Banking With Ecobank USSD Code Made Easy

With Ecobank USSD Code, the power to bank at your fingertips is achieved no internet connection or smartphone is needed. Like mobile banking via Ecobank Mobile App, where you’ll need internet connectivity to get started.

Using the USSD code for Ecobank, you can carry out mobile banking without the need for an internet-enabled device or data, and all things being equal irrespective of if you’re using Ecobank internet banking or its app the service is the same.

So, whatever be your search as regards to Ecobank USSD code whether it’s how to use Ecobank transfer code, step by step guide on how to register Ecobank short code, or anything related to Ecobank Nigeria USSD code issues, you’ll get them solved here.

Note that before using Ecobank short code, you have to register and get it to activate then you can now start making use of it. Let’s get started below on how to register Ecobank Nigeria Plc USSD code.

First, I will like to share with you the requirement you need to have at hand before you start the process of activating the Ecobank shortcode.

Requirement Needed before registering Eco bank USSD Code

Thinking to register Ecobank transfer code, you should ensure you have the following requirements in place:

  • An active Ecobank account
  • Mobile phone number link to the Ecobank account
  • Eco Bank debit card

Once this is in place, you can now go ahead with the next steps below:

How do I activate my USSD code for Ecobank? 

To register USSD code for Ecobank is one of the easiest things I found doing, to get started, follow the guidelines below:

  • With the mobile phone number that’s link to your Ecobank account, simply dial *326# then follow the onscreen prompt to continue.
  • The prompt will require you to input your Ecobank debit card detail, ensure you enter the details correctly and proceed with Ecobank USSD code registration.
  • Next step will require you to verify whether you have access to the Ecobank account by inputting the prompted details correctly.
  • After this, click on the submit button for you to complete Eco bank USSD code registration.
  • Pointing to the lastly, you’ll have to create a secret PIN to be used to authorize transfers. Ensure you enter digits you can easily remember and don’t share it with any one even Ecobank customer care representative. This is for security reasons.
  • When done creating the PIN, choose the option “submit/done/Ok” and you’re done with the USSD code of Ecobank registration.

After few minutes, you will receive an SMS confirming your Ecobank USSD code registration is successful and now you can start performing transactions from your Ecobank account through mobile banking using *326#.  

How to Register Ecobank USSD Code Visiting Bank Branch

These do happen if you don’t have any phone number link to your Ecobank account, you can’t register for the mobile bank via USSD code with Ecobank Plc.

Therefore, you will have to sign up for the USSD code at any nearest Ecobank branch in Nigeria. Make you go along with your mobile number and any means of identification linked to the account.

Ecobank customer care will assist you in registering your USSD code free of charge no fee for this service.

Ecobank USSD Code

Key features

Here are the key features associated with Eco bank USSD code

  • Make instant transfers
  • Check account balances
  • Pay bills
  • Read mini-statements
  • Buy airtime

Ecobank transfer code

The Ecobank transfer code makes it easy for you to send money from your Ecobank account to other banks in Nigeria just by dialing the Ecobank short code.

To register the Ecobank transfer code with take you not less than 20 – 30 minutes once you’ve all the requirements.

The Eecobank USSD code activation takes place once you dial *326# and follow the prompt.

Benefit of Ecobank transfer code

The benefits of using the USSD transfer code from Ecobank and why the Ecobank USSD Code is better than the Ecobank Mobile App is what I will be sharing with you right now.

Yes, using Eco bank USSD code has a lot of advantages and is even better than the Ecobank Mobile Application. Below are the reasons why I said so:

  • It easy to use and don’t waste time.
  • No need for internet-enabled device or data to get it connected to the internet. All that you need is a working registered SIM Card in your phone with good network signal or “Service” as you normally call it and must linked to the Ecobank account before carrying out any transactions.
  • It’s available at all times and can be accessible when needed.
  • It fast and secure allowing you send money, pay bills, top-up airtime and more that the Ecobank internet banking/Mobile banking App can do also.
  • Ecobank USSD code works on all types of mobile phones, smart or non-smart Phones, whether an Android or iOS.
  • Using USSD code for Ecobank Nigeria makes it even more easily to open an Ecobank account without visit any of its branch.
  • The Eco bank USSD code helps you easily check your account balance at whatever time anywhere when you need it.
  • Ecobank short code service is available to all networks in Nigeria such as MTN, Glo, Etisalat and Airtel Network users expect those in other countries which have different USSD code for Ecobank mobile banking.

How to get started in activating Ecobank Transfer Code is simply dial *326# and follow the onscreen prompted to complete the process…

How to Send Money Using the Ecobank Transfer Code

To send money to a friend or family member using the Ecobank transfer code is pretty easy. To do, follow the step by step guideline shown below:

  • With the SIM Card linked with your Ecobank account, simply dial *326#.
  • Select the option number “Transfer”.
  • Enter the amount in Naira.
  • Next, enter the account number you’re sending the money to.
  • Select the bank name (Access bank, First bank, UBA or others).
  • Review you transaction and make sure the name of the person you are sending the money to is correct alongside the amount, account number. and bank name.
  • Now, enter your PIN.
  • And you’re done sending money using Ecobank transfer code.

