sent.

Ecobank Internet Banking Profile Update

Update personal information via Eco bank online banking webpage is on the go; this is to keep Ecobank Nigeria informed of any changes to your personal details and to ensure they have the most recent information about you.

To get started;

  • Login to the Eco banking online page and choose the tabs to access your profile
  • Enter your details and click “Continue”
  • Please, check that you’ve entered the correct details. If you’ve made a mistake, choose “Change Profile” to make any changes
  • Click “Confirm” to confirm your details and you’re done.

Ecobank online account opening

You can now open an Ecobank account online. To get this done, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Ecobank Personal Banking Page Here.
  • Scroll a little bit down and ensure you’re on the “Everyday Banking” tab.
  • Navigate left or right to select the account type you wish to open e.g Savings, Current etc.
  • Whichever account type you select, click on the “Find Out More” button to continue.
  • Scroll down and click on “Apply Now” button.
  • Fill in your personal details such as first name, last name, country, phone number, and email address.
  • Click on “Apply Now” button again.
  • Follow the onscreen prompt to complete your Ecobank online account opening.

You now have an Ecobank account which you have successfully opened online without going to any Ecobank branch. Isn’t that good?

How to reset and recover your Ecobank online banking password

If you ever forgot your Ecobank internet banking password, getting it to recover is very easy. The following are steps to reset and recover your Ecobank online banking password whenever you lose it:

  • To get started, visit the Ecobank internet banking webpage
  • Navigate below the “login” button and click on “Forgot Password”.
  • Once the Ecobank reset password page is opened, enter your Eco internet banking “Username”.
  • Enter the email address linked to online banking profile (i.e, the same email used in registering the account/internet banking).
  • Click on the “Continue” button.
  • Carefully follow the other instructions to reset your password.
  • If the process is successfully complete, you will have access to setup a new password for your internet banking account.
  • Make sure you memorize it well so as not to forget it again. (Note, don’t share it with anyone).

That’s it on how to reset the Ecobank internet banking password.

For 24/7 support, email Ecobank at

Please, it’s an advise that you always check your Ecobank account balance from time to time especially after each transaction you’ve made. This is very important as it gives you updates about your account balance in real-time.

These also help you get alert on any suspected activities on your account.


If you’ve been surfing the web looking for an Ecobank internet banking review, the above information gives you all the insight will need to know about it.

I believe how to register, login, and use the Eco bank internet banking service will never be a challenge anymore.

To the conclusion of this article, I hope I answered have your queries. Please don’t forget to share to help others also.

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