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How To Generate Access Bank Token

Access Bank Token is needed to carry out any transaction online if you’re an Access bank account holder. Especially, with the Access bank internet banking, it’s the key that enables transfers to be completed.

Therefore, without the Access bank soft token or hard token PIN, transferring of money will never go out from your Access bank account.

Once the Access token PIN is generated, you can start performing all sorts of transactions online using your Access online banking platform.

In this article, I will be guiding you on all that you should know about the Access Bank Token starting from how to register token for access bank down to how to generate access bank token.

Before I start asking you “What is Access Bank Token”, remember that Access tokens (soft or hard) are like One-Time Password (OTP) that you will only use once and never use again, however, tokens can be used all time.

In the case of OTP therefore, to perform another transaction, simply generate another new Access OTP token.

What is Access Bank Token?

It’s a unique Token PIN (personal identification number) issued by Access Bank Plc to its account holders to enable them to authenticate all transactions.

Access Bank Token

When sending money from your Access bank account to another account within or outside the country, you’ll require to input your Access bank transfer token PIN before the transaction can be completed.

Hence, the Access token is highly important as it guarantees the security of your Access bank account details as well as your funds.

Types of Access Token PIN

  • Soft token
  • Hard token

Access Bank Soft Token

The Access bank soft token is generated using your mobile phone or sometimes upon online registration, a new OTP token will be generated and send to the phone number linked to your Access bank account.

You can also generate a soft token using the Access Bank USSD codes or through the Access bank mobile app.

Access Bank Hard Token

Access bank hard token is a device that generates the token codes any time you want to perform a transaction. This is a third-party app you can download online so as to use it and generate tokens anytime you’re performing transactions.

What is the difference between Access bank Soft Token and Hard Token?

The functions of these two tokens are the same but obtain differently. Access Soft token has expiration duration that once that time is due, the OTP token comes invalid until a new one is been generate.

While the Access bank hard token is a unique PIN generated specifically for your own Access bank account and can be use all the time when performing transactions.

Asking “how do I get a token”, please kindly visit any of the Access Bank branches closest to you for a Hard /Soft Token to be issued at the cost of N1,500.

Access Bank Soft Token Download

Go to Play Store (Android users), App Store (iOS users), or BlackBerry World (BlackBerry users) to get the Access bank soft token download app.

If you have successfully downloaded the app, install and fill the Access bank token application form then you’re good to go.

How to get my Access bank token code

Asking “how to get my access bank token code”, I will be using “Entrust OTP” to show you how to get an Access Bank Soft Token. See the following steps below:

  • Visit Play Store, App Store, or BlackBerry World depending on device operating system you are using as indicate above.
  • On the “Search Bar”
  • Type in “Entrust OTP” and hit search
  • Lastly, download and install the app on your phone

How to register for Access bank Token Number

To register for the Access bank OTP / Token number, you must be an Access bank account holder and must have registered on the Access online banking platform in order to start receiving its hard token or soft token.

If you are an Access bank customer already, to sign up for the soft / hardware token, visit any Access bank branch, then first request for its internet banking application form.

Better still, you can register online by visiting the Access bank’s official website at Then, click on internet banking to get started.

See Also: Access Bank Internet Banking for the steps to register its internet banking service.

After this, simply go to any Access bank branch near you and make a request from a customer service representative to get the Access bank soft or hard token.

How much is the price to generate token for Access bank

According to Access bank Plc, Hard /Soft Token is issued at the cost of N1,500 but from my research online, I found out that Access bank soft token cost N1,500 while the hardware token for Access bank cost N2,700.

Ways to use Access bank OTP / Token

Normally, OTP (one-time password) is a 6 digits security code sent to you by your banker (Access Bank Plc). Without this code, you cannot complete any transaction and your account wouldn’t be charged.

For example, you want to pay merchants online for goods purchased, upon the payment, an OTP will be generated automatically and sent to your registered email and mobile number that’s linked to your Access bank account.

Once input, the transaction will take place and without providing the One-Time Password security code, your account will never be charged, therefore money will never leave your account untill an OTP has been sent and input.

Also note that the OTP token has a minimum time before it expires and once it does, you’re to generate a new one.

But should in case you do not receive the OTP code automatically, you can use the above steps on how to generate tokens for Access bank.

So, to use the Access bank token code if you get to the point that requires you to enter the token kindly inputs the OTP token sent to you automatically or generate a hardware token manually from their mobile app, USSD code, or visiting branch.


If you have ever asked, “How do I get my Access Bank Token” when performing transactions online, especially when using Access bank internet banking, I have concluded a detailed review on that now.

Yes till this time, many seem not to know how to generate token for Access Bank internet banking service but after reading this article, I believe you’ll get that right.

So that’s it for now!

I hope you find this article on how to generate Access Bank token helpfully. If yes, share and help others also. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you have any question (s) about this topic.

Thanks for reading.

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