Above is the step by step details you need to make a transfer of fund make payments using the Eco USSD code.

Ecobank USSD Transfer Code Limit

The daily transfer limit of the USSD code for Ecobank is N20,000. This simply means you can’t send more than N20,000 in a day while using the Eco USSD code.

But after exhausting the Ecobank USSD transfer limit daily, you will be able to transfer the following day.

Nevertheless, you can still increase your Ecobank daily transfer lime by dialing *326# and follow the prompt. With Ecobank mobile banking app is on the go.

Note, if you can’t get this right, then visit any closest Ecobank branch and request so and it will be done just very simply and you can now start transferring huge sums of the amount with Eco USSD code.

How do I get my Ecobank Ussd PIN?

How to create a PIN for Ecobank mobile transfer is never a big deal and will never be, to set up your Ecobank Personal Identification Number (PIN) that you’ll be using anytime to authorizing transactions.

To get started in Ecobank transfer PIN creation, simply dial *326# on your phone dialer, follow the onscreen prompt and enter your EcoBank account and then create/confirm your PIN to complete the registration process.

How To Reset Ecobank Transfer Code PIN

If you ever forget your Ecoboank transfer code PIN and yet you don’t know how to reset it, there is no need to panic. This section will be teaching you how to do it and it’s very easy to do.

To reset your EcoBank transfer PIN if you ever forget it, simply dial the Ecobank official USSD code *326# and follow the prompts to reset/change your transfer PIN. Isn’t that so easy to do?

Ecobank USSD code to check balance

To get Ecobank account balance using USSD code, simply dial *326*0#. This must be done on the phone number linked to the Ecobank account else, it will show an error message or even prompt you to open an account.

So, once you dial *326*0# and press the sent button, your account balance will be retrieved from the Ecobank database and shown to you.

Ecobank USSD Code for Airtime Top-Up

Using USSD code for Ecobank Nigeria airtime top-up is on the go, the code to buy airtime from the Eco bank is *326*1*Amount#.

For example, Ecobank USSD code for airtime work like this, simply dial *326*1*2000#, and you’re done.

Ecobank Airtime Top-up for self with Ecobank Short code

To recharge airtime for yourself using Eco USSD code, dial *326*1*Amount# and press the send button immediately you will be credited with the amount you inputted.

Ecobank Airtime Recharge for Others with USSD code

The code to buy airtime from Ecobank for others like friends/family members requires some steps. To do this, follow the step by step guideline below;

  • Simply dial *326#
  • Select the option “Load Airtime”
  • Enter the amount you desire to send to the person
  • Next, enter the persons (recipient) phone number and send
  • Enter your transfer PIN to authorize the recharge sending
  • Lastly, press the send button to confirm. Immediately, the persons mobile line will be credited with the amount you’ve send to him/her.

Things to know about using Ecobank Recharge code

  • Recharging self/others using Eco USSD code is free but expecting N6.98K USSD charge.
  • No internet-enabled device or internet access point is needed to do this.
  • The mobile number you’re using to dial this code must link to the Ecobank account.
  • Not like a banking building that close when its time. Ecobank short code is available 24/7.

What if Am unable to Activate Ecobank USSD code?

Suppose you are unable to register USSD code for Ecobank Nigeria Plc, among all, the best way to handle this matter is by visiting the Ecobank branch nearest and meet any of its customer care representatives with regard to the issues.

On every Ecobank branch in Nigeria, there’s always a customer care desk to offer assistance to their account holders (customer).

In addition, you can contact the Ecobank customer care center in Nigeria by calling +23412772904 or send an email to

Also, visit Ecobank’s official website to find out more about their service at

Ecobank USSD Code for Other Countries

Find here is a complete review of Ecobank USSD code about Ecobank Nigeria. To get started with the USSD code for Ecobank for other countries, find them below:

The following are Ecobank mobile banking via USSD for other countries like Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

  • Ecobank transfer code for Kenya, to get started, simply dial *335#.
  • USSD code for Ecobank transfer for those in Tanzania. To get started, dial *150*18#.
  • Ecobank USSD transfer code for Uganda. To get start, dial *235#.

Have it in mind that the Ecobank official USSD code for Nigeria is *326#. With this short code, you can register/activate Ecobank mobile banking via USSD, check balance, buy airtime for yourself /others, pay bills, reset transfer PIN, and more.

As an Ecobank account holder, you’re advised to house and memorize this code at all times for your easy mobile banking 24/7 without the need for an internet connection or using any smart devices.

Except when you’re to carry out transactions using the Ecobank internet banking online or via its mobile banking.

With this, Banking With Ecobank USSD Code is now made easy!


Hope I answer and solve your quarries about Ecobank USSD cod. If there’s anything I didn’t mention regarding this topic, please do inform me in the comment box below;

If you find the information on this page to be helpful, do share it to help others that might be in need of it.

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